Monday, August 12, 2013

Hard as Nails

     Hey, y'all! Many posts back I talked about Mom introducing a dremel/nail grinder to cut my nails with. Surface it to say, we don't use it. I wouldn't accept it, and Mom's hands shake too bad (essential tremor type issue) to get a nice, smooth look.

     We're just sticking with old fashioned nail clippers, and it's working! Mom used to not be able to touch my feet without me writhing, mouthing and generally freaking out. Using counter conditioning (see more on that under my training page "Training the "Untrainable": Our Life of Positive Reinforcement"), Mom taught me that the clippers aren't scary, won't hurt me and clippers = treats! Now I don't fuss at all when my nails get clipped; I just sit there without squirming or being restrained.
My nails grow ridiculously fast, and since they were very long when Mom was unable to cut them, the quicks were very long. Mom's been cutting them 1-2x a week for a few months, and now they're down to a good length. Mom's still working them shorter, but they're looking much, much better!

Before (DM: I feel absolutely terrible at how long they got!):


Excuse the nose

     Pretty good! Do you guys tolerate nail trimming?

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


  1. Awesome!!! Teach tolerates nail trimming but those black nails make me nervous. Good job and they look fantastic now! It takes such patience to get them that short. I commend you!!
    ~Rebecca & Teach

  2. Yep...we's happy to give Mom our toes in exchange for a good treat!


  3. Wesa HATE having our nails trimmed...but then again, wesa don't get treats...hmmm...

    Now...our mama wants to know if it is easy to see NOLA's quick or puggies are notorious for having hidden quicks...well hidden until clipped into by the vets. Also, what type of nail trimmer do you think would be good for us'uns?

    Much Luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

  4. we hate it also, except baby gus and he lets momma trim his. mags and i have to go to the vet to get it done and sometimes they even make our feet bleed.
    stella rose

  5. Those are looking so, so much better!

    I use a dremel for my dogs. Pallo just flips onto his back and stays there while I work on his nails. He doesn't like it at all, but won't struggle, and happily eats his treat (he gets one after each foot is done).

    Koira is still iffy about the dremel. She hates having it done. But, she will nose touch the dremel when I ask her to, for a cookie of course. And as long as I place her in the corner with a wall on her off side and a wall in her face, then sit on her other side, she does pretty good. I don't really have to restrain her like that even, just block her in.

  6. Looks pretty snazzi Nola. Naw....I get the nails done when I go to the groomer, mom is a fraidy cat in cutting them herself.

    Jazzi and Addi

  7. We don't LOVE it ... butt we DO let mom do OUR nails the furst of every month... We don't grow them very fast...

  8. Yosuke is getting better with it. We are using your training technique - clippers = treats - to get him to tolerate it more. He definitely doesn't enjoy it yet.

  9. Fortunately, most of our walks are on sidewalk or paved trail. That tends to do a lot of the trimming for us. Wilson came to me dremel trained at 4 months so he's easy. But he hates the clippers! Jimmy, being noise phobic, is scared of the dremel, but tolerates the clippers well enough.

  10. Oh wow - looking good Nola!!

    Remember how I was using the human nail file on Blueberry's nails? Well, she tolerated it so well I thought I would try the regular nail trimmer and guess what? She, like you, tolerated it just fine! Now I am doing the same thing with trimming her nails 1-2 times a week. I wonder if Blueberry thinks it's better to have the trim which takes just a couple of minutes rather than the 15 minute process of nail filing. Who knows - but woo hoo that positive reinforcement and patience finally win out for both of us!!

  11. We go on long walks every day on pavement, so our nails stay trim. Roxy and I, Daisy, only have to have our dew claws trimmed occasionally. We don't really like it, but it's only two nails so it's over quickly.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. Hey Nola!
    Wow, your nails look so perfect now! Sounds like you got just the right process for keeping them trimmed up. I absolutely hate hate hate it! BOL Luckily, I do lots of digging in my yard where we have lots of rocks and roots and mine stay pretty darn good without trimming. Whenever I'm at the dogtor's he gives them an extra little snip.
    BTW: Cute header pix! Fun toy action.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  13. Nice. I don't like it either but Mom does it anyway.

  14. What a great paw-ticure Nola!

    Phod doesn't love it, but will tolerate a nail clipping (fortunately his don't grow very much).
    Hailey . . . if she saw the clippers when we first got her she would scream. we had to work really hard to get her to tolerate it. She doesn't love it, but she will do it. Cause Lady is a behaviour analyst she used the technique of shaping and reinforcement to make it happen.

    Lee and Phod

  15. Nola, you do have beautiful long nails, but we know short is better. Mom has the vet tech do ours. We only have to have them done a couple of times a year because we wear them down walking on the sidewalk and roads.

    Your Mom is so good to you.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  16. Nola....
    Rose tolerates her nail clipping pretty well.... Until the last paw!! Then she bays in protest!! We drive her to a professional. They thought that perhaps something was wrong with one paw. Hmmm. Let me see. She is not limping. And I can apply gentle pressure on that paw sans her yelping. Physically, she is fine!! ;op
    --Raelyn and Rose

  17. That is an extremely impressive improvement! Before we moved down here Frankie's nails never needed clipping. Now they do and while neither of us enjoy it he does tolerate it ... and his nails are white which is a big help. I still don't do it often enough. Beryl has a mix of black and white nails and I get hers dremeled every 2 or 3 weeks at the kennels where I got her from. I'm too much of a fraidy cat to do it myself. I'm such a sook with her, I should clean her teeth a lot more often than I do. I just hate doing things to her that I know she doesn't enjoy, even if it's good for her!!!

  18. Those little chubby feet are hilarious, and oh those nails
    Benny & Lily

  19. your claws look super Nola! and your mummy was right, you do have long legs!!
    I don't have to cut my claws at the moment as it seems that pounding the streets of London seems to trim them naturally -- hope it continues!

    Miss Marple X

  20. Gretel's nails grow super quick too and her quick is long. I trim them a teensy bit each week but I can't seem to get them shorter (quick does not want to move back). Maybe I should try clipping them twice a week. Nola's nails look great.

  21. Neeko tolerates someone else doing it, no problem. It is a fight with Faolan, but he will let me. Bruce's nails have not been trimmed since we adopted him. He has some serious behavioral and anxiety, along with fear-aggression issues (many of which we have overcome) but the nails are one we have not been able to deal with, yet. Walks on pavement help keep them to a "not terrible" length.

  22. Hate it! Mine get almost as long as yours then I start chewing them. We have a groomers close by and sometimes on our walk home mom sneaks me in there and I am trapped! Love Dolly


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