Monday, June 24, 2013

Mondays...and a few reviews + GIVEAWAYS!

     Hi, everyone. The relatives are still here, for some unknown reason. We think they aren't leaving until Thursday or possibly Friday (Dachshund Mommy: I say "I think" because my mother tells me it's rude to flat out ask someone "when the fuck are you leaving?!". I don't understand why.). As of yesterday, they've been here a week; a whole week too long!
Wake me up when they leave (puppy picture! I was 7 months old, and newly spayed)

     Since you probably don't want to hear me bitch, whine and complain for paragraphs on end about Them, I figured I might as well get caught up on a few reviews, and also a few giveaways.

     First up is a review and giveaway of KONG Premium Dog Treats. They're made in the USA, contain no wheat, corn or soy, no artificial colors and no by-products. Not to mention, they're pretty tasty! I was sent 3 bags of treats; 1 bag of Chewy Meat Stix in lamb flavor, 1 bag of Dental Chews (size medium/large) in fresh mint and 1 variety bag of super cute Chew Buddies (size small).

     I don't eat the dental chews as my teeth are ideal, but the Minions 3 loved them! The Chew Buddies were a hit too, but nothing as much as the Meat Stix! Everyone went gaga over them.



Boston likes them!

SO cute!




No wheat, corn or soy
No by-products
No artificial colors
Made in USA
The Chew Buddies are SO cute
Both the Chew Buddies and Dental Chews lasted longer than Mom thought they would
Not too stinky


     I give KONG treats 5/5 stars and 2 paws up!

GIVEAWAY! If you'd like to enter to win your very own KONG treats, comment below and tell me what your favorite type of chewy is. Sorry, US residents only.

     Next up is also both a review and giveaway for Here's a bit about them:

There is little in this world that is real, fulfilling and wholesome, which is why we shouldn’t fail to notice the small things that are truly worthwhile. Not to sound too much like a greeting card, but there is truth in that statement. Read more to find out who we are as a company, what we do and what we believe in.
Dogs: Dogs are soulful creatures that sneak into a human’s life, many times unexpectedly.  As a company, Best Elk Antlers believes dogs should be taken care of because they take care of us. Yet spoiling a dog shouldn’t be a shameful thing. That’s why we provide a 100% all natural chew that not only gives back to your dog, but supports a long, healthy life.
Nature: Even though there sadly is less of the natural world than there used to be, experiencing nature and the grandeur of our beautiful nation is no less astonishing.  So why would we disregard what Mother Nature gave us? Best Elk Antlers is respectful to our earth and supplies a product that is 100% renewable and sustainable. Naturally shed elk antlers are dense, healthy, wholesome treats that your dog will love. To find out more about the way we source our products, visit our FAQ
Hard Work & Commitment: We’re a pretty diverse group around here, but we all have that great American work ethic that has made us successful. The work we do may just be dog chews, but we think it means something. If you haven’t already figured out our love and respect for our four-legged friends, our planet, and our country, we also want you to know we’re committed to you. We recognize you as the caretaker of your four-legged friends; so just as we take care of them, we’ll take care of you. We don’t play around with price or quality either. The quality of our elk antlers is incomparable, so you’ll always get the best.  And you’ll pay for quality, but surprisingly not much.
Founded in 2012, Best Elk Antlers is an East Coast company based on an all-natural, outdoors lifestyle. We supply 100% all-natural Elk Antler dog chews, sourced from beautiful and regal Colorado Elk, to dogs nationwide. Elk Antlers dog chews are great for dog’s teeth and gums, rich in vitamins and minerals and dog’s love the taste! These chews are the densest chew you can find on the market while still being completely 100% organic and additive-free. Best Elk Antlers provides you with unparalleled product quality, pet expertise, gracious customer service and more. Best Elk Antlers: The source for Biggest & Best selection of Elk Antlers On & Off the Web. 

     This site also has some super cool stuff, like:

     Antlers for dogs  is becoming a huge trend, and with good reason! Antlers are shed naturally each year, so it's a cruelty free chew. They're also an odor free chew, last a long time, and are rich with minerals. Elk antler chews and elk horns for dogs are especially beneficial, as they don't splint like real bones do and aren't as hard as dear antlers, which makes it far less likely for your dog to hurt themselves while chewing.

