Friday, November 8, 2013

Review Day, Part Deux

     Hey, y'all! Today I bring you part deux of Review Day. Let's get to it, shall we?

     First up we have The Collar Shop, a wonderful company making beautiful and fun fabric dog collars in a wide variety of styles. Here's a little snippet about them:

The Collar Shop is a small but growing business based on our love of dogs. We love the idea of bringing out your dog's personality and uniqueness in their collar. It is our mission to create beautiful, sturdy collars at an affordable price. 

     Like I said, they offer lots of different collars styles to fit every pup. They have:

  • Quick release buckles in plastic, nickel, brass or nickel/plastic hybrid
  • Loop martingale
  • Reduced slide martingale
  • Chain martingale
  • Double bar buckle (think the buckle on most leather collars)
  • Adjustable slide/no buckle slide

    They also have more fabrics to choose from then you can shake a stick at! Almost too many choices, since Mom spent two days deciding which two to pick for me (if she asks, you didn't here that little tidbit from yours truly). The Collar Shop offers the options of embroidery and having your collar lined with satin for an extra comfy feel. The collars come in lots of widths too (3/4", 1", 1.5" and 2", but they also do custom I believe), so there's something for everyone
     I was sent the Love in Many Languages collar as a 1" wide no buckle slide, and the Webs and Eerie Eyes as a 3/4" quick release plastic/nickel hybrid. I am very happy with these collars, and I'm already looking at what my neck one will be!

Cute little key fob!

Crap ton of choices
Great service
Good prices
5% of all proceeds donated to shelters

The plastic/nickel hybrid can be a little difficult to open and close

     5/5 stars!

      Up next we have a leash from Rush to Tug, a company that makes fleece tug leashes, collars and tugs for dog sports and training. Here's a bit about them:

Click to enlarge 

     I was sent their Snappy Clip leash to test out. My leash is hot pink and black with my name embroidered near the handle.

Very soft and easy on the hands
Both a leash and a reward
Shock absorbing if you have a puller
Fast shipping

It does stretch a bit when you pull (maybe an inch or two), and if you're not aware of that it can be a little nerve wracking.

     4.5/5 stars.

     Now we have a a paracord collar and leash for my Minion/brother, Auggie, from 4 Paws Only Novelties. About them:

Welcome to 4 Paws Only Novelties, where I specialize in custom nylon and paracord dog collars and leashes.

I hand make dog collars that are fun, functional, reliable and inexpensive so that you can afford to change their collar for any occasion or personality! They are made with heavy duty nylon that is washable and will not fade. The paracord dog collars/leashes are made with 550 paracord, are washable and are totally customizable. I have many colors of paracord on hand and most orders go out the next business day. My goal is to give you a dog collar/leash that you love.

If you see a collar you like and want more than one, convo me, I usually have more than one in stock of each design! Custom sizes for anything I make are available upon request! Just ask :)

Make sure to check out my other etsy shop: 4PawsSpiritBracelets. There you will find my customizable paracord bracelets for humans. If you see something there you love, remember I can make a matching dog collar for your bestfriend!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy our collars as much as I do.

    They sent us two paracord collars (one 3/4" wide and one 1" wide), a nylon collar, a paracord leash and a paracord bracelet. So sweet!
I picked grey and black for Auggie, and it looks really good against his fur.

Great service
Very durable
Good prices
Fast shipping
D ring is horizontal rather than vertical so his ID tag faces forward 

No metal buckles offered

     4/5 stars.

     And we close with a review of the Sleepypod Air in cabin pet carrier. Sleepypod is a luxury company specializing in top of the line carriers, pet bike rack, bowls and car safety harnesses. I'll let Mom take over this one.

     DM: Thanks, B. Before I get to the review, I want to add a disclaimer that I have yet to actually take the Sleepypod Air on a plane (I know, bad mommy! But I'm not in a position to hop on a flight yet!). However, I know the owner of the small dog travel blog Dog Jaunt frequently uses this carrier for her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a breed that is significantly larger than little Nola, and absolutely raves about it. I foresee no issues using it in the future!

