Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dachshund Nola (and Mommy!) Reviews: Puddle Jumper Pups and GIVEAWAY

     Hi, all! It's ME and Dachshund Mommy here today to bring you both a review and giveaway from the awesome Etsy shop Puddle Jumper Pups.

     Nola and I are very excited to do this review! We are absolutely thrilled with our experience with Bretta, the owner of Puddle Jumper Pups
As you know, Nola and I are always very honest in our reviews, and when we're thrilled with a shop, you'll know it!

     A little bit about the aforementioned Bretta, owner of Puddle Jumper Pups, and her two beautiful dogs, Millie and Otto:
About the shop:

     Hi, my name is Bretta Farina and I own Puddle Jumper Pups! My company prides itself on making durable, yet fashionable dog collars. All of our dogwear is handmade from beautiful, hip fabrics that will be sure to spice up any pup’s wardrobe!

     I originally started Puddle Jumper Pups after unsuccessfully trying to find the perfect combo of stylish, yet durable collars for my own dogs, Millie and Otto. It seemed I could only find either cute, yet flimsy collars or “durable” styles that were anything but attractive. Puddle Jumper Pups collars are made from heavy duty hardware including: extra-strong nylon webbing, stainless steel welded D-rings, and contoured side-release buckles. 

    Apart from being extremely durable, our collars are also made using some of the most fashion-forward fabrics. Some examples include: designer chevron, polka dots, argyle, houndstooth, paisley, damask, and much more! Each and every collar is handmade and shipped to you within days of placing your order. You can also personalize your collar with a custom monogram of your choice. Visit our Puddle Jumper Pups’ shop on Etsy and check it out!

About Bretta and her family:

     My husband and I have 2 dogs, Millie and Otto. Since we do not have any children yet, these dogs are absolutely our little family members. They are our babies! 

     Millie is the oldest. She is a 3 year old yellow lab/greyhound mix. Her personality is super spunky and mischievous! She is a master of escape and usually always the brains behind all the messes that I have come home to over the years. “Oh Millie!” has been one of the phrases that I have said more times than I care to count. I can’t tell you how many times we have rushed her to the emergency vet as a result of her curious nature! It’s a good thing she’s cute, because the girl is too inquisitive for her own good! 

     Otto is the little brother. He is a 2 year old catahoula/lab mix. Unlike Millie, Otto rarely gets into trouble. His personality is goofy and shy. Although it takes a while for him to warm up to you, when he does he is your absolutely your best friend. He is nearly 100lbs, but in his mind he’s a lap dog. I can always count on him for some snuggle time!

     My husband is in the U.S. Navy, so we move a lot. Millie and Otto have been everywhere with us!They are not only good companions, but they are troopers when it comes to travel. This past August we drove cross-country with them in the backseat of our little scion coupe. They did great!

     Millie and Otto not only inspire my everyday personal life, but also my work life. Because of them I am always coming up with new collar designs and styles. Otto, especially, helps me to develop the more durable designs because he is hard on collars and leashes! I am so thankful I have these little guys in my life and I don’t know what we’d do without them! :0)

How beautiful are these two?

On to the review!

     Puddle Jumper Pups is an Etsy shop that sells collars, leashes and key fobs (so THAT'S what those are called!) that are not only beautiful and stylish, but are functional and durable and to top all that off, very reasonably priced. Puddle Jumper Pups offers fast shipping (I believe Bretta shipped out Nola's collar on Friday, and we received on Monday), styles to fit every pup and peep, monogramming and incredible customer service. More on that in a bit.

      We received the beautiful Girly Polka Dot Turquoise Collar, and Bretta included the matching 5ft leash, which I was not expecting! I thought we'd only recieve a collar, and was SO happy to open the package (well, Mom opened it since I don't have thumbs) to find the gorgeous matching leash. Thank you, Bretta!

Open it, already!

     My collar had my name embroidered on it in a beautiful shade of pink that perfectly matched the quick release buckle and complimented the turquoise perfectly. The embroidery is very exact, and very strong. It's not going anywhere!

The colors look great with my rich red/brown fur. 

     The collar seems very sturdy and well made. However, I can't say from personal experience how strong it is, since I'm walked on a harness and I'm generally polite and don't pull on leash. Mom did give it a good yanking, and it held up perfectly.
I can tell you though that the leash is quite strong! Mom used it on Auggie, who is quite the puller.
Aw, is she not the cutest thing ever?

Something we are LOVING is the Rubit clip. It makes switching collars so much easier!

I am not walked on a collar, this is just for photo purposes. 


Great prices
Fast shipping
Incredible customer service
Tons of options, including pink quick release buckles :)
Custom orders available
Made in the USA
Each item is handmade to order
Made of cotton, not nylon so it's gentle on sensitive skin

Only issue I've noticed is the collar is somewhat difficult to adjust at first, but (as Bretta assured me) it will soften with wear.

Why Puddle Jumper Pups customer service is awesome, by Dachshund Mommy:

     I was so excited when I checked the mail yesterday and found that Nola's new collar and leash set had arrived. After opening the package and taking many pictures, I adjusted it so it'd fit Nola. I was very disappointed to find that in order to have the ideal "2 finger fit", the sliding thing that adjusts the collar (don't you love my technical terms?) was directly over where Nola's name was embroidered, making it next to impossible to read. 

     I contacted Bretta, and let her know that I'd received the collar and the issues I had with the slider and name placement. I asked her if it was something normal, because as always I want to give a fair and honest review. She replied back within half an hour, telling me that it was not normal at all and apologized profusely for the mishap. She then told me that she would make Nola another collar, totally free of charge. I was stunned! You almost never see customer service like that. I will definitely recommend and shop at Puddle Jumper Pups!


