Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Mischief: PITA Internet People and Birds

     Hi, everyone! First off, little rant on what the internet guy did on Saturday.
Okay, to start with, they came on Friday to "fix" things. That didn't happen. So, called again and after a very rude conversation they agreed to come back out the same day. They never did come out, or even call.
Then they said they'd come out on Sunday sometime between 1-3. They show up at the house (WITHOUT CALLNG BEFOREHAND!), and the peeps weren't home. They get there, the guy starts doing his thing, and next thing you know he's unplugged out Time Capsule (computer storage/memory thing). Red flag right there.

      Then he manages to break out TV, the table the TV was on and messed up the BluRay! He wasn't even apologetic about it. His supervisor/boss is coming out soon ASSess the damage and he damn well better do something about it. Grr!

     On to happier news! Yesterday we brought home some new pets! 2 peafowl and 7 red pheasants. And a while ago we'd gotten a peahen (girl peacock), so this makes 3 peafowl. We're going to breed the peafowl and possibly the pheasants, all of which will be documented and shared on the blog.


Raja (male peacock). A raja is an Indian prince/king, fitting for such a regal bird.
Princess (first female peahen)
Duchess (female peahen)

Belle (female pheasant)
Ariel (female pheasant)
Cinderella (female pheasant)
Jasmine (female pheasant)
Mulan (female pheasant)
Aurora (female pheasant)
Walt Disney (male pheasant)

Brings the animal headcount to:
The Minions 3
2 cats
1 cockatiel
1 turtle
13-14 chickens
7 pheasants
3 peacock

*mumbles* "On this episode of Animal Hoarders..." (just kidding, we're not hoarders. The peeps are too neat freaky for that, and it's only us Dachshunds, the turtle and the cats that are inside.)

     We spent yesterday building most of their pen, and we'll finish tomorrow. 'Cause it's makes so much more sense to get the birds before the pen. BOL!

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola

This is Princess

The beautiful Raja

Raja again

Lovely Duchess 
Duchess again

The red pheasants
(not my photo, got it off Google) This is what the male red pheasant will look like full grown.

Starting to build

Hello, gawjuss

"OMD OMD OMD there's a big blue bird in my car!!!"

Dachshund Mommy: These birds are about 6x bigger than Nola, and Nola has no fear of them. 


This is the part we can see from the house, so we made this wire so we can watch them.

The end to a fun day!


  1. Wow! Such beautiful additions to the family!

  2. Wow my mom and dad needed you to build our fence ...have you seen pictures of it......geeze!
    Those birds are just beautiful.....we are also waiting on the internet stupido's to come and get our wifi to far it has been one week!
    stella rose

  3. How fun. We had chickens once, and I loved to chase them. Then they would peck at me and that was that.

  4. That is one fine collection of beasties! Deccy x

  5. OK.... now none of the "GUYS" who have come to my house since OCTOBER... have ever DESTROYED anythingys... BUTT we are STILL not getting Proper Service... So we can TOTALLY sympathize with what you are going through.

  6. I can't wait to see Raja with his tail feathers all fanned out!


  7. Beautiful birds! That reminds us of when human brother was a baby and Mum took him to see the peacocks at the park, we just got up to the cage when it screamed and poor HB#1 nearly jumped out of his skin and screamed along with it, BOL.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  8. Wowee!! :-D OMD, how awesome are your new friends?! I love your new blue and red birdies, they are/will be absolutely gorgeous (but not as much as you)!! ;-) That fence looks like the one that we are going to be building at our house in the next week or two!! Have fun making friends and telling them what to do Nola!

  9. We love your birdies, so pretty. Mom would have been screaming at those Internet peoples
    Benny & Lily

  10. Oh my goodness, this is amazing to me. I can barely change a light bulb so building something like this and caring for all of them is almost beyond my realm of comprehension. I'm so glad you are going to share this adventure with us. Boy, I see some beautiful pictures in the future. Our satellite TV is all messed up and I keep putting off the call, because I know we are in for something like you describe.

  11. You are so lucky to have so many birds. We hope those internet people get smarter!

  12. Holy moly! Those birds are beautiful! My other's favorite bird was a peacock. Great job on the fence! Sorry your internet guy has been such a nightmare. :(

  13. Wowwie! Yous now a a menagerie!
    Does yous eat the eggs!

  14. Wow, those are some beautiful birds!!! Make sure to watch them very carefully! :)

  15. I love the idea of buying the birds before having the pen ready for them BOL

  16. Grrrr about the Internet! Geez, that guy does not make me wag.

    But your new chirpies make me wag! Of course you should bring home animals before the pens are ready!

  17. Whoa! Those birdies are GAWJUSS! But of course, they're not nearly as gawjuss as YOU, Nola!

    I hope that your innerwebz gets fixed...along with your tv and everything else. Maybe your mom oughta put you on the phone and lets you growl at them. I bet that would do the trick.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  18. Thanks for sharing. We like your blog a lot.


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