Monday, December 10, 2012

My Garden, Chickens and My New Pimped Out Ride

     Hi, everyone! Thank you all for lovely Gotcha Day wishes!
Do you know what the peeps got me for my Gotcha Day? You don't? Okay, I'll tell you..... They got me a BRAND NEW CAR (think obnoxious game show host as you read that). Well, new to ME (Dachshund Mommy: US, Nola. New to US!) Yeah yeah, US and all that.
It's a 1996 Suburban (the price was right), rapper white and totally pimpin'. Now I can cruise along in style! It's in great shape for it's age!

This thing is freaking enormous 

The leather is really worn and soft.

Can I drive? Lilly Belle, Muffin and I want to go shopping!

     I want to show you all my garden! We're growing tomatoes (all volunteer), celery (fun fact: put the bottom of a celery stalk in a small bowl of water. It'll sprout and you can plant it), pumpkins, squash, beans, peas, parsley, carrots, fennel, purple basil, chives (I think), radishes and I think we've got a few peppers.

     A few things got damaged from the 2 frosts we had, but it's been freakishly warm here, even for Florida. Mom's been going around in shorts, tank tops and flip flops and is still sweating. I want cold weather!

Follow me

My garden!

Purple basil

Monster tomato plants


Radishes. This is the second batch of em.

Peas, with beans next to them (beans are on the left)

Purty peas

Lets keep going

Pea flower

Front row L to R: peas, beans, squash and pumpkins
Back row L to R: carrots and radishes

One of the squash flowers. It's FULL of blooms

The tomatos

Our secret to such big plants? A garden tilled and fertilized by a pig, and then fertilized by chickens.

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


  1. Nola's Gotcha Day, a garden, chickens, and a pimped-out ride? What could be better?!

  2. Lots of fun stuff! We love your new car. Mom keeps trying to grow a garden here in AZ but all we have right now is one sad bell pepper that seems to have stopped growing.


  3. Happy belated gotta day! What a great gift!

    We can't garden as it is snowy here. We are going to learn to do that in the spring!

  4. OMD, yous got a new ride, don't let the peeps tear it up. that garden is awesome,Bites just loves tomaters, but were is the pot!!!

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

  5. Fangtastic garden! All Momma ever grew was tomatoes last year. And I loves your new ride! You can pick me up when you pick up Lily Belle and Muffin. We lives purrrrrty close to each udder!

  6. Oh Nola, you spoiled little girl. A new pimpin' ride for your Gotcha Day! Way to go girl!! We've got our wallet stuffed with greens and our lipstick in our purse and we're ready to shop till we drop. Just like my Mommy and my Grandma, we're expert shoppers. That is one NICE ride we'll be traveling in. Congrat's.

    Love your garden! We've planted 2 basil plants and some parsley. Mommy wanted to plant some cherry tomato's but is always so worried about the frost this time of year. A few years back she planted weeping hibiscus trees for a memorial to Grandma and they both got deaded by the bad weather.

    I know what you mean about the hot weather. Mommy loves the sun but hates the heat. She said she needs NO help from the sun with her hot flashes.

    Let me know what time we're leaving to hit the stores :)

    Lily Belle

  7. Pigs chickens enormous pea flowers a pimped out ride! Holy Macaroni. Don't get lost in that ride
    Benny & Lily

  8. do you think you could mail me a pint of green beans every now and every tuesday or so...i just loves them in my food? our weather is cold and doughty and icky for green your new car is just great! and robot mom would probably drive over all the curbs in your neighborhood...see does that here.
    stella rose

  9. Awesome garden! Mine is covered with snow!

  10. Nola,
    Where are you these days... Not in CH! It's snowing here and gardens are frosty! Lucky you somewhere warm!
    Love the car, its going to take you to such amazing places to sniff out!

  11. Sweet ride Nola! What a grat garden you have too! :)

  12. Congrats Nola! I didn't realize you were a gardener. I think you and I have a lot in common!

  13. Happy belated Gotcha Day!!
    Love your new ride! I've had my Suburban for over 6 years now and I love it!

  14. Nola, you needs to has them seats done in a furry pink fabric and bling out da steerin' wheel. Oh yea!
    HAPPY belated Gotcha Day!
    Your garden looks very yummy!


  15. I can't believe they got you that new car for your gotcha day! It sure looks good for its age.


  16. Look at all those veggies, you will have tons for Summer!
    Wow, we like your pimped ride a lot.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  17. OMD! Where do I start?? Oh, that Pimp-Mobile is just PAWSOME!! Your right ~ it looks FABulous!! Those seats look like butter!
    Ma is all greeny jelly over your winter garden!! She LOVES tomatoes, and REALLY wishes it was warm enough here to grow em'.


  18. Great garden. HER little container garden is producing lots of tomatoes, squash and cucumbers...Roxy vetoed the zucchini and apple cucumbers. We fertilise with fish!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella &Roxy

    We're having a break from the hot weather at the moment. Very nice.

  19. What a nice garden and holy cow what a present!

  20. Love your new RIDE... butt WHAT???? You and Lily Belle and Muffin are going SHOPPIN??? TOGHTHER?????

    SUPER GARDEN... WE use Horse Poops on OUR garden... Butt that chicken and pig poop must me a super mixture.

    Are those SUGAR SNAP Peas... WE are CRAZY over Sugar Snap Peas... We just LOVE THEM... FRESH from the Vines...

  21. Boy, everyone will fit in your new ride! How fun. Your garden is so beautiful. I am hopeless outside, so I always admire folks that have beautiful gardens and you have a beautiful garden.

  22. How about swinging by and picking me up in your fancy new car!

    Your pal, Pip

  23. Oh Waw! What a cool car! Yous looks marvelous in it and me can't believes a garden in December! We has SNOW! And it did not gets over zero c (or 32 F) today! Does yous likes peas?

  24. That car is BIG....more suited to me really ;-) Love your garden too. Deccy x

  25. WOW! You got a car!!! A CAR!! Good for you!!! And how cool is that you got a garden and much going on in your life right now! Happy Gotcha Day!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  26. Awesome! Some of my friends actually want this type of car because it has lots of space and comfortable seats. This is also good for big families because the space makes putting stuff in there easy as pie. Congrats, Nola!

  27. You're right, Patrick! This car is very ideal for those who have a big family. You see, even your pets are free to sit in those comfortable seats! ;)


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