Friday, October 18, 2013

Review Day

     Hey, y'all! I've got some reviews lined up for you today, so let's get right to it. First up is a review for Clean Run, a company that sells dog sports gear, on their ComfortFlex harness and the Julius K9 IDC harness. We'll do the ComfortFlex first.

    The ComfortFlex is an easy on/easy off harness made of lightly padded nylon. It's available in several colors and lots of sizes, so there's something for everyone. I picked "Berry" (a dark pink) for the color and I wear an XXS (15.5"-18.5" girth).

     Something really nice about the ComfortFlex that I've yet to see with similar style harnesses is that not only is the girth adjustable, the neck area is as well (please note this is only for the smaller sizes, since us little ones are more difficult to fit). As a whole, easy on/off styles aren't the most secure of harnesses since it's hard to get a good fit, but with the ComfortFlex's adjustability you get a nice snug fit. I can be a bit of a Houdini when it comes to collars and harnesses, but I don't think I could get out of this one!

The girth closes with both velcro and a buckle.

8 sizes
Several colors
Very adjustable
Easy to put on
Made in the USA
Machine washable (don't put it in the dryer though)

The D ring is quite large for as small as the harness is
A little pricey

     4/5 stars.

      Now for the Julius K9 harness. Here's what Clean Run says about it:

Made in Hungary by a company specializing in high-end Schutzhund products, the IDC (Innova Dog Comfort) Harness is Julius K-9's most recent harness design. It is a high-quality, rugged harness with an innovative, sporty design that is suitable for all dogs, from working dogs to pet dogs whose owners need more control over them. The IDC Harness has an angular profile whereas the sides of the Power Harness are parallel to the ground. The smallest size of the IDC Harness will fit smaller dogs than the smallest size of the Power Harness.
The IDC Harness is so easy to take on and off the dog that it can be used for taking your dog into the agility ring; just drop the harness over the dog's head and click in the buckle on the belly band. The harness is designed to allow a full range of motion so your dog can walk or run while wearing it.
The surface of the Power Harness is made from rugged, scratch-proof, and water-resistant polyester, which makes it an ideal harness for dogs that run in their harness when you're hiking in thickly wooded/shrubbed areas. The underside of the harness is padded with Ökotex, a breathable cotton that is gentle on the dog's coat and skin.
The chest and belly straps are made from pressure-tested seatbelt-type webbing and are infinitely adjustable, allowing you to achieve a perfect fit on any dog. 

     It comes in lots of sizes, several colors, has removable patches, the larger sizes (Mini-Mini and up) have a handle on the back, and they're all reflective. It's an easy on/off style, albeit a little different than most. It has a buckle at the girth and the neck is adjustable with velcro.

     The sizes are a little wonky. Technically, I'd fit in both the Baby 2 and the Mini Mini. The Baby 2's neck size was near perfect, but since the girth was almost too tight it pushed the neck up too high. The Mini Mini's girth is perfect, but the neck is a little loose.

Lots of sizes
Removable patches
Lots of colors
Good price

Sizing is weird
Not very comfortable
Not super adjustable, so easy to slip

     3/5 stars.

     Next up are two lovely collars from the Etsy shop Wagologie (also on Facebook here). Here's a little about them:

I've always loved animals but most especially dogs! Big ones, small ones, mixes and purebreds, and everything in between!
After getting my standard poodle, Darla, I realized how difficult it was to find fun collars for large breed dogs. I have always loved to create and craft throughout my life so it's no surprise that I found myself creating dog collars! It started with just a few collars here and there; a little shop on Etsy, and now I have made over four thousand orders! I just love creating new designs and often find myself dreaming up new patterns. 
One of my favorite things about my dog collars is working with dog people. People that own dogs have to the friendliest group of people on earth! I love hearing all about their dogs and their unique personalities and life stories. It's truly amazing the love and compassion people have for their dogs and vice versa, of course!
I constantly donate dog collars to rescues and dog organizations all over the US! 
A big 'Thank You!" to everyone who has allowed me to live my dream and create dog collars and all who support hand made! 
XO, Lauren

     Lauren, the awesome shop owner, sent both ME and Boston collars! Mine is a pretty 3/4" Glittery Aqua and Boston has a the beautiful Magenta and Black Damask in 1". Both are quick release collars. In addition to quick release collars, Lauren also offers martingales, leashes, bows and flower accessories.

     Boston and I both really liked these collars. Even though mine is glittery, nothing flakes off, which is a huge plus! I've only worn my collar a few times, since I have so many I switch out every few and I'm usually in leather because of my sensitive skin, but Boston has worn hers 24/7 since the beginning of September and it still looks great.

Pretty wrapping makes the product.


DM: Nola spoils me. You have NO idea how many pictures I had to take of Boston before this halfway decent one came out.
Oh, and Boston's only a few months older than Nola. The grey around her face is partially from her being a dapple, partially for how worried she always is. ;)

Versus Nola. One shot, and we're done.

