Monday, August 5, 2013

Review Day

     Hi, all! We haven't been doing much lately (too hot! 97 degrees with a heat index of 106), so I don't have too much to post about. Sweetie forgot she was suppose to post today, so she's doing hers tomorrow. Because of all that, I figured I might as well get one of the two reviews for this week done, since it's the first week of the month. Let's get to it!
It's too hot to do anything what so ever.

     First up we have a review for K-Nine Couture, a company that makes beautiful collars and leashes made from either silk or cotton, martingale or buckle. Here's a bit about them:

K-nine Couture is a tiny, home-based company located in Seattle, Washington. Every collar, leash and wedding harness is still handmade from start to finish by Mandy and her husband Dave, with modeling help from their Shiba Inu, Link and constructive criticism from their Siamese cat, Yoda. We thank you for supporting our family business and for giving us the opportunity to make something unique and special for your pet!

     I was sent this beautiful silk buckle collar here and this lovely martingale collar (also silk) here. While these are fancy collars and not meant to be worn every day, K-Nine Couture also offers a line of sturdy, washable cotton collars in both quick release buckle and martingale. They make collars for kittehs, and cute and adorable ring bearer wedding harnesses.
Martingale. This is yesterday's BW Sunday photo, in color.

I'm almost always walked on a harness, but when I do walk on a collar I can slip standard ones. With a martingale, the collar is loose when no being pulled on or backed out of, and when you try to back out of it....(see below photo)

It tightens enough so it can't slip over the head, but not enough to choke the dog. It's a great option for any dog, particularly dogs whose heads are smaller than their necks, like sighthounds and ME! There's only a 1/2" difference in my neck and head measurements.

Mom and I love this collar color!

With the beautiful gold swirls and gold hardware, and the rich purple, it's so New Orleans and Mardi Gras. Perfect for ME, because after all I am NOLA.

Lots of choices for size, width, color and style
Great customer service
Fast shipping
Good prices

Standard buckles (like on most leather collars) and metal quick release buckles not offered

     Overall, I give them 4 1/2 out of 5 stars!

     Up next is a cute harness and tag collar from Stiff To Wag Pet Products, an Etsy shop that makes adorable harnesses, collars (standard, martingale, chain martingale and tag), leashes and car restraints. Here's a bit about them:

I've been involved in Shiba Inu Rescue since 2003 and I am also a dog trainer. I started this business because I see so many dogs (Shibas especially) that need to wear collars and harnesses that aren't the standard flat buckle adjustable style. My Shibas have to wear chain martingales when walking because they can easily slip their heads out of anything else, but the only colors they come in are solid black, red, blue, and green. If you're lucky you might be able to find purple or pink. I looked at all those adorable patterns the adjustable collars came in and thought, "I can make those!" And the business snowballed from there.

Over the years I have redesigned existing products and created my own products based on what special needs pet owners have come to me with. 

In rescue a lot of dogs are easily scared and need a very secure harness that they can't back out of. I came up with my No Escape Harness. 

An owner asked me to create a harness that would keep her Houdini dog from escaping, but he was also a puller. This one was a bit more challenging but I eventually came up with the design for the Martingale Harness.

I love new challenges and I'm always looking for ways to make my products better and more effective.

     These two things I found to be really cool: their "No Escape" harness witch has a strap around the belly so your dog can't back out of it, and their "Martingale Harness", which, like a martingale collar, has a loop that tightens so your dog can't slip it. Supposedly the martingale one helps with pulling, but I'm not a puller so can't vouch for that.
The Martingale harness

The No Escape harness 
      Another neat thing is that you get to designs these exactly how you'd like them. You get to pick the fabric and fabric placement, the nylon, the buckles, everything. Cool drool!

     Here's my martingale harness and adjustable tag collar:

Tons of choices
Good prices
Fast shipping
Great customer service
You design it!

The strap that goes between the front legs tangles a bit, but like so many things that might be a Dachshund specific issue

     4/5 stars!

     And last but certainly not are two things I absolutely adore. What would those things be? My Ruffwear gear! Ruffwear is an awesome company that makes incredibly durable, great quality stuff. Everything from collars, harnesses and leashes to jackets, backpacks, life jackets, toys, beds and more.

     I was sent two things to test out; the Webmaster Harness in Twilight Grey size XXS and the Slackline Leash in Metolius Blue. I'm going to break these down into their own separate reviews.


     Love it. Seriously love it. It's a great harness for pretty much everything, be it walking, hiking and swimming to lifting and mobility issues. Not only that, but it's virtually escape proof.
Here's a bit about it:

The Web Master Harness really gives you a handle on your dog. Built for assisting our canine companions up and over obstacles, it makes everything easier - from crossing turbulent creeks, to scrambling over rocks, to providing assistance to a rehabilitating dog. 

Strategically placed, continuous webbing wraps around the dog's body to provide full support. Belly and ribcage strap pads have a surface texture that resists foxtail and fur collection. And everything is streamlined: buckles are 

sheltered, sliders take up strap slack - there's less to dangle or snag.
    It comes in the following sizes (these are girth measurements):

XXS: 13-17" (my size)
XS: 17-22"
S: 22-27"
M: 27-32
L/XL: 32-42"

     And two colors: Twilight Grey, which is what mine is, and Red Current. This is only of my only complaints about it; I wish it came in more colors!

