Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Review Day and GIVEAWAY

     Hi, everyone! Thanks for all your advice on the heartworm/flea issue. Mom is more than likely going to go with Heartgard+ and Comfortis, but she'll talk to my vet and see what he says.

     Thunder of The Chronicle of Woos crossed his rainbow bridge yesterday. Please stop by and give his family some words of comfort. Run free, beautiful boy. We miss you.

     I've decided that, instead of doing a review week each month, I'm going to do several reviews in one post. Twice in the first week of each month, and then just weekly afterwards, at least until I catch up with all the reviews I have backed up. I'm doing 4 reviews today, and first up is Planet Dog. Here's a little bit about them:

Since incorporating in 1997, we have been known as the industry's leading socially responsible, values-based design house, bringing people and dogs together for fun and mutual support.

The fire in our belly is to concept, innovate and develop premium products "made for dogs, by dog lovers" all while being fully dedicated to satisfying both you and your best friend's needs.

Our mission is to amuse, explore, support, innovate, create, educate, celebrate and philanthropate... all in the name of the dog. We "romp the romp" by providing financial resources to those in need, educating consumers about canine-related issues, creating an array of non-toxic and recyclable products, and keeping the tails of "our pack" wagging.

Planet Dog’s flagship initiative is the Planet Dog Foundation. Since 2012, PDF has donated more than $800,000 in cash and product donations. Our internal mantra of "think globally, act doggedly," keeps us focused on the higher cause of why we entered this industry...wagging, drooling, sniffing, snuggling, howling, romping dogs.

     I received the Orbee-Tuff Strawberry treat toyOrbee-Tuff Mazee food toyEats PB+J treats and a small hemp leash with fleeced lined handle. I'm going to break this down into tiny little reviews of each product.

Orbee-Tuff Strawberry toy:

      This little toy is non-toxic, recyclable and made in the USA. It can be used as a fetch toy, or a treat stuffing toy (like a Kong). We used it as a treat stuffed toy. It's 3" in hight, and gives your dog some B12 as they chew.

DM: I put yogurt and sometimes pureed pumpkin in Nola's treat toys, and freeze them for when she's crated or she just needs something to do and I'm busy!


USA made

While it doesn't say to put it in the dishwasher, it doesn't say not to either. We put it in the dishwasher many times with no issues.

Was fine in the freezer

Easy to fill

Good size

It has a very strong mint smell, which Mom didn't like. The smell lessened a bit after being in the dishwasher, and the smell isn't as strong right out of the freezer, but it's still stinky.

Dachshund Mommy: I supervise Nola with this toy, because Little Miss can chew through regular Kongs toys in a second and this toy feels about as durable as red Kongs. It's definitaly not something I'd leave my little Jaws unattended with (like crated). While it'd be great for an average chewer, I'd like it to be more durable for Nola.

     Overall, we give this toy 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

Orbee-Tuff Mazee toy:
     This is a food puzzle toy. It's washable, comes in two colors (pinkish red or green) and is made in the USA.


Two colors

Engaging toy

Even though it's not intended to be a chew toy, I'd like it to be a lot more durable. Nola put a few teeth holes in it just pushing it around, and her claws scratched it up, even though they're not that long.

The material is kind of sticky, so it picks up dirt and crime very fast

It's difficult to clean

     We give this 2/5 stars.

Eats PB+J Treats:

     These are made in the USA, tasty, with good ingredients. They smell really good, to both ME and Mom. They're easy to break about to, as they're kind of large.

Good ingredients

Smells good

Easy to break apart

USA made

They only offer 1 size box of treats

     We give it 4/5 stars.

Small hemp leash with fleeced lined handle:

     This is a 5ft long, 1/2" wide leash. It comes in 5 colors (blue, green, orange, purple and pink. We picked purple), and is made of eco friendly material. The fleeced lined leash is very soft of the skin, and would be great if you had a puller.

Eco friendly

Soft handle

Fair price

Machine washable

Not made in the USA

Needs more colors

Only one length offered

     We give it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

     Next up is a review featuring my brother/Minion #1 Augustine, and is for Argos Collars. Here's a little about them:

Argos Collars is a Los Angeles based business. We specialize in designing and hand crafting high end leather dog collars in the USA. With functionality and durability in mind, we use only the finest materials in the industry. Our hand crafted pieces are assembled and stitched with precision and care. We import Italian latigo leather, used in saddlery and equestrian equipment, in addition we prepare the leather with specially treated oils and waxes to withstand the harshest outdoor elements. Decorative hardware is available in stainless steel, brass or brushed aluminum. All of the collars are lined with high quality leather for the ultimate comfort and fit. Semi precious stones and fine crystals are available in various sizes and colors. Exotic leathers are also available upon request.
The Story of "Argos" in History
In Greek mythology, Argos was Odysseus' faithful dog. He waited for his master's return to Ithaca for over a decade while most presumed Odysseus dead. He was the first to recognize the King returning from the Trojan War, even though Odysseus was disguised as a beggar to discover what was going on in his palace during his absence. It was said that as soon as Argos recognized his master, he dropped his ears and did his best to wag his tail. Having fulfilled his destiny of faith by laying his eyes upon his master once more, he released a final whimper and died

  They offer beautiful leather collars in many sizes and colors. They're also on Etsy, and you can find them here. I picked the Small Red Leather Collar for Auggie, which is 1" wide and fits a dog with a 12"-15" neck. It's a beautiful collar, very sturdy and very handsome. It's a little hard to adjust at first, but once it softens up it's much easier.

