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Dachshund Nola Reviews: Twisted Pet Designs

I have no idea why Blogger won't turn the picture the right way.

     Hi, all! Today is week 1 of Review Week. I'm thinking of doing a review week either monthly or every other month; let me know what you think! I'm doing this review week to give me the next 2 weeks to bitch, moan and complain about the family that arrives on the 16th. ;)

     Before I get to the review, I just want to say that our internet is fixed, thank dog! Mom's iPhone's screen also got fixed, which is great! Before:

     Okay, so the speakers no longer work (the earbuds do though) and it only vibrates for texts, calls and emails when it feels like it, but at least it's not nauseating to read on! ;) It only has to last until November, when the phone contract is up and we can get a new phone.

     Okay, on to the review! Today I'm doing a review for the Etsy shop Twisted Pet Designs. Here's a bit about the shop:

The concept of Twisted Pet Designs was started about 11 years ago while I was still teaching high school science; long before my daughters were born. My husband and I had two large snow Alaskan Malamute named Sierra and a St. Bernard named Summit. As many large breed owners can attest to it was very difficult to find fashionable collars that were big enough to fit a 30 inch neck! So, I set out to make cool collars just like the ones available for small breeds but with a "big dog" twist - super sized and super strong.

Pretty soon.....people were interested! It didn't matter if my dogs were wagging their tails while playing at the dog park or running through the snow while on a ski trip in Mammoth, I was constantly being asked where I had bought their collars and leashes. That would have been a great time to start a business but I was working on several other projects while also teaching full time. The business would have to wait. 

Fast forward several years.....both of my sweet, furry girls have passed on and I am now a mom of two bright, inquisitive, and much less hairy daughters! I have also retired from teaching so that I have more time to spend with my family.

Growing up was a great time for me because I came from a family of people who liked to make things by hand. My mom was a creative soul and taught my sister and I to sew at a young age. We used to sew clothes for our Barbie dolls with a miniature machine that we had to crank by hand. Now, I am teaching my daughters to sew. It turns out that they love fabrics as much as I do. The textures, the colors, the threads.....we love it all!!

We are so excited to bring our collars to the incredible Etsy community. (I am thrilled that I have this hands on opportunity to teach my daughters about the business of handmade and how important customer service is.) We don't know where this part of our journey will take us but we do know that we will continue to learn new things together, laugh along the way, have fun while we create beautiful things, and support each other with love.

All of our collars and leashes are custom made after each order is placed. We use strong webbing as the core to provide strength and insure that the garment has a beautiful shape around the neck. We fully encase the web core with incredible fabrics and a contrasting satin or cotton lining. This provides comfort for your pet's  neck,  to your hand while holding the leash and a pop of color that adds a wow factor for you and your dog anywhere you go. We only use top of the line hardware that is die-cast and nickel plated to ensure the best style, strength and durability. All stress points are quadruple stitched.

Collars come in both buckle and martingale styles, 5 different widths, and any length you would like. Leashes come in two widths and two standard lengths but the length can be custom fit as well. Our collars can be hand washed or machine washed on a gentle cycle in collar and laid flat to dry. 

    Twisted Pet Designs makes beautiful fabric dog collars and leashes, available in both side-release buckle (metal, no less! Our favorite) and martingale styles. They offer both custom and standard sizes available in the following:

  • X-Small: 8-11"
  • Small: 10-14" (I believe this is the size I have)
  • Medium: 13-18
  • Large: 17-24"
  • X-Large: 23-29
  • XX-Large: 28-34"
     You also get to pick the width; they offer: 5/8", 3/4" (what mine is), 1", 1 1/2" and 2". Currently, the 1 1/2" is only available in martingale collars.

     They have so many beautiful options I had a hard time picking which to review! These were a few of my favorites (I am, of course, a girl, so my picks are girly. They offer plenty of options for manly pups, too!):

     I finally wound up picking this beautiful collar and Twisted Pet Designs included the matching leash.

