Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Say What, Snot Nose...errr...I mean, Say What, Sweetie?

Furfriends, today I am generously allowing Snot Nose...uh, Sweetie, to post again. Sigh...my kindness, it knows no bounds! Take it, Snotty...

Gee, Nola...thanks...Snotty. Ya. The truth. It hurts! Here's a description of our house:
hack, hack, hack, sneeeeezzeeeee, hack, whine, whine, whine, sneeeeeeezzzzeeeeeee, medicate, sleep, whine, hack, hack, hack. Are you jealous yet?! Did I mention that we have a big family? And we all have it. Yup. All 8 of us. Good times. Gooooodddd times! Fortunately, it's on the way out, but it's been a long week. Very, very long! 

What do you do to help the flu? Do you vaccinate? Are you herbal? OTC? We don't vaccinate. We use herbal, if you count Vicks vapor rub as herbal. We eat Dayquil like it's going out of style. We drink soda for the bubbles on our throats. We've had every type of chicken soup/broth/dumplings known to man. Hot showers. Cough drops. Heating pads. Puffs tissues infused with Vicks (greatest tissue invention ever!). What works the best? Whining. Seriously. Nothing makes you feel better than whining. Try it with me...I'm siiiiccckkkkkkkk!!!!!!!! See? Better. A little anyway! 

The dogs are enjoying it, however. There's always somebody laying in a bed or on the couch to cuddle up with. The toddler has a snotty nose. Mmmmm....treats....

Stay well, Blogville! And remember, when all else fails, whine. 

Warmest Wishes, 


  1. I'm a big fan of whining. Hope everyone get feeling better super quick.

  2. My Mom does the hot tea with honey and a shot of Jack or Jim.or Jose
    Whatever. But not all 3 at the same time!
    Hope you are feeling all better soon.

  3. I sure hope everyone gets better right-quick!

  4. Oooo, the flu. Sorry to hear that. Get better fast!

  5. We take hot lemon with paracetamol, lots of drinks and boiled sweets for our throats (I think you call them hard candy).
    Get well soon Snotty :)
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  6. You opened your door and .... IN FLEW ENZA.
    We are so SORRY to hear that you ALL have the sickies... butt it IS good that you have them ALL AT THE SAME TIME... other than a group howl at the Moon... there is nothing better than a Group WHINE In. Way to GO.

  7. We rarely get sick....but we thing Frankie and Ernie might be right and a Group whine is the best way.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  8. Oh its no fun when everyone has a runny nose. Hope everyone will be feeling all better really soon. Hugs Carol

  9. Oh my dawg. We're sorry you are all sick and you can whine all you like cause it definitely makes things better. Our mum says hot lemon drink with honey mixed in and sip it and plenty of paracetamol for the fever. Take care mates. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  10. Wow, I'm so sorry you have the sickies! That's horrible, especially at this busy time of year. My peeps like green tea with honey and lemon. Something about the tea and lemon having good vitamins and the honey being good for your throat. Um...I see Stella and Rory have the same info! Great minds think alike. Hope it help!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

  11. Echinacea and Mrs Grass chicken soup. Seriously. Hope you feel better soon! It really sucks being sick, no matter how much you whine ;)

  12. I have a lot of drug sensitivities so I mostly have to suck it up when I am sick. I take my vitamins everyday and increase my C dose at cold and flu season. I also will use Cold FX. Saline can be good for the nose. hot tea, warm baths and lots of rest. Good luck!

  13. There has been a snot nose here for weeks!

  14. I feel for you. I had the flu last year and it was horrible! I hope you all get better soon. Nothing makes you feel better than snuggling with a doxie though!

  15. Oh noes!!! that is just horribles! I hopes you all gets better soon...and nothin' heals faster than whining!! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  16. We never vaccinate during flu season. The government seems to be pushing it really hard this year, though. You can get your flu shot at pretty much any pharmacy for free.

    We are partial to homemade ginger/honey/lemon tea. Grate 1tbsp ginger, place in tea infuser, place in hot water for a few minutes. Add 1tbsp of lemon juice and honey.

    Get well soon.


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