     I've spoken about this a few times before, but next fall Nola and I will be taking a two week trip to New England, and then the spring after that we're heading to Italy. We will, obviously, be flying for both trips, and Nola will go in cabin with me. I had a Sherpa carrier for Nola, but was sorely disappointed with the flimsy structure and low-grade quality, not to mention the fact that the top of that carrier was solid fabric, so on a plane I couldn't look through the carrier to see if Nola was alright. I figured that carrier might be tolerable for the relatively short flight from Florida into Boston, but there was no way in hell I was sticking Nola in their on a long international flight. Enter the Sleepypod Air. Just like that, my worries were resolved! 

      Sleepypod prides themselves on being a luxury company and offering only the best of the best when it comes to their products. After having my hands on this carrier, I can fully attest to that! Hell, I wish I was a dog just so I could use this carrier. Seriously. 
Every part of this carrier screams top of the line. From it's sturdy design (it doesn't so much as shake when Nola jumps in it, whereas her old one would crumple if she so much as brushed the sides.) to it's whisper soft interior to the spacious side pocket to the comfortable shoulder straps, this carrier is the incredible. It even folds up flat for storage! There's even options to get a heating pad for inside the carrier as well as disposable pads for longer flights (these I'm definitely getting for our European excursion). Something unique about this carrier is that it can be compressed down for takeoffs and landings and opened back up once you're in the air, giving your dog (or cat) plenty of room while still abiding to airline requirements. 

It also has several clips hidden in it so you can easily use it to secure your dog in the car.

Now, like with anything, luxury comes at higher price. But I can assure 
you, you get EXACTLY what you pay for with the Air. I'm cheap, but if something happened to our current Air I would not hesitate to purchase another one.

     It comes in five stylish colors; Jet Black, Dark Chocolate, Orange Dream, Glacier Silver and Strawberry Red. I am in love with the cool Glacier Silver, but I wound up going with Jet Black for two reasons. 1.) Black goes with everything, and 2.) even though Nola is under the weight limit for all flights, why draw unnecessary attention to ourselves? The Diva, of course, does not understand this line of thinking, and plaintively asks me why shouldn't she be noticed? Don't people know who she is?!

     When the Air is compressed, it's 16" x 10" x 8". Fully expanded it's a roomy 22" x 10.5" x 10.5". Nola is 9.5" tall at the withers, just under 16" long from rump to keel (chest bone) and weighs 10.5lbs. She's the perfect size, since she has the Dachshund shortness but isn't nearly as long as most other Doxies.

The Air can hold a dog up to around 15-17lbs, depending on their height and bulk, and the carrier itself is 4lbs. Most airlines require your pet and carrier be around 25lbs or under to be allowed in cabin. 

   Nola, my picky little drama queen, adores this carrier. She gets so excited when it comes out her whole body wiggles and her tail goes a mile a minute. She eagerly jumps inside and curls up without prompt. She loves to go in their and nap, or put her favorite chews in their for some privacy.

Plush interior.

Sherpa is in the top, Air is on the bottom.

Straps for putting it over your suitcase.

Snap to hold the flap up.

Huge zippered pocket.

I like!

Look very closely and you can see me inside.


DM: She enjoys curling up at the front of the bag.

Unsurpassed quality
Comfortable and removable shoulder strap (16lbs total gets heavy after a while!)
Ample strorage space
Detachable leash clip
Snap at both openings of the carrier to keep the top out of the way
Loops to put over your suitcase handles
Removable bedding
Very sleek 
Easily folds up flat
Can be used in the car
Optional heating pad
Incredibly soft bedding
Very thick and durable mesh
Good ventilation
Top is mesh so you can keep an eye on your dog

Only thing I can think of (and I had to ponder it a while) is that it's a bit difficult to compress

     5/5 stars!

Kisses and Tail Wags and Hugs,
Dachshund Nola and Dachshund Nola



  1. Great reviews Nola! Mommy sure could have used that nice travel bag when Muffin and her used to fly a lot.

    Lily Belle

  2. I can't wait to get my RTT leads! I just love Reesa's products and the girls need their own leads for agility

  3. Love the top collars, so pretty.
    Lynne x

  4. Cool collars for a teeny company. Nola escape that bag before the zipper closes. Thank you for the reviews

  5. Ooooh, loves all of it!!! Ma wishes I was small enough to carry in a bag!! BOL
    butts those collars are FABulous! I keep tellin' Ma it is time for a new collar and these look pretty cool
    Ruby ♥


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