     Puddle Jumper Pups has generously offered one (1) lucky viewer their own monogrammed collar and matching leash from their 2013 Spring Collection, which consists of the colors Coral Polkadot, Turquoise Polkadot, Coral Chevron, Turquoise Chevron, Grey Chevron and Spring Floral.

From the top down, and LtoR:
Coral Polkadot
Grey Chevron
Turquoise Chevron
Spring Floral
Turquoise Polkadot
Coral Chevron

     To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below telling me which color you would choose if you win, and what name you'd put on the collar. A winner will be selected on Friday, and will be contacted with Bretta's info so they can arrange their order.
What's great about this issue is that it's open to everyone, not just US residents!

  Overall, Mom and I give Puddle Jumper Pups 4 paws up and 5 out of 5 stars. Head over to Puddle Jumper Pups, and tell em Nola sent ya! Puddler Jumper Pups  also has a Facebook page, which you can check out here.

Kisses and Tail Wags and Hugs,
Dachshund Nola and Dachshund Mommy

PS: Sorry if the pictures suck; I used full manual mode and the lighting wasn't great. 


  1. I would choose Turquoise Chevron and have Harley put on it! (and then I would buy a pink polka dotted one for Pebbles!!)

  2. Awww very cute products! I'll definitely share this along!

  3. Spring floral is BEAUTIFUL! I'd put Beamer's name on it. I don't care that Beamer is a boy. I love it!

    And the collar looks dashing on you, Nola.

  4. Beings that Whisky has a very short neck, I have trouble getting her a comfortable collar. I like that this collar is made of cotton as that would definitely be comfortable for her.
    Her choice : Coral Polkadot, WHISKY :)

  5. Wow, in the nick of time. I can't believe I get to join too! We had a bad case of Parvo and are slowly recovering our pace. I love the color your mom picked for you.

    We'd love to get our hands on the Spring Floral as well. And we'd put Chooey's name on it. ^_^

    Huggies and Cheese,


  6. Hey BFF! You look so absolutely beautiful in that new collar of yours. And we agree, what excellent customer service!! We would choose the collar with the little birdies on it since I'm an avid bird watcher :)

    We're going to go and check out the shop right now.

    Lily Belle

  7. Wonderful review. Nola, turquoise looks so good to you!

  8. Very pretty indeed! We love the way they have embroidered your name.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  9. Oh we love the birdie one, and we would put Stella Rose and then order little Maggie one also or vice-versa...Those are very nice!!
    stella rose's momma

  10. Nola looks awesome, I love that color. I would get the turquoise dots for Torrey, I think....maybe the pink chevrons for Roxy....Hmmm.

  11. THAT is a Wonderful Review... Ernie says that he would chews the CORAL Poke A Dots with ROXY on it... BaaaaWaaaah. He is so funny.

    You are RIGHT.... That really is Super customer Service. WE liked the pawt about the NAVY since our dad was in the Navy too.

  12. That looks beautiful on you, Nola!
    I would choose the "Turquoise Chevron" - thanks for
    the review!

  13. OMD! Those are soooo cute! I like the matchin' lead too, very stylish.
    Let's see, if I was lucky enoughs to win (I would consider buyin' one anyways, If I can make Ma part with some of her green papers that is! BOL) I would choose the Coral pokadot.
    Great review Nola!

  14. Oh, Ma almost forgots to say that she thinks it's funny that you think the pics are terriables, when they would be 5 stars in this house!! hehehe

  15. I just got a Doxie/pug mix puppy, 4 months old, and having a hard time finding a well-fitting harness, he is so long and skinny! I've always had pugs. Completely different body types!
    Can you give me some cheap ideas, he will grow out of them quickly, and some durable adult dog brands.
    Thanks, Kim

  16. Too cute!

    I would choose turquoise polka dot with Dixie on it.


  17. Love the collar!! The colors are awesome too
    Benny & Lily

  18. Excellent service! Lots of variety, too.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  19. Nola....
    I've been a stranger in these parts of Blogville--again!!--it feels so good to be back!! ;-D
    What a lovely picture of two Beautifully Unique mutts!! Their stories were fun!! ;)
    I like your collar!! ;op
    Love, Raelyn.... Plus Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

  20. Hey Nola!
    Wow, what a great event! These items look very stylish and functional too. I'd love to win the turquoise chevron and put "Sarge" on it. And I'll add your giveaway to the BCCalendar too. Thanks for hosting and showing us these products!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Furiend

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  22. What a great collar. You were a beautiful model Nola!

    If we were to win, Lady thinks Lee would look great in turquoise chevrons.

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  24. Nola, those are so pretty. I would pick Spring floral and put my name of course Sasha. You look so pretty with your new collar.

    Loveys Sasha

  25. These are adorable collars...Gizmo would look great in the turquoise polka dots with "GIZMO" embroidered on it :)

  26. Tasha so needs the pink ploka dot collar!

    these look fabulous!

  27. Love!!! I would get the Turquoise Chevron with of course Higgins on it! :o)


  28. Cute! I would choose Coral polka dot with Neeko on it.

  29. You look stunning in your new collar! Great color choices...they suit you well.
    Kelsey would love the coral polka dots.

  30. Nola, this is a fabulous review and those collars look so FUN!!! We also think that Millie and Otto look like a couple of fun pups. We really like the turquoise polka dot or the spring floral...both would look marvy with Gracie on it. Thanks for sharing!!

  31. I think my Roxy would look stunning in Spring Floral (the Blue-bird makes it perfect!). On my way to check out the shop. Becky

  32. Nola, I love your new collar and leash. We would choose the pink chevron with "Lucy" on it. Thanks for your great review.


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