Thursday, June 13, 2013

June Photo Challenge: Week 1 and People Petting My Dog

     Hi, everyone! Dachshund Mommy here with week one of the June Photo a Day Challenge, and also a bit of a rant/whine about our impending visitors. I'm going to get this off my chest, and then show you the past weeks purty pictures. ;)

How I'm feeling

     Being a person of limited patience (except when it comes to Nola), I have a pretty long list of things that aggravate me, including: the sound of chewing, fake yawning, the word "darling" (these last two are related to aforementioned company), bad food, boyshort panties, bad drivers, jeans that don't stay on my non-excisitant ass, people who don't use their turn signals, humidity, most people, cheerleaders, rude off leash dogs, when people pronounce Nola's name "Na-ow-la" instead of the way it is "No-la", going to the movies in the middle of the day, shopping on weekends, when library books smell, flies, matching socks.....
But I digress. One thing that annoys me almost more than anything else is when either people don't ask before petting Nola, or people I don't like petting Nola.

DN: "Momma is protective. She says I am off limits!"

     As you may have guessed, the visitors aren't my favorite people. They're family, and I love them at least that's what I tell myself, but I really don't like them. And I especially don't like them petting my dog (actually, any of my dogs, but it annoys me the most with Nola. The whole Heart Dog thing). I can't really explain why it bugs me so much; it just does. To sum it up in the best way possible, and this is going to sound totally stupid and very childish, I don't want Nola to get their...cooties. LOL, I told you it was bad! But seriously now, it annoys the living shit out of me. I even admit to wiping Nola off with a baby wipe or wash rag after they leave for their hotel in the evenings. It...just...grr! Annoys me like almost no other. Maybe because of the fact that one of the visitors dropped our Angel Charlotte from shoulder hight when Char was just 8 weeks old?! No, that can't be it at all (epic sarcasm).

     Okay, rant over! Here's the photo challenge. Which of these is your favorite, and why?

Dachshund Mommy

Day 1: B is for...
A beautiful rainbow!

Day 2: A moment
Just the peaceful spot I do most of my blog commenting. 

Day 3: On my table
Nola is worse than a cat when it comes to getting on the table when your back is turned. For anyone who doesn't remember this post, Nola stole and ate two pumpkin pies off the table at Thanksgiving time.

Day 4: After dark
Swimming after dark is one of my favorite things (only in a pool!).
Day 5: Environment
Thankfully it was rainy!

Day 6: Transport
Day 7: Bright


  1. Now, now, now.... Don't feel bad bcuz we can totally relate to having 'family' coming for a visit. We call them Stinky Fish! You have to have them bcuz they are 'family' butt it doesn't mean you have to LIKE them! Cooties ~ You got that right!! Our Stinky Fish DON'T even like dog's and they make it known. We'd like to flush them all down the toilet. 'Nuff said.

    Hang in there and before you know it, they will all be gone.

    On a brighter note, we absolutely love the after dark photo. The reflection of the trees in the water is beautiful. (butt as always, the pic's of little Miss Nola are always the BEST!)

    Mommy Kim

  2. I don't mind my family and they don't really care for my dogs. I do however, cringe when some of DK's friends pet Beamer. Yup. Not a huge dan of his friends.

  3. I like #2....Beautiful cover on your hammock.

    I'm guessing your family doesn't read this blog ;-)

  4. Oh that Rainbow is beautiful. Almost like Angel Charlotte sent it to you.

  5. Family can be a huge pain sometimes. I have one family member who has never even met Petal before and I plan to keep it that way after what she did to Ella when she was a puppy. Luckily it's super easy to avoid her since she stopped talking to me.

    Beautiful pictures! I love your hammock, looks so relaxing and peaceful.
    Love the face Nola is making in the first picture, haha!

    Good luck with the family! ;)
    Marquie, Lassie & Petal

  6. Day 2. I wish I had the space to hang up a hammock.

    Good luck with the visitors. I can't stand a lot of things either. LOL.

  7. Haha, I'm glad I am not the only psychopath who blogs (only kidding).
    I like day 2 best and wish I was lying in that hammock in the sun instead of sitting here in my gloomy English house, pfftt.
    Lynne x

  8. I am so glad you are even more pissed at the world than me. It's the little things in life. You are wonderfully wacky, perfectly flawed. Nola is lucky to have you and vice versa.
    On to business. I like day 2, mostly cause I want to be there right now. The rainbow was a close runner-up.
    Sharon, Bucky, and Gabby

  9. Luckily most people we meet do indeed ask first.

  10. I can't believe Nola ate two pies, the cute little thing!! That made me laugh out loud!

  11. We are with you about petting, a simple courtesy. The after dark photo is cool. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  12. Day 3 is my personal favorite! Nola has beautiful eyes :)

    Sophie loves to jump up and steal food from the table, too. She got a whole waffle one time when we weren't looking! Luckily it didn't have any syrup on it.

    Beautiful pics, and good luck with the annoyances.. err, family!


  13. This week, I'm going with Day 7: Bright...a beautiful portrait of a beautiful girl.

  14. Hm, we can completely relate! :-/ There's nothing worse than random (or familiar) idiots touching me or for that matter, Domeek! Ick! Especially if they don't ask though...get away!!

  15. We too think Day 7 is the best. Love Nola on the hammock.

    Millie & Walter

  16. Wows, I thought my Ma was koooky!! BOL
    I say this because alots of your Moms pet peeves are Ma's! Well, except that Ma has a BIG arse, and jeans have NO problem stayin''s gettin' them OVER the big arse that seems to be the problem!! hehehehe Oh, sorry Ma....
    Okays, I like the last photo....the lighting is amazin', and it is my favorite subject!

  17. We have to go with #7 as our favorite, but we could name all of them as being just great. Sometimes with family it is best to just put up with them since you know they eventually go back where they came from:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  18. We love number 4.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  19. I remember the pumpkin pie post and that is my favorite!

    My mom is starting to feel the same about visitors, because we had a visitor and he almost dropped me. Mom didn't even tell Dachshund Daddy because he would have freaked.

    I love your wet paws in the new banner. :)


  20. # 3, She is a girl after Jazzi's heart. She once got on the table and ate a whole baked potato skin and all and a plate full of squash, zucchini, and carrots LOL in about 5 minutes!!

    JAzzi and Addi

  21. Howdy Nola's mum. It's ALWAYS good to get stuff off your chest, especially the annoying things. Now those photos are pretty hard to choose from. Our favourites are the hammock because mum would love to lay in it and of course Nola on the table and mum says how could you get cross with a sweet face like that hehe. Have a good weekend mates. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory (and Carol)

  22. I will put my paw on photo 7. Mom and I are wondering, though...does this awful family read your blog??? I am guessing they don't and probably don't care much about what you do but it would be one way for them to find out how you really feel! Hope you live through the visit!


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