Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Review Day, Pt. 1

     Hey, y'all! Since our stupid internet pulled a nasty Halloween trick on us and decide to be elsewhere for several days, I missed last week's reviews so I'm doing one today and one on Friday this week. Blame Mediacom; god knows I do!

Medicom can go *beeeeeep* themselves. 

    First up is a review of two great tags, one of them pictured in my header above, and a pawsome leash from Mad Dog Metalworks (also on Facebook here). MDM's slogan is "hand stamped tags for rockstar dogs and jewelry for the humans that love them". With me being a rockstar, these tags are right up my alley!

     I was sent their small Rockstar and (tiny, I believe) Fearless tags to test out, in addition to a fabulous Rocket Dog of Vermont convertible rope leash.
With MDM tags, your tag is 100% designed by you, and thus totally unique! You pick the style, size, decorations, phrase and contact info. Even though my tags are small since I'm only 11lbs, tons of info and details fit onto them without it looking sloppy or distorted.

     My Rockstar tag is made of aluminum and is round with smooth beveled edges. On the front it says "Got Minions?" (since I am head of the Minions 3) and has a fleur de lis (for New Orleans, my namesake). On the back it has my name, a star symbol, Mom's cell, and my blog address. It looks absolutely fabulous with my Paco Unicorn Deluxe collar!

      My Fearless one is brass, square and has "Head Bitch" (since we have Auggie as Minion #1, Boston as Minion #2, Phoenix as Minion #3, and I am Head Bitch) on the front. On the back it has a fleur de lis, my name and Mom's cell. This one is a bit heavier than the Rockstar, but still totally manageable for my small but mighty self.

    The leash is totally awesome. Mom and I love rope leashes almost as much as leather ones, and this one is the best we've had! It's done in my favorite color, blue, with brass hardware. But my favorite thing about it is that it's both a standard clip leash and a slip lead, so it's the best of both worlds. It's absolutely perfect for the beach, since Mom leashes me up when we pass by other people as a precaution, and instead of fumbling around to get the leash clipped to my collar the slip lead goes right over my head and goes right off as soon as we pass the people.

As a slip

As a clip

Great service
Good prices
Lightweight yet sturdy
Lots of space for info

Takes a while to be made and arrive (I think mine took a little over a month)

     5/5 stars!

     Up next is a customized leather collar from the Etsy shop Sun Goddess Collars, makers of collars, leashes, ID tags and accessories for both dogs and peeps. Here's a little about them:

As for the material which is the most natural though your pet dog (pet cat) can arrive at the body even if look historically so that a guide dog, a collar and the harness of the hunting dog are leather is because is it.
Because flexibility, the durability are air permeable, and the natural hides are flexible, and there is the property to adjust to form of the body, it is comfortable for an animal.

▼ Why are you particular about leather of the vegetable Tannin?
I use leather of the vegetable Tannin tannage for all products in our shop.
I did not use a chemical substance at all and could write processes more than 30 as the vegetable Tannin tannage only with vegetable Tannin more than one month and finished it slowly and carefully. (therefore I become high-cost)
I choose the material used in high-quality belts, but use it for a collar daringly.
I use it by oneself and grow it, and this is because it thought that there is only this.
Characteristic of the vegetable tannin leather Luster appears whenever I embezzle it and changes in reddish yellow and of course is familiar with the neck of the pet dog (pet cat) in a hand flexibly.
However, it is sure that the discoloration makes it unavoidable. It is because I just make use of a texture like the leather and finish it. In the case of deep color particularly attention is necessary.
The leather doing a color end processes it with acrylic acid resin, but a quality of leather disappears, and unnecessary luster appears, and the feel worsens.
In addition, the leather finishing by the translucent dye dyeing that I made use of a quality of leather in enters by all means because I cannot cover a blood relationship and the wrinkle as the proof that an animal lived.
(be dyed in a color not to let them be outstanding and finish the cheap leather uniformly, but it is without a meaning then a quality of original leather disappears, and to use the leather for)
Therefore it is the necessary condition that is leather "which" is good for again.
On having had understand them; please buy it.
* For vegetable Tannin tannage, the chromic trank with a feeling of software which was soft in flexibility used for clothes uses chromic tanned chemicals(basic chrome sulfate). I can make it in short term at low cost, but on the other hand a chemical reaction (the oxidation) is caused, and Tannin tannage is reviewed from an environmental problem by destruction by fire to change into the sexivalent chrome which is harmful to the human body.

▼ Feelings of parts
The studs have a good command of a rivet made in American high-quality studs or Japan with the history more than 100 years by a design.
All the metal fittings except it do a laborer such as finishing it on plating with a feeling of used daringly with a thing of high quality in sturdiness made in Japan.

▼ Feelings of the design
I make it with casual & luxury, a happy feeling, such an image.
Of course a pet dog (pet cat) is worn as possible comfortably; do not make it.

