Friday, January 3, 2014

Dachshund Nola Reviews: Collarati

     Hey, everyone! I have a fantastic Etsy shop to share with you today, so let's get down to it.
Today's review is for Collarati (on Facebook here). Collarati, as I mentioned, is an Etsy shop that makes some of the most unique, fashionable and durable collars I've come across. As I'm sure y'all know by now, Mom and I are extreme collar addicts (DM: I won't tell you how many collars the Kielbasa has...but it's more than 30. And we may or may not have more on the way.), and I've seen more collars than I'd like to admit. So when I say a collar's unique and fashionable, you can bet your Milkbones I mean it!
Here's a little about Collarati:

Shortly after the arrival of our rescued itty-bitty-pittie Holly, I realized that my collar collection was out of control between the newbie pup and original furbabies, doberman Lucy and kitties Chloe & Sterling. As an architect and designer specializing in the high end fashion industry and with much exposure and in depth involvement of brand building for the worlds leading fashion designers, it made sense to create my own. Paired with my doberman play group, a wonderful group of hardcore collar testers and phenomenally beautiful dober-models was really available to put these collars to the test in all environments from ocean play to training days! What's better than fashion for furballs??? 

    Chrissy, the mastermind behind Collarati, was incredible to deal with! Communication was fast and through, she sent three beautiful collars (she even customized a collar for my small self), she was very friendly and agreeable, and she even addressed the package to moi! That's good service, I tell you. It's nice for someone to finally recognize that I run this operation.
That's what I'm talking about!

     Like I mentioned above, I was sent three lovely collars, all of them different types. The first one is the way too cool Four Star General Collar. Originally made for larger dogs and measuring at 1 1/2" wide, Chrissy scaled it down just for me. Mine is a 1" wide no buckle/slide collar (a collar you slip over the head and tighten to fit; no buckles or loops).
The neatest thing about this collar is that it's made from real ACUs (Army Combat Uniforms), and 20% of it's sales go to Wounded Warrior Service Dogs, a program that trains services dogs to assist veterans suffering from PTSD, TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) or mobility issues. It's an awesome program that needs more awareness, so click the link to learn more.
You can choose from metal quick release buckle, chain martingale, ribbon martingale, or no buckle upon request, and silver or brass hardware.

     The second collar is probably my favorite, and is SO me. It's the Blingy Sparkly Sparky aqua ribbon martingale, 1" wide. This is another collar Chrissy generously scaled down for my size. There is a 5/8" version of this if your pup can't take a wider collar, but since I have a beautiful loooong Dachshund neck Mom likes wider widths on me.
This collar comes in several other colors, three styles, and is surprisingly durable. The stones sewn into the collar, so they don't fall off like you'd think.

     The final collar is the one I wore for most of December, and is the adorable 5/8" wide Blue Snowflakes collar. It comes in your choice of metal quick release like mine, black plastic quick release, or cat breakaway collar. Cute, lightweight, durable and so festive, this was perfect for the holiday season.

Great service
Good prices
Very durable
Fast shipping
Lots of variety and choices
Customization available

I wish a 3/4" width was offered. I know it's not THAT different from 5/8", but 5/8" is just a teeny bit too narrow.

     Overall, I give Collarati my highest rating of 5/5 stars and 2 paws up!

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


  1. Nola, you have such the collar collection! I must admit, I LOVE the Four Star General collar! It is pawesome and it helps support a great cause. Thanks for a great review!
    Happy Friday!

  2. I'm heading there now!!! Whats a terrier without a fierce collar!!!

  3. They look so beautiful on you Nola :)

  4. Very nice model. I mean very nice collars

  5. Love the one with the stars, it looks so nice with her colouring.
    Lynne x

  6. Those are all darling collars, and I like that they support charity!

  7. Beautiful collars! They sound like a great shop! I love that blue collar, so pretty. Great review!

    P.S. you're lookin' fiiiine! Look at that gorgeous figure! ;)


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