Friday, July 12, 2013

Review Day and Vet Day

      Hi, all! Today I'm going to the vet for my yearly heartworm test and to pick my heartworm pills and the flea pills. Mom's just going to get 6 month supply of the Comfortis (flea pills), to see how well it works, what's my reaction to it, ect. I'll tell y'all all about that on Monday! Paws crossed I'm heartworm free!

Paws crossed I'm heartworm free!

     Today is another review day, since I didn't get to do one last week. It'll only be one review day a week for the rest of the month.
Up first is a review for ReliQ Pet, a company that makes all natural mineral shampoo and deodorizer for dogs. Here's a little about them:

RELIQ (pronounced: [rel-ik]) is derived from the word “Relic” meaning ancient wisdom and updated with “IQ” to reflect the adaptation of smart technology as a new, modern solution.
The RELIQ pet line was created after discovering a special mineral found in volcanic regions. Combining this mineral with cutting edge nanotechnology enables the products to be extremely effective in cleaning pet’s skin and coat as well as follicle maintenance.
We are proud to introduce this effective and unique solution to all pet owners. At RELIQ, healthy skin and a beautiful coat is our number one priority for your pet, and we are committed to bringing you a new, revolutionary way to achieve these goals.

     I was 4 of the 5 scents (the ones I got are in bold: Jasmine, Green Tea, Pomegranate, Rosemary, Lavender) of shampoo to review, and a bottle of deodorizer in Lavender (also available in Mint and Unscented).
DM: While I liked these shampoos for the Minions 3, Nola developed a slight rash on her belly after me using this on her. I'm not 100% sure it was caused by the shampoo, but given she got it right after using it, it went away after I washed her in a shampoo I know doesn't break her out, and she hasn't had anything since, I don't know what else it'd be. You'd think a natural product wouldn't break a dog out, but I've used natural deodorant and got a horrid rash. 

Made the Minions 3 fur soft and shiny
Lathers well
Several different scents
Rinses easy
Fair price
Odor spray sprayed well (DM: but I hate the scent of lavender, so I can't tell you how well it works at neutralizing odor)
The scent lasts a long time and is strong, which would be great if you have a smelly dog. However, Nola has no odor and I didn't like the almost overpowering scent on her. It was nice on Augustine though!

Broke me out/not good for super sensitive skin

      For dogs who don't have really sensitive skin, I give it 4/5 stars!

     Up next is a super cool tag collar from Poodle Prints, an Etsy shop that makes braided kangaroo leather tag collars and leashes. I was sent a Blue Paradise Braided Tag Collar to review.
You might be wondering, what is a tag collar? It's just what it sounds like; it's a collar to hold your ID tag/s only, and is not for walking. It's simply a lightweight, delicate collar so you can always keep your tags on, but not have to wear a bulky collar. They're great if you're walked on a harness, or if you're walking on a martingale collar. Or if you just don't like leaving a bulky collar on all the time!

      Lori, the owner of Poodle Prints, makes each item custom to your specifications. That means you have lots of choices as far as size, color, beads/no beads, how the leather is braided, ect. I love that about this shop!

This could be a tag holder on a larger dog, but it's a key chain in our case!

Great customer service
Lots of options
Fast shipping
Seems durable, but of course only to hold tags!
Made in the USA

Dachshund Mommy: Nola's collar hung a bit lower than I expected, and if her tags were a hair longer she'd be tripping over them!
A little expensive

      Overall, I give Poodle Prints 4/5 stars and 2 paws up!

     And lastly we have a great product from Tropiclean, a company that makes stain and odor remover, medicated shampoos, regular shampoo and odor sprays, but are most well known for their Fresh Breath brush-free teeth cleaning aids. They offer foams, gels, water additives and flossing toys, all without the need for brushing, for both dogs and cats.

     I do want to say that daily brushing is the best possible way to prevent dental issues (look at me! I'm nearly 3 and have perfect teeth because of daily brushing), but if you either don't want to take the time to brush your dog's teeth, or they don't tolerate brushing, these products can really help. Did you know that 70% of dogs and cats will have some degree of dental disease by the time they're 3 if you don't take care of their teeth?

     I was sent the Fresh Breath Teeth Cleaning Gel and Water Additive to test out on Boston (Minion #2) and Augustine (Minion #1). They do not get their teeth brushed daily (DM: I confess...the Minions teeth get done many 1-2x a month. I know, bad mommy), and consequently their teeth don't look the best. Take a look at the pictures below. You can see the dramatic difference, even though Boston and I are the same sex, breed, eat the same food, and are almost the same age.

This is ME, 2 years and 9 months old, with daily brushing:

And this is Boston, 2 years and 11 months old, with no brushing:
This is before any of the cleaning products


     I don't know if it was the gel or the water additive (or both) that did it, but Boston and Auggie's teeth are looking much better. Mom didn't do it everyday (she forgot), but the gel and water additive were used every other day or so.
Before (Boston)

Before (Boston)

After (Boston)

Before (Auggie)
After (Auggie)

Fair price
No smell (DM: and I'm assuming no taste) on the water additive
USA made
Good customer service

DM: Boston and Auggie HATED the taste of the gel. HATED it

     Tropiclean products are available on their website, in pet stores and various online stores like Amazon and
We give them 4/5 stars!

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


  1. Great reviews! That is a beautiful collar and the before/after photos are amazing! Have a great weekend!

  2. I'll have to give the water additive a look. For the first time ever, at 10, the vet said Wilson's gums were looking a bit irritated and that I needed to pay closer attention.

    On my ComfortFlex harness: Yes, I love it! It's very easy to use, just one plastic buckle to fasten, also held in place by velcro. It definitely spreads the force of pulling across Jimmy's shoulders and saves his neck/spine. That's very important on our long-backed dogs! It's easy to remove with just one hand which works well in the agility ring. My first one lasted about 5 years and I only got a new one because the old one was ugly and faded from all the swimming Jimmy does. It is a good quality product. I bought mine through Clean Run who ships it for free :-) I haven't used another brand of harness so I can't say how it stacks up to others.

  3. Well you aren't going to be running out of baths anytime soon, BOL!
    Pretty necklace.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  4. Great reviews Nola...I do love that necklace alot...I'm very interested in the tooth gel and water additive...I'm not a brusher :( but would like to do something for Gizmo's teeth so maybe time to look into these

  5. Love the teeth cleaning water additive. We use that!

    I thought you might be going to review that awesome vest that you're wearing in the first photo. A vest just like that helped K so much near the end of her life and has helped our previous dogs when they weren't strong. Great vest!

  6. Great reviews Nola! Great news on the tooth stuffs!! That was really a dramatic difference! I once tried a tooth water additive, butts I could taste it and didn't want anythings to do with it. It was mint flavored though, not unscented like this one! Nice.
    Ruby ♥

  7. Great reviews. All the products look pretty cool. Can't wait to heat about the flea pils
    Benny & Lily

  8. Great reviews hope your hw test is negative.

  9. Fancy spa stuff, Nola! I love the new collar! It looks great on you!

    I'll have to check out the ingredients of that TropiClean stuff. I, too, am bad about brushing. I normally whip out the RMBs when there's tartar buildup....


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