ME modeling the collar (which is too big for me) since Auggie won't sit still



Good quality

They stand 100% behind their products

Good prices for the quality

Hand crafted in the USA

I wish they offered more options for smaller dogs

     Auggie and I give them 4/5 stars and 1 1/2 paws up.

     Up next is a review for ThatsOurDog.com's nesting bed (in grey). About:

Welcome to That's Our Dog. We specialize in all natural dog treats and accessories for your dog. I make all of the orders as I receive them so you are assured that the treats are fresh. I was tired at looking at the treat labels and not being able to pronounce them, so I started making them myself. I discovered our dog loved them way more than the store bought ones. I like the fact that they are soft and easy to eat. 

I have just added my newest product. I now have dog beds made out of old suitcases. 
They are really cute. I love the fact that I can Repurpose them. It's fun thinking of where they have been and who owned them. 

We also carry reversible bandanas that slide on the collar. We offer 5 sizes and a wide variety of fabric. We only use 100% high quality cotton fabric. I have step in harness, they are designed so they are easy to put on and off. I've really expanded my leash and collar line. 

I have been working very hard and have come out with our new bar soap. It is now available for online orders.  It is Tree tea oil, Lavender,Peppermint and olive oil, smells good. I like it because it last alot longer than the liquid soap. It is also a natural flea repellant. You can use it on you or the dog!

Pampered Pooch in Redwood Falls, Minnesota is carrying a variety of my products for sale. They are a full service groomer and Lady loves going to see all her friends. They do a wonderful job! They are now taking new clients so give them a call at 507-627-8239.

I would like to thank everyone who came to the Clara City, New Ulm, Alexandria, Jordan and Sanborn shows. I really had a great time talking with everyone. I have to share a story from a lady I talked with at the Alexandria show. I gave her a sample and she took it. She said her dog is very picky but she would try it anyway. A few hours later she came back and bought two bags of treats, her dog went crazy.

I now have nesting beds for dogs or cats. They have a nonclumping fiber inside so they will never clump up, like a pillow does. They are machine washable. I'm using ulta cuddle or fleece fabric. They remind me of a beanbag, I don't fill them all the way so they can dig and dig. They come in two sizes.

The spring shows will be here soon. My show dates for April are: April 13th I will be in Hutchinson, Mn at the convention center. April 20th I will be in Clara City, Mn from 9-4 at the high school. April 27th I will be in Tracy, Mn from 9-2 at the Caboose. I will have alot of new items for these shows.

My web store is a work in progress so if you saw an item at one of the shows and don't see it in the store please let me know and I will do my best to get it for you. I would like to thank all of my customers who have supported me with my dream of this bussiness, without you this would not be possible. It makes me proud when customers ask if I make my products and I can say I make everything I sell.
Feel free to call with any questions.

     This bed is perfect for any smaller (hm, I'd say 35lbs and under for the medium, 20lbs and under for the small) dog (or cat!) that likes to dig before laying dow. So Dachshunds and other terriers would love this bed. I know I do! It's super soft, and Mom has it in my crate. I even choose to lay on the nesting bed instead of MY Mom's bed sometimes!

I refused to share with Boston.

Nap time!


Great for digging


Good quality

Good price

Did I mention it's fun to dig in?

USA made

I wish it had a bit more stuffing

    Overall, we give this bed 4/5 stars and 1 1/2 paws up.


    And lastly, a review and GIVEAWAY from Easy Canvas Prints.

Photos on Canvas I recieved an 11" x 14" photo canvas to review, and of course I put my gawjuss mug on it. The design process was very easy, and I think it turned out beautiful, mostly because it's of ME.
The picture I picked, one of Mom's favorites

Easy design

Beautiful quality

Lots of options as far as sizing, effects, edging, ect

Prices are inline with others I've seen

It was hard to set the photo up so the focus was where it's suppose to, and not cut off certain edges

It took about 10-14 days to arrive

     Overall, I give the canvas 4/5 stars and 1 1/2 paws up. Now for the giveaway details! These are the options of what one lucky winner gets to pick for their prize:

-A Free 8"x10" Canvas print from Easy Canvas Print
-$50 gift card for car magnets at MagnetsOnTheCheap
-$40 gift card for a vinyl banners from BannersOnTheCheap OR,
-$30 gift card for cheap signs at SignsOnTheCheap

     US residents only. Comment below and tell me which option you would pick if you won. YOU WILL NOT BE ENTERED IF YOU DON'T LEAVE THAT INFO. Leave an email address if you don't have it on your blog, and the winner will be picked on Friday. Good luck!

