Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dachshund Nola Reviews: Hug-a-Dog Harness

YAY! It's here!

     Hi, all! Day 2 of Review Week! Oh, Lily Belle, Mom (well, Sugar) fixed Mom's phone screen with a repair kit she got off Amazon. It was only about $15!

   Today I'm doing a review for the makers of the Hug-a-Dog harness. Here's what they have to say about their harnesses:

Finally, a comfortable-fitting harness vest that is easy on the dog and on the owner!
Made of cool, heavy-duty, poly knit mesh, this harness goes on easy with Velcro® closures — no straps to untangle. And no binding or scraping behind your dog's front legs.
A safety latch provides extra security.
A stylish harness vest with white or black mesh in a variety of trim colors. Also available in a number of stylish fabrics (click here to see them in a new browser window).
Veterinary approved.
There are a lot of harness vests on the market now, but we were the first, and we are still the best. Each harness vest is made by hand (and sewing machine) in our workshop in northeast Ohio.

     I actually got the Hold-a-Dog harnesses to review. It's the same as the Hug-a-Dog harnesses, but this one has a strap on the top you can loop a seatbelt through. Pretty cool, huh?

     Hug-a-Dog and Hold-a-Dog harnesses are made by Doxie Delights, although their harnesses can be made to fit any breed! They offer either a mesh harnesses (like mine) or a fabric harnesses, with lots of options to choose from as far as colors and add ons. They offer options of adding an extra D ring for tags, reflective tape, personalization and patches.

    My harness is sturdy black mesh with pink (I believe the color is called raspberry pink) trim. It has my name embroidered on the seatbelt/handle strap, velcro at the belly and neck, with a buckle (you know, the standard collar/harnesses quick release buckle.) at the neck closure, and a D ring on the top.There are a few things I wish were different, but overall I really like the harness!
The Hug-a-Dog harnesses, along with the Puppia you see me wearing in the header, are the best possible harness for a Dachshund, or any other breed with back/neck issues, to wear. Every vet and Dachshund owner Mom's talked to has recommended these to us!
I have heard that some people find the neck of their harness sits too high, but that wasn't an issue with mine. You do have to measure VERY carefully, though!

It has my measurements on it. I was super skinny when I was measured for this, so I'm now 16" in the chest and 11" in the neck, but the harness still fits fine.

Matches Mom's nails!

Yes, Mom had to lay on the floor for this shot.

Perfect and safe for Doxies!


The mesh style is perfect for FL

Seatbelt/handle strap

Lots of options

Made by Doxie owners, for Doxies

Easy on/off

It has my name on it!

Strong and sturdy

Good customer service

Quick release buckle at neck

Fair price

On the Hold-a-Dog harnesses, there's no velcro or anything to keep the strap from sticking up. We just tucked it under the D ring and fixed the issue, but having the option of velcro would be nice.

What we did to fix it.

I wish the buckle was a bit more sturdy

It would be nice if there was a buckle at the belly strap, too

     Overall, I give Hold/Hug-a-Dog harnesses 4/5 stars and 1 1/2 paws up! Head on over, and tell em Nola sent ya!

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


  1. Another GREAT review Nola! We too wear the Hold-a-Dog harness and love it. It's the only kind we wear (tho we've never tried the Puppia.) They are wonderfully made and will last and last and last. My surgeon who did my neck surgery was very impressed by it too!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

    p.s. thanks for the info on the screen repair. Daddy will check it out.

  2. Nice looking harness! And a good thing to note: It's important to use a harness (as opposed to just a collar) for low-rider style dogs. It helps spread the pressure around and spare's the neck and spine some wear and tear. Very important for our long-backed dogs!

  3. We hug a dog harnesses too- have not tired the Puppia yet, but will.

    WHN orders from them every year and they also donate used harnesses to dachshund rescues- they do a lot of work with DRNA

  4. I need a harness like that for Roxy, thanks for the review.

  5. This looks pretty cool! I gots a harness but brudder Max (DaOdderWeenie) needs one. But not in Raspberry Pink! BOL

  6. It's cute that she can have her name on it.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  7. Nola I sent a link to this post to my doxie pal Cooper's mom...being all mesh like this I met it's super cool in the summer too

  8. That mesh harness would be perfect for our hot weather! Do you think it would fit a cat?

  9. That harness looks super cute on you! I love the black and pink combo. I know you are not a puller, but my Penny is... and I'm thinking the strap around the neck would not spread the pressure around properly. I wonder if any other Dachshunds (who are pullers) have any thoughts on this? I love Puppia, but I am always open to new harnesses. :)

  10. Oh, that looks FABulous on you Nola!! Very stylish! Ma always clicks on the links to check out the merch, even though she knows they won't have Giagantor sizes that might fit Moi! BOL (she's very weird...)

  11. You look cute in your harness. :)

  12. The harness looks really nice and cool too.


  13. Good review!

    You are pretty in pink!


  14. Looks nice and breathable for summer!

  15. I like that it's versatile and can be used for going on walks or with a seatbelt in the car.

  16. This looks great on you, Nola. I love how it has your name on it. Your mom does the BEST reviews.

  17. Love that harness! Great colors. It looks so cute on you! Really great review!

    Marquie, Lassie & Petal

  18. You are getting quite a nice wardrobe, Nola. It looks fabulous on you.

  19. I order these in pairs for my Doxie sisters, but I prefer the fabric instead of the mesh. I also get my girls' names and phone numbers embroidered on the harness. After many washings, they still look like new. You can return your outgrown harnesses for a credit on your new harness, and it is passed along to rescue.

  20. I am not sure how I missed this the first time around but I saw your post shared from the Dachshund Delights Facebook page. Chester and Gretel had mesh harnesses made and they are on their way! I asked for pink piping on Gretel's. I don't know if it will be this raspberry pink but yours is super cute and looks great on you (what doesn't right? Ha, ha). Thanks for letting us know what you think of it.

  21. I have used the hug a dog/hold a dog harnesses since 2003. We love them in our house and wouldn't use any other harness. The harness does spread the pressure even for dogs that are pullers.

    As for your recommendation that the buckle be sturdier and for the addition of a buckle on the chest area neither of these is necessary. In fact a buckle on the chest area would be rather lumpy whenever a dog is laying down. When I have the harnesses made for me I actually have them made without the buckle as I don't feel it's even needed. When the harnesses are properly fitted to the dog I have never had a dog escape from the harness. I have fostered and placed almost 100 Dachshunds while I was a member of Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue and this was the only harness I ever used. Unfortunately there are people who use the harnesses that keep the neck section loosely velcroed all the time so that all they have to do is slip the harness over the head and then velcro around the chest. This is not the proper way to use the harness as it allows the neck area to be too loose thus allowing a dog to escape the harness if he or she does squirm in just the right fashion.

  22. My question is if the seams and straps that are in actual contact with the dog are smooth and soft? I was just checking the harness options at the store today and noticed that all of the seams are sewn with thread that feels sharp to my fingertips when I rub them. I'm afraid that would chafe miserably on my dog. I checked various harnesses and all of them had rough spots that would lay against the dog's skin. My doxie has short smooth hair and a nearly naked belly, so I think it would really hurt.


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