Friday, November 29, 2013

Wieners Don't Like the Cold: Reviews of My Coats and Jackets

     Hey, everyone! Hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    If you're a Dachshund, then anything lower than say....64 is frigid to you. I'm a Florida girl, and I can tell you right now I want nothing to do with the cold unless I'm sufficiently bundled up. Just between you and me, sometimes I sleep in a little hoodie on cold winter nights , in addition to sleeping in a sleeping bag under two quilts and pressed against Mom.  So today I'm sharing some reviews for my coats and jackets. Let's get to it!

     The first one is the Ruffwear Climate Changer, a quick drying, breathable fleece dog jacket. We are HUGE Ruffwear fans, and I'm thrilled to partner with them again.

     The Climate Changer comes in three colors (Grey, Purple and Orange) and six sizes (XXS, which is my size, XS, S, M, L, XL). It has reflective edging, a zipper closure along the side, and has an active fit so you can have full range of motion and not be restricted.
Something I was pleasantly surprised by was the way it fit along my chest and belly. A lot of coats and jackets are snug to the chest but tend to gape around the belly (especially if you're lean like yours truly), letting cold air in and making you chilled. That's not the case with the Climate Changer; it fits snugly to the chest and stays closely to the sides and belly so you're nice and toasty.


Little sleeves for little legs.

Lots of sizes
Good fit
Active fit
Well made
Cute little sleeves

No collar/harness opening (HUGE con for me)
It's a bit of a PITA to put on if you don't like being zipped in (I don't mid, but the Minions do!)

     4/5 stars!

     Next up we have one of my favorite coats ever (and I have quite the wardrobe), custom made just for me by the Etsy shop Dox and Dane. Such an awesome name!

     Dox and Dane make coats for any and all breeds or mixes, totally custom for them. When I say custom, I mean custom. You pick pretty much everything about your coat in addition to having it made to your exact size. You pick the outside color of your coat, the inside fleece, the trim, any decorations/embellishments, collar or harness opening, everything!

    I've done a lot of reviews as y'all know, and I've come to truly appreciate good customer service. If I don't get good service, I'm not supporting the company, not matter how good their product is. The service I received with Dox and Dane was some of the best I've ever encountered. The shop owner was warm and friendly, and walked Mom through the measuring process and included us as we picked fabrics, trim and decorations. She sent us pictures so we could choose exactly what we wanted, and was extremely helpful and patient. I would definitely get another coat from them!

Totally custom
Covers the belly
Easy on/off
Phenomenal service
Custom harness opening
Made in USA
Fast process considering how custom it is

Hm...not a thing!

     5/5 stars!

     Next up is a fleecy coat from The Cozy Hound. The Cozy Hound offers coats specifically for Dachshunds (although they'll made them for any dog) that are practical, warm, and adorable. They also carry socks and purse charms for the peeps. Here's a little about them:

The Cozy Hound started in 2008 under the name Happy Feet Socks.After expanding the business to include dog coats & a
few pet products the name was changed to The Cozy Hound in
As an owner of Dachshunds...Max,Lilly,Oscar & our newest
Winston, I found it difficult to find coats to fit my dogs.After
some research I decided to put my sewing skills to work and make them all coats.After showing my finished products to friends & family.....a new home based business was launched.
My business is located on the Key Peninsula near Gig Harbor,
Washington.I am fortunate to have my sewing room window
facing the beautiful Puget Sound in the distance through the trees...What a great work space!!!!!
Currently I sell my coats, socks and pet accessories at
Dog Shows, Craft Shows, Christmas Baazars and now on the Web.
Most of my coats are practical styles to keep your pet warm &
cozy. The majority are reversible.. so it's like getting two coats in one.

     My coat is an adorable double layer teal with swirls of light blue, yellow, pink and purple. The inside is warm purple fleece, and it has a cute button at the chest. It closes at the neck and girth. The Cozy Hound can also add a harness or collar opening, which mine has.

     I really like this coat! It's super warm, comfortable to wear, and is really easy to get on and off.  The velcro closures are strong and sturdy, and the fleece doesn't attract too many burrs/stickers.
While it is incredibly warm, I wish their was more chest and belly coverage, at least for us lady hounds.

Easy on/off
Harness opening
Great prices
Good service
Double layer
Cute button

Website is a little confusing/ordering process isn't clear
No belly coverage

    4/5 stars!

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


  1. wow that costume looks so great on her :D

    Welcome to join my blog

  2. Look like great coats. I have to have a harness opening for Roxy too. I like that second one.

  3. Wows, those are pawsome Nola! If I wore stuffs, those would be FABulous!! Well, I do have a raincoat, butts I don't like that much either...butts I hate gettin' wet even more!! BOL
    Great reviews!
    Ruby ♥

  4. Love the fleece ones, our pups really enjoy their fleece coats.
    Lynne x

  5. I'm liking the first ones for my dogs, though I'm not sure how they'd handle the whole zipping part.

  6. What great coats you have. Love the second one. It is very cold here (-4 F), but my dogs hate to wear coats. It is really boots they need and they hate those more! Stay warm. Lee and Phod and their Lady

  7. The first one looks so good and fits so well on you! What a shame about no harness opening!!

  8. got a Cozy Hound jacket from Chris. They are our favorites! We'be been writing about them for years and Chris tells me a ton of orders come over from our blog. I love that they are double fleece. It makes them toasty warm and the rain doesn't soak through easily.

  9. Nola, that second photo of you in the Dox and Dane coat reminds me so much of my Twix. I know you didn't know her but she was the coldest doxie I've ever seen. She even shivered during the summer :0) Anyway, she would wear a t-shirt with a jacket over it too. You and your mom did great reviews. I have so much fur that I don't get as cold as you short haired doxies do. It is great to know that there are good coats for us long doggies though.

  10. I was going to order a coat from Dox and Dane but their store is temporarily closed right now. Hopefully I remember in the future :)

  11. I was going to order a coat from Dox and Dane but their store is temporarily closed right now. Hopefully I remember in the future :)


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