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


  1. lol...baby bean has one of those strawberries also and she is a real baby it is called something different but the idea is you stuff it with juicy pieces of fruit and she can suck the juice out of it...it kinda looks like a large binky..
    thanx for the comment back on the trifexis...
    stella rose

  2. OK Nola, take a breath now.... That was a lot of info for you to give to all of us. We have to say, tho the collar was very nice it's so large and thick I'm surprised your neck could support it :)

    We love it when you have give-aways! If we were to win, we would pick the canvas print. We can see that YOU were very pleased with it.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  3. Hi Nola,

    Great reviews on all the products.
    We like that all but one was made in the USA!
    Also we agree the photo canvas is gawjuss.

    Mommy says that if we won I'd have to pick
    the Banners On The Cheap.

    Thanks Nola for giving us the pros and cons on all the product reviews. You do such a great job providing all the information.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your gawjuss
    self at the beach this summer, you always look the most happy there.

    xo Cinnamon

  4. Thanks for the reviews! I'd take a free 8x10 canvas if I won.

  5. I love reading these reviews!

    And I would definitely pick the 8x10 print. Gotta have something big enough to display both my girls in one picture!

  6. What great toys, she really looks as though she is enjoying them.
    Lynne x

  7. My two doxies (Harley and Pebbles) can also chew thru just about anything--what toys do you crate Nola with? I hate for my babies to not have anything, but I'm so afraid of them chewing off a piece and swallowing it!

  8. Great reviews. We love the photo. Although the strawberry looks fun, we don't like smelly toys
    Benny & Lily

  9. Great reviews, LOVE that canvas photo!


  10. Nola, thanks for the tribute to Thunder - we so appreciate your friendship.

    We are just overwhelmed by the beautiful emails and posts in honor of our dear Thunder. Our hearts are broken, but your kindness is helping us through this very difficult time. Thank you so much for your friendship and love.

    Hugs and Woos - Mom, Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. We spoke to soon about not having fleas. We found one on Daisy last night! Will get Capstan today. Usually gets the stray flea straight away.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  12. I'm all melty because you have a picture of Augustine in this post. I love that little boy. Great products. I love the idea of that nesting bed. I noticed she didn't have Greyhound-size, but my Freedom would LOVE a nesting bed. Of course, she'd have to fluff it all around the house first, but then, heaven. If I won the prize, I would pick the $40 off a vinyl banner and use it to get a banner for when I do an art fair.

  13. We can't enter, but we wanted to say that you have some great toys and pictures! lee and phod

  14. That strawberry toy is too cute! And the collar is beautiful!

    I'd love a canvas print!

  15. Ma has her eye on that strawberry...butts she thinks it might be just a bit too small for my mighty Airedale jaws...pfffft!
    I like the collars, I thinks it's time for a new one.
    Oh please enter me in the giveaway! Ma would pick the canvas print.
    Ruby ♥

  16. Great reviews!!! You sure posted A LOT of items in one post!
    I think I would love to win the strawberry for Dakota. We are always looking for something different to put his treats in.

    cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com

  17. I would chose the 8x10 print. I would love to have a print of Yosuke! He is gorgeous after all. :D

    hilary dot lesch at gmail dot com

  18. I'd like to win the canvas print for my mom. We need more ME around here!

  19. I think that nesting bed looks neat! Sophie would probably enjoy one in her 'crate' too, as she likes to dig up under the blanket that's in there now. Nola looks so cute, snuggled into it and refusing to share.

    Your giveaways are always so neat, too. We'd pick the 8"x10" print if we won!


  20. The strawberry toy looks interesting but I want the Mazee toy! It's the first time I've seen something like that so I was wondering how fun it would be to see my pack roll it around to extract the treat inside.

    The nesting bag looks like something humans could use as a cushion.

    Anyway, we just dropped by to say hi.

  21. My goodness girl, you must have folks lining down the street for you to do a review for them. I think the canvas print you did looks beautiful - that is what we would choose - and we would do a b&w photo too :)

  22. That nesting bed looks pretty neat...I love to dig at my beds and blankets at bedtime.
    I would choose the canvas print. Yours turned out amazing.

  23. I love the look of the nesting bed -- I wonder if they ship to the UK? also the strawberry chew looks cute but I think my Mum would be put off by the smell too! thanks for all these reviews Nola -- lots of hard work for you but we appreciate it :)
    Miss Marple X

  24. The canvas photo is beautiful! Love those canvas prints! Mom has so many pics of us, we are running out of walls, though.


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