     Not sure what size antler your pup needs? No worries! They offer a general sizing guide (remember, you know what's most appropriate for your dog's chewing and jaw strength) you can see here.

     I was sent a miniature whole elk antler, a small whole elk antler and a medium whole elk antler. Even though I'm only 9lbs, the small and medium antlers were my favorite.

     I do like these, and will chew on them when I'm bored or just because, but they're definitely not a high value chewy Mom would give me in the crate, for example. The bright side of that though is it means they'll last even longer!
DM: I really wish I had picked a spilt antler for Nola to try, as I think she'd have been much more interested in it. Her favorite of the above antlers was the medium one, which was cut at a slight angle exposing the marrow, and she really enjoyed that. Oh well, live and learn!

I didn't much care for this one, even though it's "my size"

This was my favorite!

Cruelty free
Made in USA
Fast shipping
Good customer service
Sizing guide
Lots of options
The prices seem inline with other places
Long lasting
Odor free
Non fattening, unlike bully sticks


     I give 5/5 stars and 2 paws up! GIVEAWAY DETAILS: US only, sorry. :( Comment below telling me if you're walked on a harness or a collar for a chance to win a $25 gift card to If you want to earn an extra entry, follow them on either FacebookPinterest or Twitter.

     And lastly, a review of the Honest Kitchen. The Honest Kitchen makes natural, healthy, dehydrated dog and cat food. It's pretty much as close as you can get to home cooked or raw without all the work! Here's a bit about them:

 Since I'm on home cooked already, Mom wanted to test this out on the kitteh sisters. Since Mom is pretty passionate about feeding the best food possible and because this isn't about ME,  I'm going to hand this over to her. DM: Thanks, Baby Bug. 
Yes, I am VERY passionate about high quality food. The idea of feeding something like Iams, Pedigree, Science Diet, ect to Nola literally makes me cringe. That stuff will kill you! By-products, artificial colors, unnamed meat sources (sometimes even euthanized pets!!!!)....ugh. It's scary. I don't mean to sound like a snob, or like I'm looking down on anyone who doesn't share my view. I'm not. I simply feel very, very strongly on this topic.

     Anyways, I love THK. If Nola wasn't on home cooked, she'd be on this. Here are just a few things that sold me on them:

  • They only use wild caught fish, free range, antibiotic free, sustanibly raised chicken, and cage free turkey.
  • Only non GMO produce, organic seeds, and grain.
  • Many ingredients are certified organic.
  • They require certification to verify that every lot of raw ingredients they use has been tested clear of salmonella, E. coli, listeria, lead, arsenic, mercury, melamine, yeast, mold and pesticide residue before it's even allowed in their plant.
  • I know what every single ingredient is

    Those are more than I can say for my own food! Here are a few links on their site I found really interesting:

     Nola and I were sent Grace and Prowl cat food, along with Wishes dog and cat treats. In short, I am thrilled with everything. The one kitteh, Star, was a little finicky at first, but quickly loved it. It smelled good, I felt good about giving it to them, and it was relatively quick and easy to do. Nola LOVED the treats, she went bat shit crazy for them.
Enjoy the pretty chalk flower in the background!

"What do you mean it's not for me?"

Add warm water, stir and let sit for 5 minutes

I didn't add enough powder to water in this batch!

Incredible quality
Incredible ingredients 
Great customer service
I feel good about feeding them this
Super tasty, according to them!
Fairly easy to prepare 
NOTHING they use is from China
All around great

The odor of the Wishes treats is really, really strong. Not bad, just very strongly fishy.
Expensive, but if you break it down it's a good price for the quality

     Nola and I give THK 5/5 stars and 2 paws up! It's available on THK site, Amazon, and a few pet stores.

    A note on the giveaways: if you'd like to enter both of them, just leave a comment with the answers to both questions, along with your email address. Winners will be drawn Friday.

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola, going to pout until the visitors leave

PS: Phoenix's first birthday is tomorrow!

Disclaimer: I received free products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. You do wonderfully thorough reviews. I always enjoy reading them.

