Thursday, September 12, 2013

Review Day

     Hi, all! It's review day, but before I show you that I wanted to share some exciting news: I've learned a formal heel! Video will go up on Monday. That means I'm ready for a Rally Novice trial as soon as Mom finds one.

     On to the reviews! First up we have a Hug-a-Dog harness from Pet My (how awesome is that name?). Pet My Wiener (PMW) offers tons of awesome Dachshund stuff, from dog supplies to clothes to home decor to garden art and more. 5% of all sales are donated to Dachshund rescues.

     The Hug-a-Dog harness is vet recommended for Dachshunds, or any dog, prone to back issues or that have existing issues. It's light weight, breathable, easy to take on and off (it's held on with velcro at the neck and chest, as well as a quick release buckle at the neck for extra safety). You can also get a seat belt handle (making it a Hold-a-Dog harness) if you'd like. They come in both mesh, and a fabric/mesh combo. PMW offers them for sizes with an up to 27" girth and 17" neck, but Hug-a-Dog makes them for all sizes.

I had them add a buckle at the chest. It's not a standard option.

I like it!

Lots of sizes
2 different style options
Lots of colors
Easy on/off
Easy on the back
Optional seatbelt handle
Custom made to fit YOUR unique size
USA made

Even if the velcro is secure, I would much prefer to see an additional buckle at the chest too.
Not exactly cheap, but a lot cheaper than most custom harnesses

     4/5 stars.

     Up next we have a carrier from Critter Stuff. Before I get to this, I do want to add a disclaimer: I am not a "purse dog". I may be small, but I am a real, working breed. I almost always walk, but Mom wanted a carrier for huge crowds and when we travel in the next two years. No purse dog comments. ;)

    Now that that's out of the way, here we go. Critter Stuff makes carriers, harnesses, dresses and winter gear. Here's a little about them:

The Critter Stuff mission is to design and manufacture useful and innovative pet products for small animals. The animal’s comfort, safety and general well-being is our number one focus. For human beings, our product goals include comfort, convenience, ease of use and function, resulting in greater confidence in our products, as well as peace of mind with regard to the pet. We make every product with great attention to detail and unwavering quality, employing fine materials and skilled labor. It is our goal that your use of our USA-Made products conveys to you that Critter Stuff truly cares about you and your pet.
     I was sent a large cushion and mesh CritterTote to review. The CritterTotes come in the following sizes:
XS (1-2lbs. I hope that's for a puppy and that adult dogs aren't that small)
S (3-4lbs)
S 1/2 (5-6lbs)
M (7-8lbs)
M-L (8-11lbs)
L (12-14lbs)
XL (15-22lbs)

     Even though I barely scrap in at 11lbs, I'm in the large because I'm so long.

     I have 3 carriers, and this one is my far my favorite! The mesh panels at the sides allow me to see out even when I'm laying down, it's nice and deep, very comfy for both me and Mom, it's a pretty fabric and I love the pocket on the inside.

Nicely padded strap


Shallow enough to see over the edge....

Deep enough to snuggle into!

Good customer service
Mesh sides
Deep and long
Leash clip
Curves around Mom's hips and waist so it's nice to wear
Adjustable and padded strap
USA made


     4.5/5 stars.

     And lastly we have an adorable little Game Day dress from the Etsy shop Bella's Blooms Doggie Bowtique. They offer collars, harnesses, dresses, bows and embroidery. Since we're huge Gator fans, I picked this adorable Gator tutu dress to review.

     There was a slight mix up with sizing; you measure around the neck and the waist for the right fit. However, since I'm a Dachshund, my chest is where the waist is on other dogs so the velcro taps barely reach to hold it together (my chest is just under 16" and my waist is 12"). Other than that, I really liked this dress!

Lots of choices
Made just about an hour away from where we live
Would be perfectly comfy if it fit right
Glitter tutu doesn't shed glitter everywhere

I wish the tutu was removable so the top part could be washed
I'd like to see the option of adding a D ring and quick release buckle to make it into a harness

     4/5 stars.

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


  1. Oh we love that dress its beautiful on you, and we like the harness also.
    stella rose

  2. We prefer the tu-tu to the string vest, BOL!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  3. Oh my word Nola, your tutu is hilarious. You are one good looking cheer leader.
    Benny & Lily

  4. First Nola I have to say "sorry about those Gators " *snicker snicker* Go Canes! ahem

    As for the carrier, I'm 20# so Momz sez no way she's ever gonna be toting me around, but for smaller dogs that does look very comfy

    I like that harness a weave and airy like that it's perfect for Florida summers and you were smart to have them add that extra buckle...i wouldn't be sure about trusting just the velcro

  5. BOL! Dachshunds get the best jokes ever!

    Love your cheerdog dress!

  6. I think the harness looks so nice on you

  7. Great reviews Nola! Muffin and I always wear our Hold a Dog Harnesses! And you are right ~ It's the only harness approved to wear by my surgeon. She was very impressed with the quality of it. (Mine was the first one she has seen in person.)

    We think the carrier is beautiful and love the fabric/design. Mommy said I'm too big to use one of those.

    And your new tutu ~ You're rocking it girl!!

    Lily Belle & Muffin


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