A miracle photo! Nola and Boston aren't exactly best buds, and it's next to impossible to get them together for a photo, especially given what a camera hog Miss Diva Nola is. After this was taken, she had no problem putting her lowly Minion back in her place.

Huge selection
Every size
Good prices
Great service
USA made
Fast shipping

No metal buckles/metal buckle upgrade

     5/5 stars!

     And lastly we have a cool martingale leash from Jan's Martingale Collars and Walking Leads. Here's a bit on them:

My company, Jan's Martingales, isn't really much of a company at all.  I have no factory, no employees; it's just me.  (Well, hubby helps.)  I make a few leads everyday and sell a few everyday.  All of my advertising is word of mouth.  Most of my customers are folks who have been with me for years.  My "company" will never get any bigger than this, which is great.  This is just about the right size for me to continue enjoying  what I do and take care of my customers properly.  I've got 100% positive feedback from Ebay, Etsy and Artfire. That's something I'm proud of and plan to keep.

  It all started 20 years ago when we became involved in St Louis REGAP, greyhound rescue.  Back then, the concept of x-racing dogs as pets was very new, so the special martingale collars and leads were hard to find and expensive.  (keep in mind, the internet and it's search capabilities were also new, so it wasn't much help back then).   The logical solution was to make our own.  I found some webbing and D-rings at a tent and awning shop in St Louis,  and started making all the collars for the new dogs we brought in.  The walking lead design evolved a short time later as an efficient way to move our dogs around.  You never knew how an individual greyhound would behave when they came off the hauler.  Some were confident, well behaved and easy to handle.  Many others had been abused, were terrified, and would try to escape.  We put these leads on the dogs before we even tried to unload them from the hauler.  There was no fumbling with extra collars, leashes and clasps, easy on, easy off.   These really did the trick..we never had a dog escape, and some tried pretty hard to do so. 
These original walking leads were simple, plain black, unlined, undecorated, and strictly utilitarian;  I made hundreds of them for our group and our adopting families.   One day, I got the bright idea of decorating, and selling them.  I made a few and put them up on Ebay.  They sold right away so I made and sold some  more.  In a few weeks I made enough money to buy another roll of webbing and a whole box of D-rings!  So beganJan's Martingales.  Eventually,  I stared making them in other sizes, colors and weights and they started to become popular with more than just sighthound owners.  Now  I sell my leads to people all over the world for every breed of dog...very exciting, and totally it!

REGAP was one of the first rescue organizations in the country.  Many of the REGAP's are still alive and doing well, but our St Louis REGAP is now almost gone.  Old age, ill-health and death have taken their toll on our group  (20 years is a long time)  We're no longer actively in the adoption business, and I no longer make collars and leads for St Louis REGAP.  But I still enjoy making and selling  my leads  and will continue doing so for as long as I'm capable.

     I'm reviewing one of her Italian Greyhound/Small Dog sized martingale leashes. It's 1 1/2" wide, with a 6ft leash that is 3/4" wide. A heads up though: the sizing can be a little confusing, so if you're interested in getting one I suggest contacting Jan first so you can make sure you're getting the correct size.

 I love a martingale leashes because it keeps the connivence of a slip lead but the safety and comfort of a martingale. Simply open it up, put it on your dog, adjust it to fit and you're ready to go!

The purple and gold is perfect for me. After all, I AM named after New Orleans.


Huge selection of colors and patterns
Good price
Easy to use
Good service
Very comfortable
Sturdy and well made

Not a thing!

     5/5 stars.

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


  1. Great reviews- thanks! The first harness looks awesome and I love the martingale leash.


  2. i like the look of the first harness. The martingale lead looks like something that would be perfect for Roxy when we are on the road and she needs a potty break.

  3. Great reviews, Nola. Those harnesses look interesting but boy, it bugs us too when the sizing for small dogs doesn't work out right! I am deep-chested so harnesses can be a pain in the butt to get a proper fit! I've never used a martingale leash but maybe I should give one a try?!? Lots to think about! Have a great weekend!

  4. I like the pic of Nola and Boston together!

  5. Miss Nola looks great in her harnesses!

    We love both our julius K-9 and comfortflex harnesses! I find the JK9's are better suited for larger dogs at least when it comes to the IDC... Twister has the original powerharness and I sized it wrong, but it still fits him rather nicely and I like it just not on him :P

  6. I think our would be out of that first harness in 5 seconds. The next one looks like it would be good for water skiing, ha!
    Very pretty collars, you will be able to start your own shop soon.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  7. Great reviews and I enjoyed seeing you model them. Hugs GJ xx

  8. Those are great reviews. We think you do a good job and we think if Boston had more practice with pictures, it may go better - teehee! (But maybe Boston prefers to avoid the flashy box). Lee and Phod

  9. Our friend has the first harness you reviewed. Although nice, we found it a bit bulky. Thanks for the reviews
    Benny & Lily


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