Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dachshund Nola Reviews: Outward Hound Treat Bag and Treats

     Hi, all! Ugh, They are still here, sadly. I'm a barking, stressy mess and Mom's a growly, stressy mess. Cannot. Wait. Until. They. Leave.

     Anyways, enough with the bitching. Today's reviews kinda go hand in hand, since one is for Kyjen/Outward Hound (a treat/bait bag) and the other is for After all, if you have a bait bag, you gotta have treats!

   First up, Kyjen Outward Hound Treat N Ball Bag (in pink). Here's a bit about the company:

We make unique products that keep dogs active and engaged!
We have a passion for dogs, and thus feel that they deserve fun, functional products—products that last longer, challenge their minds and stimulate their instincts so they can be happy and healthy, which in turn enriches all of our lives!
Our core brands include Dog Games® Puzzle Toys, Outward Hound® Pet Travel Gear and Plush Puppies® dog toys and Holiday toys and accessories.

     Kyjen makes everything from toys and food puzzles, to backpacks, to bait bags to carriers and more!
Like I said, I picked their Treat N Ball Bag in pink. Mom's old treat bag had a giant rip in it (sadly, as we loved it!), so it needed replacing. I liked the bag because it's nice and deep, and can hold a lot. It's also nice that nothing leaks through it, if you're using treats like canned green beans. It has a clip that can hook into your pocket or the top of your jeans/shorts, and also a velcro strip you can use to secure it to your belt looks. Mom generally does both so the bad isn't shifting around.

Nice bright color that hasn't faded
2 ways of securing it
Drawstring closure
Reflective piping
Folds up easy for storage or travel
Doesn't leak
Easy to wipe out

The drawstring is very difficult to close. Mom can't get it all the way, even "putting her ass into it"

I wish it had one of these swivel clips like my old treat bag did:

     Overall, I give the Kyjen Outward Hound Treat N Ball Bag 4/5 stars and 1 1/2 paws up.

     Now we move on to's treat review. Y'all know how much we love! They sent me 3 different bags of treats, two for dogs and one for kittehs. I was sent Orijen Free Range Bison Freeze Dried TreatsFromm Grain Free Lamb with Cranberry and Natural Balance Perfect Bites Rabbit Formula cat treats. The Orijen treats were by far my favorite, so their review is first!
     First off, we love Orijen. If I wasn't on home cooked, Mom would have me on Orijen. In fact, that's what I'll be on when Mom and I travel around New England next fall. Orijen is one of the few kibbles Mom would feel comfortable feeding me.
The Free Range Bison Freeze Dried treats are made with just 3 stellar ingredients; bison liver, boneless bison and bison tripe. They're made in Canada from Canadian sourced ingredients, and are great for dogs with allergies. There's also only 7 calories per treat, and they're very easy to break apart. They don't smell too strong, unlike some freeze dried treats! I give these treats 5/5 stars!

     Next up is the Fromm treats. They have good ingredients and are a good price, but they're a biscuit type treat, and I much prefer soft (and smelly!) treats. They're a little large, and very hard to break up, so I only get them once in a while. My brother Auggie loves them though! They've become his nail grinding treat.
Mom says they have a pleasant smell, but if you ask me they don't smell enough! I give them 3/5 stars.

     And lastly we have the kitteh treats. I really liked these, even though they're for cats! They have good ingredients, are very small, and have only 1 calorie per treat. They don't have a super strong smell, but all 4 of us Doxies and the two cats loved them! 5/5 stars!



Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola

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  1. OMD...I have both types of treats in my house.....right now! And...we loves them both! My problem.....Mom doesn't give us enough of them!


  2. ummmmmmm...yummy........
    stella rose

  3. I love my freeze dried treats too. I can't wait for Orijen to bring THEIR freeze dried treats over here!


  4. I think our first treat bag was the one you just reviewed (except in gray)! Honestly, we loved it! The drawstring was a bit of a PITA, but I just left it open during training anyhow. I really liked how low-key/small it was. Champ eventually stole it one day and tore the inner lining a bit, and I have yet to pull out my sewing stuff to fix it. (I should, though....)

    We've also had the Fromm treats! Love them. It's a great company.

  5. They look so awesome! So what does Bison taste like?

    Love the new training pouch. Such a beautiful color.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  6. You can get an awful lot of treats in that bag!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  7. Those little kitteh treats look good. I am always on the look out for tiny, low-cal treats I can use just before I go into the agility ring. I'll have to look for them.

  8. Free Range Bison?!? Are you kidding me? Those musta been delicious! I gotta get my paws on some of those. Great review!
    *high paws*

  9. I didn't even now Orjen made treats! I will have to check those out. Also I have started buying those cat treats cause they are small, great for training our tiny dogs. They also come in small pouches, so they don't get all dried out if you don't use them fast.

  10. Love this review. BUTT we think treats should come before Kibbles... MOM would disagree with us though.

  11. I have Blueberry on Acana Ranchlands and not their Orijen - but it's all VERY good stuff! Good choice for traveling - let us know how it works out!

    I've tried those freeze-dried Orijen treats. Blueberry loves them but I can't stand their smell. Maybe I am a wussy little girly girl that doesn't like smelly things. I would definitely buy them for Blueberry again though - but not an all the time treat because of my own aversion to that smell. I think I got too used to the Wet Noses treats which are super healthy and don't hardly smell at all. ;)

  12. I like the treat bag, it is pretty cool. All the treats look yummy and I always trust your reviews Nola. I think we have similar tastes.

    Loveys Sasha

  13. We love all treats ad the Fromm and Orijen ones sound very tasty. Mom has looked at Orijen for our kibble, but the protein is a little higher than she would like. It really IS a great food.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. OOoh, I loves freeze dried treaties!! They're the bestest!
    Ma's treat bag has a snap closure and 3 pockets! (I need lots of accessories!! BOL)
    Great review!

  15. Thanks for the reviews. We do like those treats. Our friend had the same problem with the drawstring
    Benny & Lily

  16. You've been getting lots of fun gifts lately, Nola!!!

  17. We have a couple of old-style Outward Hound bags (one holds poop bags and the other holds a clicker and treats) that are close to 10 years old and I have to say how durable they are...neither bag is showing signs of wear after all this time...I love those Fromm lamb & cranberry treats...they're one of my faves

  18. Hmmm...that treat bag seems a bit large. Mom had a couple different ones when we were puppies that she used and really liked but then she got a bigger one and did not like it much. How many treats does one really need to bring anyway, it is not like you want to bring a months worth on a walk! The treats sure look yummy, though!


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