Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dachshund Nola Reviews: Etchy Things

     Hi, everyone! Today I'm doing a review for the super cool Etsy shop Etchy ThingEtchy Things makes some pawsome stamps and custom stamps for every occasion.


We are big believers of fate. Everything that happens are based on all the desires, passion, truth and equanimity we put forward in this world.

Etchythings and Myoga Craft Cave are built with some very important values in mind. We make people smile if not laugh through our creations. We strive to change lives through mentorship, coaching and helping others grow. We share the joy and the passion in all we do and hope to reap the benefits and appreciation from those who see our work.


Every piece of paper we use goes through several filtering process before it goes to the recycling bin. It gets sorted and organized into different scrap sections and then finally to the recycling bin.

In the recycling bin, we also sort recycling papers into color categories and are later used for making handmade recycled paper for more paper crafts.

We even keep some clean and unripped die cut templates for stencilling. Haven’t used them yet but I can totally see them being used for some really creative creations.

Upcycling takes time but that’s what we value.

Instead of buying large wood mounts for all our custom stamps, we use reclaimed materials like old shelves and crates to hand make our wood mounts. They are always one of a kind.

These mounts are either rustically or naturally finished and coated with non-toxic clear coat to protect the wood. It isn’t mass produced offshore and we remember every single one we’ve made for our customer. Hence, our price is fair but not cheap. We pride ourselves for the ability to hand make everything from beginning to end in Canada.

Later this year, we hope to find a great company who will support replanting trees and help save the environment one tree at a time.

And these are our values.

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     Etchy Things made me this adorable stamp, and customized it with my name! Take a look (I refuse to say "take a look see". It just sounds creepy):

This is not my image; it's from Etchy Things
     How great is that? This stamp is perfect for cards/letter/packages/ect, not to mention it's just plain cute!
This stamps comes in many different breed silhouettes, including (but not limited to):
They can also make custom silhouettes.

     Dachshund Mommy: I really like having this stamp! It'll be great for sending cards to Blogville (can't wait till Christmas!), and I'm sure it'd be great for non-Blogville letters, too (yeah, I totally send letters and cards to people outside Blogville... totally) to add just a touch of Dachshund Nola. 

What do you mean, "you can't eat it"?

Purty girl

Good price (I believe mine was about $6)
Good customer service
Fairly fast shipping (for being in Canada)
Easy to clean
Lots of variety
Custom orders available

I do wish this stamp was a tad bigger

    Overall, I give Etchy Things 5 out of 5 stars and 2 paws up! Head on over, and tell em Nola sent ya!

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


  1. I like your stamp a lot Nola...I emailed Etchy Things to see if they could do a Border Terrier stamp with Gizmo's name, and I mentioned that I saw their stamps here on your blog :)

  2. That's really nice! We'll check out Etchy Things.

  3. This is pawsome! We want one (well, three) for our Christmas cards too. Love your reviews.

  4. OMD I LOVE IT! Very cute!!

  5. I need to get one made for myself! This would be perfect when we send out christmas cards, blog giveaways and love letters.

    Winks and Winks,

    Bunk The Pug.

  6. Very cute! Now you have your own Queen seal of approval.

  7. Wow that is very cool, love it

    urban hounds

  8. THAT is a super stamp WE esp. like that it has your NAME on it!!

  9. Awesome! We're going to check them out!

  10. Very cool stamp Nola, I totally agree about Christmas time!! :-) I'm going to see if they have a Goose one!!

  11. Oooooooh I WANTS ONE withs my name on it too!
    Loves da fact they upcycle.


  12. You gots your own ink stamp! How cool is that?!?
    *high paws*

  13. What a great stamp!
    Now you can just put your Royal seal on everything you send out Nola.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  14. I loved your stamp so much I've ordered one now...They found a great Border Terrier outline for me :) Thanks Nola!

  15. That is really adorable! What a clever idea!

  16. Good news everyone! I just got a note from
    Mei and Frank from etchythings...The first three people who order a stamp and mention Nola's blog will receive a free upgrade from a 3/4" stamp to a 1" stamp! I'm first, so there's two more free upgrades available...Just remember to mention that you saw it on Nola's blog :)

  17. That's a pretty nifty stamp. I kind of wish I could get one for Beamer, but they don't have "mutt" as one of their silhouette options.

  18. Very nice stamp. But we agree, it is pretty small. Nola, Lightning would be right there with you ready to eat it:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  19. Really neat, what a super idea. Love the last photo of you Nola!


  20. That is just so cool! Me has been looking for a bear paw, but alsa, they don't has one.

  21. That's a super awesome stamp, even if it is itty-bitty! I like companies that hand make things in that manner, it just feels right to support them.

  22. Thats pretty cool Nola. We will check it out and see if there are any scotties!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  23. Love the stamp too. Totally agree, it needs to be a drop bigger
    Benny & Lily

  24. Super cute Nola! I think I would need it a tad bigger, but I really like it.

  25. We do love it Nola! And it looked so beautiful on our envelope. We're going to go and check it out.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  26. Just wanted to follow up on the post with the making of these stamps. Enjoy!



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