Friday, December 20, 2013

Review Day

     Hi, everyone! I've got two reviews for you today, so let's get on it.
The first one is for our awesome friends over at and it features Evanger's Freeze Dried Beef Hearts treats. These come in a 3.5oz tub and are $8.39. They're USA made and have just one ingredient, so they're great for allergy pups like myself. Most of the pieces are quite large and are extremely difficult to break up. This can be quite aggravating for your peep, but Mom uses them when I'm getting my nails clipped. One pieces keeps me chomping for 2-4 toes getting done, so it makes nail cutting time go by much faster. DM: Like most freeze dried treats, these absolutely reek. They also leave a faint residue on your skin, but thankfully it washes right off, unlike a lot of other treats. 
Overall, I give it 3.5 stars. Tasty, healthy ingredients, good for nail cutting, but hard to break and pricey for the amount you get.

     Next up is a martingale collar and leash set from the Etsy shop The Striped Pony. The Striped Pony offers leather collars (both buckle and chain martingale), leashes, watches, and other cool stuff. I was sent their Diamonds and Pearls martingale collar and leash set in black leather. The leash is 4ft long and 1/2" wide, and the collar was scaled down for little me to 1" wide. Every girl needs pearls, and these are just beautiful!

The leather is sturdy, the collar is well made and the decorations (I'm unsure of what they're called; rivets, maybe?) are very well attached. The leash is strong and sturdy, although if you have thin wrists like Mom the handle is a little big. If I could change one thing about the collar, I'd like to see a thinner chain for the smaller pups like myself.
I'd like to see the chain like the collar on the right.

Lots of options
Customization available
Good service
Standard prices
Very fast shipping/production

Large leash handle
Chain is a bit heavy/bulky for small dogs

     4.5/5 stars!

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


  1. Lookin' good Nola! We think treats that are hard to break are excellent cause then we can just have bigger pieces! Lee and Phod

  2. Great reviews, ;) that collar is beautiful

  3. LOL, they look like something you would use for S&M - not that we'd know!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  4. That leash and collar are very cute!


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