Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Say What, Sweetie?

Welcome to another round of "Say What, Sweetie"! Since it's almost Thanksgiving here in the United States, I decided that in this exciting edition, Sweetie and I will chat about what we are thankful for. You ready? Ready? Ready? Here we go!

So, Sweetie, let's list the top 5 things we are thankful for and why, 'mK?

(Sweetie's responses will be italicized)

Sure, Noly....as the Head Diva, you go first....

Thanks, Sweetie. You're so....sweet.

1- I'm most thankful for my Dachshund Mommy. Because she recognizes my Royal Status and treats me accordingly.

1-Good one, Noly. I'm thankful for her as well, along with her 5 siblings. Because they recognize MY royal status and treat me accordingly...BOL! Just kidding, because they are my loveies.

2- I'm thankful for my Minions. Because they do my evil bidding and I get away with all the mayhem by blaming them. MUHHHAAAAHHHHAAAA....

DM: This sums up Nola and the Minions perfectly.

2- No lie there, Noly...you do blame them. I'm thankful for our Sugar. Because he spoils me rotten. :)

3. Aww, I'm thankful for Sugar too. And you Sweetie. Because you guys feed me when DM is still asleep and I get hungry...

3. Yes, Nola, yes, we do...well, usually it's Sugar getting up while I stay in the warm bed. See? He spoils me. I'm thankful for all our fur babies. You and the minions and the kitties. And our feathered friends, the hens, too. 

4. You know, Sweetie, I'm really thankful that I live in warm Florida. You know why?
Why, Noly?
Because, dogs poop outside.
Wellllll....you're SUPPOSED to anyway. 
Ahem, as I was saying, some of my Northern friends have to poop in the cold...sometimes even in the snow! Steamy poo....BOL....

4. Oh Noly....Steamy poo, indeed. I guess, on the upside, you know where not to step! I'm thankful for Florida, as well. The sunshine, and beaches, can't be beaten. Until mid July, and we're sick of the heat and humidity, that is! But this is a Thankful post, and I really am thankful for where we live.

5. Beach! Beach! Let's go to the beach!
Noly, we went last weekend.
I wanna go again.
Yes, Noly, me too. 
So, let's go!
Bean, it's raining. 
Hmpf....fine. Back to my list! I'm thankful for Blogville and all my furtastic friends here! They really are like my family!
Yes, Bean! They are!

5. I'll say Blogville as well! 
Real creative, Sweetie.
Well, Bean, it's true. Blogville has been very good to you, DM, and all of us! They follow along in our lives, support us when we need it, laugh at us and with us, invite us to follow their lives...it's a lovely place, Blogville. Happy Thanksgiving, Blogville...
Yeah, you're right, Sweetie !
(I usually am, Noly! BOL!)
Happy Thanksgiving, Blogville!

Thanks for reading along! See you next time!
Warmest Wishes,


  1. Nola and Sweetie, that was BEAUTIFUL! We love you too.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

    p.s. Steamy poo HAHAHAHAHA

  2. So many cool things to be thankful for.

  3. Great post, all the Blogville dogs should be thankful they have good homes and people who love them and all their humans should be thankfull they love us back.
    Lynne x

  4. That was a sweet conversation.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you too!

    Millie & Walter

  6. We are thankful for you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Oh, that was just so beautifuls!!!! I needs a snot rag......*blowin' nose*....that was just so sweet!! We are so very Thankful for you guys too, and Thankful that you guys allow us to peak into your lives and enjoy the warm Florida sun with you guys!
    Ruby ♥

  8. Nola and Sweetie...This is the perfect post to get us in the Thanksgiving spirit.


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