Purple looks good on me!

I loved this little ring at the leash handle. Perfect for attaching poop bag holders!

     For the most part, I loved my collar and leash from Twisted Pet Designs. They're soft, easy to adjust, come in beautiful colors and look super nice. I wouldn't recommend them as an every day/around the house collar, as they will last much long if you use it for going out and not as a "tag collar". I didn't know this, so my collar isn't as beautiful as it was when it arrived, but it's still pretty! Only the looks are a little rough; the collar is still very strong. Inside the beautiful fabric is strong webbing, so it's very secure!

Lots of options
Metal buckles
Martingale option available
Fast shipping
It came with a HUGE treat!
Great customer service
Matching leashes available

I wish the looks were a little more durable
They don't offer harnesses

     Overall, I give Twisted Pet Designs 4/5 stars and 1 1/2 paws up. I would get a collar from them in the future! Head on over, and tell em Nola sent you!

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


  1. Those are so beautiful Nola! They are mighty fancy looking and YOU wear it well girlfriend.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

    p.s. How did your Mom get her screen fixed? Daddy's looks just like that!

  2. Those are very beautiful.
    stella rose

  3. We think those are collars best saved for special days.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  4. Very stylish, I like them a lot.

  5. Thinking of you on the anniversary of losing sweet Charlotte. xx
    Much love from us all in Kentucky.

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

  6. Hi Amanda and Nola,

    Thank you so much for the honest review and constructive criticism of our collar. We do agree that our brocade fabrics may not hold up as well as our other cotton fabrics to “everyday” use because a brocade fabric is woven differently with many different sized threads. We have decided to add a note to each of our brocade collar listings letting the customer know that these collars should be saved for walks and other outings instead of constant all day long wearing. Our cotton fabrics do hold up very well to everyday use as tested by my slobbery and in no way gentle St. Bernard :-) We are glad that you liked the collar and leash and couldn’t ask for a cuter model than you Nola!

    Also, we would like to offer all of your readers a 15% off coupon on any of our collars and leashes when they use the coupon code: NOLA at checkout.

    Thanks Again,
    Dyllana, Haley & Alyssa from Twisted Pet Designs

    1. I apologize for giving the wrong coupon code ... Please enter coupon code: NOLABLOG at checkout.

  7. THOSE are gorgeous... ELEGANT collars.

    We are so glad that you got your interMUTTS and screen fixed.

  8. Dress collars!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  9. Really detailed and intricate designs! I'm glad they have got others not just girly ones because Dina doesn't go very well with those!- Or at least I don't like them!

    Dina Mom

  10. Those look like really nice collars. I only wear mine for going out so it would be perfect. Thank you for you review.

    Loveys Sasha

  11. Purple does look good on you. I particularly like that they make big dog collars, as the parent of three big dogs.

  12. Nice little story. The collars are really nice. Great colors. Glad mom had her IPhone somewhat fixed.. You do your reviews whenever you want sweet Nola
    Benny & Lily

  13. Oooooh those are very purty!!!! Wows, and now a coupon code too!!! Oh, Ma has GOT to check these out!!!

  14. Glad your Mum's iPhone is kinda fixed :) Those are gorgeous collars Nola. They have to be to do you justice. If the international postage wasn't so horrific I could see one of these winging it's way to New Zealand!

  15. They would be perfect for my beautiful big Kuvasz sister that is elegant and doesn't need a real durable collar! I would make a mess of one in no time.

  16. First off, it's great that your internet and phone are both working again...That's gotta be a relief...Those collars really are lovely and i like that metal buckle a lot...The purple silky looking collar is gorgeous and even a bog dog could wear it

  17. So beautiful! I love that it's a mother daughters company, so sweet! I also love that they offer martingale collars. Your collar and leash are beautiful! The packaging is super nice too. Such a pretty card and a big treat!
    Great review!

    Marquie, Lassie & Petal


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