     Something I really love and was pleasantly surprised about is just how high quality, durable and well made my harness, the smallest available size, is. A lot of times companies that gear primarily towards dogs say, 40lbs and over have really crappy products for small dogs, even if their "big dog" stuff is excellent. I'll let Mom take over for a minute and elaborate a bit more.
DM: Thanks, Kielbasa. I've gotten a few things from companies that cater more towards small dogs, and for the most part have been less than impressed. A lot of times it seems like their smaller dog stuff is an afterthought, and has an air of "it's a small dog, who cares if their stuff is shit?" mentality. EzyDog comes to mind with this.
But not Ruffwear! Nola's harness is so sturdy, incredibly well made and so...perfect! I can tell Nola's harness is every bit as well made and well thought out as the larger sizes. When a company can do that, they have my highest praises and a customer for life. Back to B now.

     The harness held up beautifully to the beach, and I wasn't gentle on it by any means. I went running, digging and swimming while in this harness for nearly 3 hours and not a scratch on it. It still looks brand new! Even the leash attachment on the back looks awesome. My Puppia harness's, which is still my favorite for everyday wear, D ring rusted after being in the salt water, and Mom even dried it off once I got out.

     While the Ruffwear is a little heavy for light use such as a casual stroll, you can't beat it for heavy duty things like hiking, swimming, ect.
DM: One of my favorite features is this here, how you buckle the buckle (LOL, that sentence doesn't flow) over the harness, not against skin and fur. I pinched Nola once in a harness buckle, and felt horrible!

Small padded chest plate.

I like it!

DM: Once again you can see what I'm talking about with the buckles.

It has a cool tag inside to write your name and # on 
Didn't choke when I pulled, which is rarely.

Did fine in the water.
Drying after the beach

Incredible quality, even the smallest size!

Padded straps


So sturdy

Great durability

Handle at the back (I'm a Dachshund, so Mom doesn't pick me up with it, but she did use it to snatch me out of the water when a wave went over my head)

Reflective (the camera flash doesn't work, so I can't show you, but take my word for it)

Pretty much totally escape proof

I like the D ring placement

Pretty pricey, but well worth if for the quality

Only 2 colors

A PAIN to adjust, but it's only a one time thing

Takes a while to dry once wet (that is if you don't have access to the Florida sunshine and a clothesline)

     I give the Webmaster my highest rating of 5/5 stars and 2 paws up. It has quickly become one of my favorite harnesses, and for a collar/leash/harness whore like myself that's saying something!


     This leash is so cool and functional. It's adjustable fro 3.5ft to 6ft, the padded handle has a quick release buckle so you can hook your pup up to something and free up your hands, can be worn at the waist as a hands free lead and is reflective. I really love the clip too; standard bolt snaps can come undone pretty easily, especially if they get full of dirt or sand.
It comes in four colors: Metolius Blue (mine), Red Rock, Burnt Orange and Granite Grey.

Being dragged through the sand for 3 hours...


Padded handle

Quick release buckle at handle

Claw snap



Easy to adjust, and the adjustments stay put

No rust issues, ect from the beach



Only one width (1") available. I wish they offered a 3/4" option for smaller dogs.


Limited colors

     Overall, I give the Slackline leash 4/5 stars! And Ruffwear as a whole gets 5/5 stars for awesome products, good customer service, and catering their products to smaller dogs and still maintaining the quality.

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola



  1. Holy Tomato Nola! That was a lot of reviews. You must be dog tired after all of that.

    Those are some really cool products. We love the fancy collars (especially that purple and gold one.)

    We know you love your Ruffwear Harness bcuz we see you wearing it frequently. That's a good testament right there!

    Wow, you are having warm FL type weather. Yesterday our high was 70 and today it will be 75. Purrfect for laying out on our deck!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  2. Great reviews. I have often thought a martingale collar is what Roxy needs.

  3. You are really correct about buckles pullin and pinching... that is grrrreat how they have that harness fixed so LONG FURRED guys like WE are will NOT be havin our furs caught in the buckle.
    PeeS... that harness would be SUPERB fur using as a CAR Harness also.

  4. Love the second purple collar!
    Lynne x

  5. Oooo! We need fancy martingales! I got rugged, durable ones at the Seattle dog show in March but I hate the chains... I don't care that other people think they're a choke collar but I just wish they looked nicer.

  6. Nola, I hope it cools down for you. I love the purple collar the best. You do great reviews and thank you

    Loveys Sasha

  7. Love the no escape harness - some one I know needs one! Lee and Phod

  8. Wows, I don't know which ones I like best!!! Ma's gonna check them out! Thanks for the FABulous reviews! (again)
    Ruby ♥

  9. Excellent reviews Nola. Those collars are beautiful (and, of course, the model is, too!). The purple and gold is perfect for a Golden girl who supports her LSU Tigers. Try to stay cool. It's hot here, too, which means that there's not much happening. B-O-R-I-N-G! Cannot wait for October.


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