Friday, September 20, 2013

Review Day

     Hey, all! It's review day!

     First up we have a review of my Halloween costume. Halloween is a favorite holiday in my house, second only to Christmas, so I was super excited to do this review! The shop is called Young Urban Puppy, and you can find them on Etsy here and on Facebook here.
What I love about Young Urban Puppy is that they custom make each costume to your specific measurements. Being a Dachshund, most "off the rack" costumes don't find in some or all spots. Too short in the back, too loose in the neck, too tight in the chest, too big on the waist, ect. I'm totally fine with wearing clothes, but it makes it a lot more fun when stuff actually fits and is comfortable.

     Enough blabbering; I know you're dying to see my costume. It's so perfect!

The headband loops under my chin and across the back of my head so it stays on.

     How awesome is that? I'm honoring my German heritage and looking totally adorable while I'm at it.

Good price
Good customer service
Perfect size since it's custom
Shipped fast
Easy to put on
Stays on

No hole for a collar/harness

     4/5 stars.

     Up next is a carrier from Dachshund Delights, makers of the popular Hug-a-Dog harness. It's called a Take-a-Long bag, and comes in the following sizes:

  • Small, up to 4lbs
  • Medium, up to 8lbs
  • Large, up to 14lbs
  • Extra Large, up to 20lbs
     I'm 11lbs, so my carrier is a large. Check out the cute print I chose!

     The carrier is very well made and very soft, but the sizing is a little funny. Like I said, I'm 11lbs, and barely fit in the carrier length wise. And my body is shorter than the average Dachshund! My sister, Boston, is about 14lbs and there is no way she'd fit in there, and she's your typical super long Dox.

Adjustable straps
Folds up surprisingly small

Size is wonky

    3.5/5 stars due to odd fit.

     Now we have a beautiful leather collar from the Etsy shop Sarah's Artistry. Sarah is a super warm and great to deal with! She makes lovely leather collars, belts, jewelry and other accessories.

     I picked this stunning collar to test out, and I had it personalized. Instead of doing the traditional name on it though, Mom had Sarah put "You are my Sunshine" on it, since I'm Mom's sunshine! It turned out pretty incredible, as you can see:

My only complaint is that I wear the collar on the first or second hole, and it leaves slack that covers the words. Mom loves it too much to cut it off!

     Now, you'd think that such a lovely and intricate collar would be for special occasion only, but surprisingly that isn't the case! Sarah assured me that her collars will hold up just fine to everyday wear, so long as they're not submerged in water. I can say it held up just fine to the rough and tumble play the Minions and I do on a day to day basis.

Well made
Surprisingly durable
Wonderful customer service
Made incredibly fast
Very reasonable price


     I give my highest rating of 5/5 stars. If you want to check her out, use the code LEATER for 15% off your order (live until Oct. 4th.)

     Next we have some fun tug toys from Go West, an Etsy shop that makes dog toys.

      Tug games can be a bit of a controversial topic in the dog world, but since we use positive reinforcement Mom loves the drive that tugging builds. Mom taught me to leave it and drop it by just using tugging, no treats at all.

     I was sent 3 tugs in three different sizes to review. Not surprisingly, the biggest one was my favorite.

Good prices
Lots of color choices
Good customer service
Fairly durable (the larger one)

The smallest one was easily shredded

     4/5 stars.

     And finally we have a lovely soft carrier/sling from the Etsy shop Sophie's Paws, the "dogwear boutique with a purpose".  They offer beds, slings, jackets and blankets.  Here's a little about them:

I started Paws4Peace after adopting Sophie my 5 year old Chihuahua. Sophie is the love of my life! Sophie was in a box heading into the pound when we found her. It has always been heartbreaking to me to see all of those poor animals in rescues and the horrible stories we all hear about abuse. This is what inspired me to start Paws4Peace as a way to contribute monetarily and help these animals. We donate 10% of our profits to ASPCA as well as various local rescues and causes. I was determined to create high quality dog items that not only look nice, but products that also make pets feel safe, cozy and loved. All of our products are handmade in Phoenix, Arizona. My logo is inspired by Sophie. One of her little paws has black toes and one little pink one. (Also, why my Etsy site is called Sophie Paws). 

     I picked their black sling with microsuede and plush lining to review. Seriously, this carrier is sinfully soft.

DM: Note to self; make sure shirt is pulled down/shorts are pulled up before taking pics.

Next to impossible to take pictures of yourself like this!

So soft
Great customer service
Very sturdy and durable
Folds up small
Leash clip


     4/5 stars. 
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


  1. Love your new bag carriers, the first one looks less bulky though. I love carrying Roxy in those, so easy. The collar is super cute!

  2. There are some good products this week. That first one is just too adorable for words, she looks sooooo cute!
    Lynne x

  3. Nola....
    I, too, love Halloween!! The kids dressing up in costume. The chocolate!! The trick-or-treaters. The chocolate!! The carving of pumpkins. The chocolate!! The roasted pumpkin seeds. Did I mention the chocolate?! Halloween is coming up quickly, huh? Your costume is very adorable!! I, too, have German flowing proudly in my blood!! ;)
    --Raelyn and Rose

  4. Ok, that collar is absolutely beautiful!! It's rare to find such a lovely design on a leather one! Your costume totally rocks're going to be the Belle of the Ball on Halloween! We love carrier slings, but they never work for my body type...super long legs make everything fit wonky! Great reviews!

  5. Love the collar. Oh my word Nola, mom is laughing do hard at that Halloween costume
    Benny & Lily

  6. I'm not a big fan of dressing dogs up Nola but I have to say you're just about the cutest dog I've ever seen in your Halloween costume:)

  7. Nola darling, you look so beautiful in your German Dirndl! We've got to show our Daddy your pretty picture. He's right off the boat from Germany and will love seeing it. (Ok, so he's not RIGHT off the boat bcuz he's old now, but came over when he was 8.)

    Great reviews too!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  8. The German outfit is adorable!

  9. Great reviews - I adore the costume! You might want to enter the Halloween costume photo contest I'm hosting on The Lazy Pit Bull FB page! It starts October 2!

    Happy Sunday! :)

  10. OMG....I LOVE your little costume. I didn't know Dachshund delights made a carry bag so thanks for letting us know.


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