Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Say What, Sweetie?! Diva Designer ;)

Hello, hello Friends! It's me again! Nola's allowed me to post today...she's kind like that ;)

I had plans to shamelessly promote  share my blogs with you...but I've been a bit of a slacker this past few weeks and I need to write a little more before shamelessly promoting  sharing with ya'll. I'll just tell you a little about them and then share in the next couple of weeks. Aren't you excited?! :)

I have four: one is my doula/child birth education business blog, one on our path from home schooling to unschooling, one on having no fear of playing with the house, and one on how to have a better relationship. I do hope that once I share with you all, you will become fans!

Ok! On to the Diva...
As many of you know, I am Nola's gr...gra...grrrrann....oh...(mutters and mumbles, "grandmother....granny....gran...."), Sweetie, whew. That's better! I'm not old enough to be a grandmother. (I really am, but chose to not think of myself as such!). As Nola's Sweetie, I have many duties (heee heee...duties...doodies...see? I'm not mature enough to be a grandma!). My duties (hee hee) include: appropriately fawning over and praising her. Buying her food. Spoiling her. Tucking her in at night. And, assisting DM (Dachshund Mommy) with fashion choices!

Example, DM just bought Diva a new harness and collar. As you know, DM does not have a problem with collars. Or leashes. Or harnesses. Nope. No problem at all. (Ask how many racks she has built with Sugar to hold Nola's collections!! BOL!) (DM: Three, if you're wondering)

DM: Which color for the collar?
Me: Which do you prefer?
DM: IDK...I like them both.
Me: I like lavender.
DM: Will it look good on her?
Me: I'm not sure. Why don't you hold the same color fabric to her and see if you like the shade.
DM: Which color?
Me: Didn't you check colors?
DM: Yes.
Me: Did you like it?
DM: Yes.
Me: Then get it!
DM:What about a harness? (sends pic)
Me: Black.
DM: She has black.
Me: It goes with everything.
DM: What about pink?
Me: What would go with it?
DM: Well.....what about orange or yellow?
Me: They are very, very...construction zone friendly.
DM: Oh. Good point. You're so smart, Momma.... (I'll tell you the "momma" story sometime!)

This happens a lot here. A LOT! I'm the fashion designer to the stars! Or, rather, the star.... :)

Thanks for tuning in! See you next time!

Warmest Wishes,

DM: I'd like it known my mother greatly exaggerates when it comes to my collar "habit". It's not that serious an issue. Even if it is  was, I have a perfectly valid excuse; Nola, being a diva, model, and star, needs a big wardrobe! 
As you can see from the below photos, I have no problem. None. What so ever. Nada. Nothing.
A mere 15 collars (with one more on the way).

"Momma doesn't have a problem!" This picture makes her look fat. 

She's not.

6 harnesses (with 2 more on the way). Pitiful.

7 leashes (not counting her 25ft training line, retractable leash, hotdog leash and LED leash). Sad.


  1. Hi Sweetie! You will probably find that none of the Greyhound owners will give Nola any grief. Many of us are pretty shameless with the collar addiction.

  2. No, there's no problem at all....not a bit! LOL!

  3. Hiya! Wow, we have maybe two collars each! Two leashes each! We need to get on momma to make us more fashionable!

  4. Nola....you look gorgeous in any color, any style....anything really. Or nothing at all. What's the problem. {Shhhhhh...don't tell anyone, but you have more collars than my Momma has pairs of underwear...just sayin')

    Hap-Pee ToesDay!

  5. That was too funny Sweetie! Nola and DM are very blessed to have you.

    Now, Muffin and I need to go and talk to Mommy about the little collar issue we are having at our house. We OBVIOUSLY don't have nearly enough of them!

    And do you think we should take up a collection to buy Amber DaWeenie's Mom some more under-gotchies? Tee~hee~hee.....

    Lily Belle

  6. A modern and STYLISH girrrrl's GOTTA have a WARDROBE !!

  7. My princess diva (Anya) loves loves collars/harness/leashes/bows/dress/shoes/sunglassies/mittens/clothes/everything!!!!!!:-)

  8. Your mum will have to get you your own wardrobe soon!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  9. Hey - we all end up collecting stuff - why not fashionable collars, leashes and harnesses? I collect hamster huts which is somehow just not as cool as your collection. I think I have to go out and buy Blueberry a second collar...

  10. Wow Nola! You are quite the clotheshorse! I LOVE all your stuff, but we're pretty non-diva around here. New collars/harnesses only happen when the others are worn out.

  11. We thought we were spoiled
    Benny & Lily

  12. I live with a collar loving mom. We only have three leashes each and no harnesses, but together my sister and I have about fifty collars. Mom loves us to have fun collars for every occasion. We don't wear clothes, so she buys us collars. No problem being a diva ;)


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