Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Training Goals for February Update

     Hi, all! I'm doing great in my training goals! Figured I'd show you some of my training when it was "in progress", so you can get the full effect when I show you my finished videos next Monday. Here you go:

                                                        Back Up:
                                                       If you can't see the video, view it here


                                  Pick it up/hold it

      Mom kind of shoved pick it up/hold it on the back burner for most of the month, and we're scrambling to get it down before I show y'all on Monday! In the video you're mostly seeing the pick it up aspect of it, as Mom's teaching pick it up and hold it as separate behaviors at first.

     Now I need your ideas! I need 1 more cue to learn for March's challenge, and I want some feedback. What I will be doing:
Cover your eyes/shame!
Balance on a yoga ball
Take a bow
Fading out the yogurt lid on my shut a door trick

The cues I already know:
leave it
high five
fist bump
shake hands
spin (counterclockwise)
let's go (basically a loose heel on either side)
move your ass
bedtime (go under the covers)
which hand?
go find!
where's your ball?
touch (both hand and an object)
give kisses
look here/focus

     Only requirement is no sit pretty/beg type tricks, as they're very stressful on Dachshund backs.

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


  1. Wow, you have a lot of tricks. Our Lady thinks Shame is a good one, but you aren't as bad as me, so maybe you don't need that.

    Have a good day.

  2. We are super impressed, shame sounds darling and Ive seen people train say your prayers too. My goal is just to get Weasley more firmed up on the basics but I would love to teach hem the go to bed trick

    urban hounds

  3. Good looking adn talented too! You are going to need an agent when Hoolywood discovers you!

  4. Look at how "tricky" you are!! You're not only beautiful, but smart too.

  5. Nola you have more tricks than a magician!!

  6. Woof! Woof! Doing great. I am very familiar with back up, stop and hold it commands. Mmmm next one it will be fun to balance on a yoga ball. A bow will be good too as it is very tricky. Good Luck! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. Wowzer...that is all we can say, cos we each know like one thing so you are a doxie genius, or our mom is a dummy .....
    stella rose

  8. Cool, thats great Nola. I would say cover your eyes, thats always cute!!

    Jazzy and Addi

  9. Woohoo!! That's is totally awesome! What a lil smarty!

  10. You're doing great Nola...You've learned so many things already...How about crawling like a snake? Or maybe playing soccer (pushing the ball with your nose)? So far "wait" is my best command and Momz has been proofing me on it out on the trails and I'm doing great

  11. You are so great at doing tricks and training - wish we were that good!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  12. You r so amazing girlfurend! ♥

    Lily Belle

  13. My mom is a little jealous of your mom's training abilities! She said that she is going to get me a clicker and we are going to start learning some tricks....BOL!! Anyhoos, our intermutt is having some issues today and I can not play the videos, but I will be back to watch soon! Keep up the good work!


  14. Nola you are so smart. You are doing so great. I like the idea for a new one of taking a bow, only because you deserve to take a bow for all the things you have learned. Mommy likes cover your eyes, she thinks you would look totally cute doing that.

    Loveys Sasha

  15. Nola! We're proud to know ya! Awesome!

  16. You rock, Nola. I can't watch the vids right now because my stoopid satellite internet is crawling but I will watch them later (I'm going to keep your post open and keep trying to find a window of fast internet). "Back up" is on our list for the near future so I can't wait to see yours.

    I'm afraid to make "goals" because Shyla is so sensitive that I'm scared that I'll pressure her. Maybe I'll make "soft" goals so we can try all the things but stop if something is too hard.

    As for new ideas, how about rest your chin on the ground or on your paws? Another is to touch different part of a person's body. Shyla knows foot, knee, and hand (it's very cute, she just keeps her nose on the part until I release her). I visualize that, when she's confident enough to interact with people, it might be an icebreaker. A final idea would be to wave.

  17. Nola, my momma is jealous of your pic...she loves the beach...used to live on one...me I have never been but don't like water!


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