     I was sent their Custom Name Leather Collar. It's 3/4" wide tapered to 1/2" at the buckle, with silver hardware and aqua gem stones.
I have a lot of collars, as you all know, and about half of them are leather. A few of them are the highest quality collars available (like my Paco collar above), since only the best for me, of course. This leather collar feels different from the others; it's quite stiff, almost uncomfortably so, even after wearing and conditioning.

Lots of choices
Good service
Studs have stayed in place

Stiff, unforgiving leather
The studs rattle slightly when you scratch or shake

     3.5/5 stars.

      Up next is a holiday collar from the Etsy shop Little Black Dog Boutique. LBDB offers collars, leashes, bedding, treats, accessories and more. Here's a little about them:

It's official, I am a "dog person" - you know, the kind of people that think of their dogs as their kids and treat them as such? That's me! I'm the proud mom of Wyatt - a dachshund/chihuahua mix and Dyson - a border collie mix. They are both beautiful, crazy, loveable rescue dogs, and yep, both black dogs! Hence the name for the boutique.

The seed was planted for the Little Black Dog Boutique a couple of years ago when I visited a dog store that sold dog cookies so cute I would have eaten them myself! Combine that with my love for cooking, sewing, crafting and entertaining, and the idea for the boutique was born!

Come on in and look around! You'll find not only organic and all natural dog treats baked fresh when you order, but also invitations, cards and fun things for any dog party! You can also find collars, leashes and pillows that will enhance your own decor, and dresses,outerwear and costumes will be coming soon to keep your kids warm and fashionable!

I love custom orders, so if there is anything I can do for you, please convo me! Or just send me a note to tell me about your furry friend! :)

     Since the proper collar addict should have a collar for every occasion and holiday (I also have Halloween, Valentine's Day, football, Easter and Mardi Gras), I picked their Christmas themed "Ho Ho Ho Collar". Okay, I also might've picked it because it says "ho" on it. After all, remember that one of my aliases is Lindsay Lohound:

     But I digress. Back on topic, my collar is 3/4" wide with my favorite metal buckle and hardware. The metal buckle is an upgrade, and if you prefer the standard plastic hardware then you don't need to do anything special.

Good selection
Fabulous service
Good prices
Metal buckle upgrade
Quick shipping
They seem very sturdy (but since it's not Christmas time yet and I refuse to be like Walmart, I haven't worn it too much)

Shop doesn't make harnesses!

     5/5 stars.

     Now we've got an adorable little trench coat from the Etsy shop BandiDogs Couture. Here's a bit about them:

WELCOME to bandidogs couture:

recycled, trendy and original apparel for dogs!

each piece is uniquely crafted using high quality fabrics and finishes.

stylish, comfortable jackets, vests, sweaters and dresses using a mix of new, recycled, organic and eco-friendly materials.

some materials come from either salvation army, goodwill, community or yard sales.
the money goes to organizations that benefit a greater good.

a new approach to a new generation!

please take note of the measurements as they can always vary from size and shape.

feel free to contact me with suggestions, comments or questions any time. 

     My coat is light tan with a floral print and light pink collar. It closes at the neck and chest, and has a button and belt detail at the back.

I'm gawjuss and I know it.

On target price
Good service
Easy on/off

Thin with no extra fabric; works in Florida and not so much anywhere else
No collar/harness opening

     4/5 stars.

     Next there's a double leash from the Etsy shop Leash Lady, maker of leashes (duh), head collars and accessories. I was sent a small black on black double leash.

You could double leash yourself for safety...

Or walk with a friend Minion

Or if you're really paranoid, like Mom, you could do this.

Swivels easily
Customizable colors
Good price
Fast shipping

I wish the two lengths were adjustable
Little short

    4/5 stars.

     And last but most certainly not least we have Mattie & Margot's Collar Recycle Program. I did an in depth review of Mattie & Margot earlier this year that you can read here, so this post is to bring more attention to the fabulous recycle program they offer.
Just what is this recycle program, you ask? Since Mattie & Margot uses all metal hardware, it'll outlast both the collar itself and your pup's latest fashion trend. When you're ready to switch things up a bit, you can send your old collar to M&M - they turn it into a key fob for your peep- and you get a 30% discount on your new collar! How pawesome is that?
I have no clue why these pictures are blurry. Blogger seems to not like them.

I sent in my old Turquoise collar and picked a the lovely Lavender one to replace it (both of these are in the standard 1" width). M&M also sent along the adorable 5/8" wide Miniature Light Blue, just because they rock like that. Check em out!

What a lovely note!

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


  1. Thanks for the reviews Nola. Although I like the charms, they look big. Love the shirt. I may need one

  2. Great stuff. My mom person says that I am lucky that my dad person loves me, otherwise she would buy me that little floral coat & make me wear it!!!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. We think you are the best dressed gal in Blogville! Lee and Phod who each only have one collar . . . .

  4. We are in the market for tags and holiday collars...

  5. Great reviews and some cool stuff. Love the lead that splits into 2 and the 'head bitch' tag!
    Lynne x

  6. Everything looks superb! Great helpful reviews! Your one stylish blogger-dog Nola!


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