  2. Just how did your Mom find time to write all these reviews with THEM still there? We are so sorry that THEY have become Stinky Fish (you know, after 3 days they stink and it's time to dispose of them!)

    We LOVE Kong products. We especially LOVE their liver paste that Mommy squeezes into our Kongs. So far we've NOT had anything of theirs that we DON'T like :)

    Hang in there!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  3. Well first we walk on a harness and second we love bully treats. we have always wanted to try the antlers but because we live in lower iowa where the closests stores are 2 hours away, we have to just get bully sticks instead..which we love, did we already say that!
    stella rose

  4. Great reviews. We love The Honest Kitchen, and antler chews too.

  5. Those are great reviews! The Kong treats look almost too good to eat.

  6. LOL about your visitors!
    Those animal shaped treats are really cute, I would buy them just for the shape.
    Lynne x

  7. All three are great reviews Nola

    I love the KONG Chew Buddies...a LOT!

    I get walked on both a harness and a depends on where we are going...if it's a trail or a quiet walk then a collar but in public events or around crowd we use one of my harnesses

  8. Did your mom use the reviews as an excuse to hide out from THEM? Heehee? I think it's okay to maybe just sweetly in a casual-in-passing way, say, "By the way, when are you guys gonna have to head home?" I'm pretty sure my mom would go cuckoo if she had company for a WEEK!

    Okay, I luvs Greenies but mom brought some of those Kong chews back from BlogPaws and I thought they were super delish!

    I get walked with a collar AND a harness. I'm special.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  9. OMD!!! Those chewy things come in such fun shapes!!! Did I see a dinosaur? A hedgehog??? Too cool!!!

  10. We agree, Kong treats have had no cons so far. We are also laughing about the relative thing
    Benny & Lily

  11. I've been meaning to try out the elk antlers but shame I live in the UK. Love the reviews as always, thanks!

  12. We think you must make the relatives too comfortable.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  13. Pawsome reviews Nola, you are some kind of an expert doing those. Mommy appreciates all the info and since I am kind of small like you, she likes knowing how big the treats are and stuff. Thanks!

    Loveys Sasha

  14. We haven't had the Kong treats yet, but we like any kind of treat that is crunchy:) Mom tried The Honest Kitchen once for Phantom but picky boy wouldn't touch it. She may pick up another bag tomorrow to see if Thunder will try it as so far she isn't getting very far with his eating:(

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. Great reviews, very helpful. I only recently realized that the chews we love come from China (UGH) so I think we will switch to the antlers. I didn't realize that the elk ones are better than deer! Kong treats look good, too!

  16. We love those antler chews and thanks for the review on the Kong Dental Treats...must add that to the shopping list!!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  17. BOL, I love those Kong treat shapes! And the last pic of Nola with them is priceless. Are those treats spiked with somethin'?

    My favorite type of chewies are RMBs. And Mom walks me in a harness.

    Thanks! Hang in there with the famn damily.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. The KONG treat shapes are so cute! I just want to eat them all! ~Y

    Our favorite chewies have honestly been the (don't hate me!) mini sized Busy Bones. It's SUPER hard to find quality dog treats and chews in town so when I run out of dehydrated chews and can't get them here fast enough we get those. :( Our walks involve either a harness or a collar, it depends on how far/where we are going. (Yosuke) - I prefer the collars, they are comfy!

    ~Hilary and Yosuke

    Email: hilary(dot)lesch(at)gmail(dot)com

  20. We love our elk antlers too and mom and dad only get us the split ones.

    Millie & Walter

  21. antlers are awesome and we have never seen those kong treats thanks for introducing us to them

    urban hounds

  22. We would love to win that gift card for antlers and give them a try. My sister and I both walk on a leash with our collars every day and sometimes we walk with our seat belt harness if we are out with mom on errands. Got my paws crossed to win this one!

  23. I hope your Mom is right about your guests not reading your blog. Tee Hee :)

  24. Nola: I would love to enter these! Here are my answers:

    1. Favorite Chewy: Himalayan Dog Chew
    2. I am either walked in a Gentle leader (Harness' just don't work for me!)

    PS: Mom says she wants the rice krispie treats in the background of that one photo!!



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