Friday, February 15, 2013

February Photo Challenge: Week 2

     Hi, all! Dachshund Mommy here with week 2 of the February Photo a Day Challenge. I don't think I'm too keen on this week's pictures, but oh well.
Which of these is your favorite?

Dachshund Mommy
Day 8: Something orange
Day 9: Guilty pleasure
One of my guilty pleasures is taking hundreds of pictures during one event, like this one of Posy the day she and her brother were born. 
Day 10: 3 o'clock
Nola was helping me and Sugar build a milking stand at 3 o'clock

Day 11: Entrance
Day 12: Where you ate lunch
Sigh. Just looking at that Coke makes me want one. I've given Coke up for Lent, and even though it's only been like two days, I'm craving one like crazy.
Day 13: Walking 
Or, in Noly's case, running. 

Day 14: Love is....Needs no caption. 


  1. This week, I'm going to pick Day 8: Something orange. Have a great weekend!

  2. We're going with Day 9 ~ Guilty Pleasure. We think that taking 87 gazillion pictures of Posey is great. She sure is a cutie pie. (Well, not as cute as you know who!)

    You've got your description on Day 13 all messed up. Nola doesn't walk and she doesn't run. SHE STRUT'S!! You go girl!

    Happy Friday Furends!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  3. Well we are pretty jealous here in freezing freakin iowa that you can sit outside and eat your lunch!!! We loved the picture of the baby standing sometimes mom says that how she feels when she stands up???????? oh and of course nola is beautyfull as always
    stella rose and mags

  4. WE Chews # 13... Walking/RUNNING Nola. SO CUTE

  5. you have such beautiful eyes, we always love the close up pics up them!

    ♥ yuki and rocket

  6. we love the goat, for sure! So sweet!

  7. We are liking Day 12
    Benny & Lily

  8. I love all the photos....I'm with ya on the COKE deal as I gave it up too for Lent. WE CAN DO THIS!! :) Happy Weekend.

  9. Oh my dog, a baby kid, that has to be my favourite this week!
    Lynne x

  10. We like Posy best.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  11. Oh, I love all the pics, butts I have to say I like Nola running the best!

  12. I'm just a sucker for baby goats so day 8 for me this week. Very cute. And nicely composed.

  13. Hehe, I do love all your Posey photos! She's just so darn cute!! :-) But, of course, how can you not adore Nola's gorgeousness in photos? Have a great weekend!


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