Friday, January 25, 2013

Award and That's One HECK of A Down/Stay

     Hi, everyone! The Slimmer Puggums have graciously bestowed the REALITY Award upon me. Thank you, Puggums!

The rules:

1) Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.

2) Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back to them.

3) Answer the 5 simple questions. (see below)

4) Nominate up to 20 blogs for the award and notify each of them. (see below)

5) Display the award on your blog somewhere.

The questions (ME in pink, Mom in purple):

1) If you could change one thing, what would it be?
I would change how small dogs are treated, trained and perceived; as accessories. I'm just as much of a dog as the next one, and need as much exercise, training and attention as big dogs.  
I would remove the stigma of not going to college makes you stupid. Waste ass loads of money on a career you hate is stupid, in my opinion.

2) If you could repeat an age, what would it be?
I like my current age, 2 years old! I think it's the prefect age. 
I like my current age, as well. :D

3) What is one thing that really scares you?
Garbage trucks TERRIFY me! And I hate it when Mom leaves. People fighting scares me too! I get really upset when that happens. I'm also terrified of this big, plastic owl we have out around Halloween. But other than that, not much bothers me. So much for one thing....
Something happening to my family, two and four legged. Being forgotten about. Being unhappy. Spiders. Snakes. Roaches. Elevators. Escalators. Windowless rooms. So much for one thing....;)

4) What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think you'll be able to complete it? 
I want to be titled in Agility and possibly Rally-O. Of course I'll complete it, I'm Dachshund Nola! Duh.
I want to have a business as a photographer and be my own boss. I'll either complete this dream or die trying. 

5) If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be?
Why would I want to be someone else? I'm a minion ruling, fashion slave, model, blogger, product reviewer, stereo-type breaker, diva-licious Doxie! 
I'm not sure....

I nominate:
A Day in The Life of a Goose
Ruby the Airedale
The Three Little Pugs
The Hailey and Zaphod Chronicles
The Bicontinental Dachshund

     Thank you again, Puggums!

    Check out this down/stay I did! Right in front of the goats!
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


  1. Congrats on your award! I love learning new things about my friends!

  2. Ah we loved hearing all about are so smart with down/stay...the only thing i can do so far is wait, and dance ..maggie can sit now and sorta wait...your mom takes really great pictures....we needed her as our private photographer when pip and puddles was a visiting!
    stella rose

  3. P.S. thank you for the award.
    stella rose

  4. Congratulations little Doxie!!
    Great responses!

  5. We agree with you about the small dog thing, Nola! Yesterday mom was in Bloomingdale's and some lady brought a FRENCH BULLDOG into the bathroom in a STROLLER!! EAGADS!!! She had to go into the handicapped stall. Mom wondered who had to use the bathroom - the lady or the doggy! One of mom's secret wishes is to walk through Bloomingdale's with BOTH OF US!! BOL!!

    Hey congrats on being awardified!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  6. PeeeeeeeeS: Can we see more pictures of Phee, the dasch-weiler??

  7. How great that you received an award! We loved all of your answers ~ both of you. We agree, don't ever change who you both are. We love you all just the way you are :)

    Very nice Nola on the down/stay command. If only we could learn from you......

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  8. Congrats on your award. It's always fun to learn new things about our friends.


  9. You are doing so well with your training Nola.
    We don't think of ourselves as accessories either, more of a managegerial role, ha!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  10. Garbage trucks freak me out too! And Mommy's afraid of roaches too. :)


  11. Congratulations on the grrrreat Award and fur answering the questions so well.

  12. You are ignoring goats? And they're right behind you? Wow!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  13. well dat is most impressive...I would has done stole one of 'em.


  14. Congrats on your award! It was fun to learn more about you both!
    And I have to say:
    "I would remove the stigma of not going to college makes you stupid. Waste ass loads of money on a career you hate is stupid, in my opinion."
    I could not agree with that more. With most people, once they find out I'm not going to college they look at me like I'm not worth their time. My reason for not going to college? Everything that I want to do with my life does not require a college education. So why go into debt for a diploma?
    I have nothing against people who do go to college and I have nothing against learning— I love learning! I am, however, against going into debt just so I can impress people by saying, "I went to college." If one day I decide that I want to go to college— because I want to, not because I want to impress people— then I will.
    Anyway. I'll stop ranting about that now, haha.

    Nola, your down/stay is incredible! I'm very impressed! You're such a good girl.

    Marquie, Lassie & Petal

  15. Congratulations on your award. And yes we did enjoy reading those answers
    Benny & Lily

  16. Congrats Nola and thanks for sharing with us!

  17. Congratulations on your award, Nola!

    Whatever were you thinking with those goats right behind you? :)

  18. Congratulations on your award. I wouldn't want you to be anyone else either. You are a perfect Nola!

    Loveys Sasha

  19. Congratulations to you!! Awwww, Nola...thank you so much for passing along this awesome award to me too!!

    I totally agree with your small dog stigma change, it angers me more than anything! Grrrr! Oh, Nola's Mom, you should definitely reach for your dreams and become your own man (aka photographer)! You kick butt with photography!! Everyone with eyesight would agree with me!! :-D Oh and Nola, you will have so much fun when you try agility (I haven't done Rally yet either) and will kick Doxie butt with it too!!

    Absolutely fabulous down-stay girl!

  20. Congratulations on the Award and thanks for sharing it with such other interesting blogs. We love learning more about the friends in our community.

    Thanks for the concern about Nuka. She is not a toy player but is very motivated by treats. Momma has been working with food rewards but it is easy to overdo food with my sister. We all get training practice every day...and Nuka has a special job of watching over Quinn (she is awesome). This time of year she has lots of environmental allergies so that limits her outdoor/exercise time (Momma hates to use drugs). Covering the areas have stopped even her interest in chewing, at least tonight...not even any attempts. So paws crossed.

  21. Congrats, and thanks!!! And we love your answers, both yours and your mom's, and especially the ones about little dogs, college, and your mom's career plan. Dachshund Mommy: go for it, we love your photos and we're confident your business will be a success!

  22. Congratulations, Nola! And very good work on that down stay with such tempting distractions around!

  23. I love these posts. I always learn something new. Congratulations on your award.


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