Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dachshund Nola Reviews: Steadfast Friends and Giveaway!

     Hi, everyone! Today I'm doing a review for  Steadfast Friends, makers of breed specific silhouette silicone iPhone 4 and 4s cases (damn, that was a mouthful), as well as temporary tattoos.

In case you did not notice, Mother, I do not have thumbs. Therefore, you need to open the package. 

The phone cases come in these cute little bags!

From the site:

As dog-lovers, we’re always searching for ways to express our affection for our four-legged family members! We formed Steadfast Friends to do just that. Beginning with iPhone cases and temporary tattoos, we are creating a line of unique products featuring the distinctive silhouettes of your favorite dog breeds!  Our iPhone cases and temporary tattoos let you return your dog’s loyalty and show the world how much you care.
Steadfast Friends is a family-owned and -operated business – and we even get a little help from our three dogs, Piper (a lab), Dillon (a Golden Retriever) and Henry (a German Shorthair Pointer). Our product inventory is currently expanding and we can’t wait to show off our newest additions!  Also, please note our Corporate Giving policy.  We dontate 10% from each sale to your favorite canine-driven charities.  We feel is is so important to give back and hope you enjoy giving to a worthy cause upon checkout.
And because you give your dog nothing but the best, we love giving you the best! We’re proud to say our silhouettes are hand-cut in the USA and every order ships for free.

     One of my favorite things about Steadfast Friends is they donate 10% of every sale to canine driven charities! You can read more about that here. It's furry important to give back!
Steadfast Friends also have free shipping!

     First review part, the iPhone case. Now, Mom  I don't have a 4 or 4s, but using the ever so eloquent motto of "if it doesn't fit, force it!", we made it work. It actually fit quite well, given it wasn't made for it. It fit like a glove on Sugar's iPhone 4.

     The case is made of silicone, so it's very durable. And most importantly, if you have a clumsy Mom assistant to hold your phone while you sign autographs for your thousands of adoring fans, it bounces when you drop it, keeping your phone safe. You gotta keep stuff like that in mind, ya know.

     The cases come in black with a white silhouette, red with a black silhouette or white with a black silhouette. Steadfast Friends very kindly sent us both. There are 23 breeds available for the phone cases, including:

Pit Bull
Chihuahua (and people think Dachshund is hard to spell)
Great Dane
German Shepherd
French Bulldog
Siberian Husky

Fits both the iPhone 4 and 4s, and if you force it the 3s
Easy to clean! Just use soap and water (when you phone is not in it!!!) and let air dry.
Price seems on target with other cases
The breed silhouette is actually part of the case, so it doesn't come off

It's a pain to fit your phone in your pocket when you have the case on (could also be because Mom wears tight jeans....)
More colors would be nice
This is more of a personal annoyance, but I wish they had a male or female option for your case. It should be ME on MY phone, but I don't have mandog parts! ;)

Sorry for the crappy quality of these, the lighting was horrible as it was piss-pouring rain.

Temporary Tattoos:
     Steadfast Friends has 73 breeds and over 107 distinct silhouettes for their temporary tattoos. The nice thing is they have all 3 Dachshund varations: smooth, long and wire haired! I don't see very many long (much less wire) products available, and it's nice that Steadfast Friends has all 3 in case you don't have the most common smooth (but FYI, there's only smooth Dachshund for the iPhone case).

     The temporary tattoos were fun and adorable (Mom says anyway, I have too much fur for them :P)! They'd make great party favors or fun hand outs for breed specific events/walks/clubs.
The most shocking thing is they did not irrigate Mom's super sensitive skin. Dachshund Mommy: trust me on this, that's saying a lot.

Gentle on skin
Lots of variety
Stayed on even after lots of hand washing
They look like real tattoos, BOL

The only thing is the pack is kind of small (5) for the price ($10 a pack)

Damn I've got a few scars! Never noticed till this photo.

     Steadfast Friends has very generously offered to give away one (1) iPhone case and one (1) pack of temporary tattoos to one of you, my extended minions in the breed of your choice! (Sorry, this giveaway is open to the US only)
Just leave me a comment below saying you'd like to enter, and leave an email address. To prevent spam, feel free to leave it as: nolabugy AT gmail DOT com.
Want to earn an extra entry? Go "like" Steadfast Friends on Facebook here, then come back and leave a new comment saying you liked them. Winner will be chosen on Friday, so you have a few days to get to it! Good luck!

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola

And now that this review is over, I'm going to call my BFF Lily Belle

"Hey girl! How you doing?"


  1. Hi my sweet furend!

    Whatcha doing Nola? I see you've been busy again doing review. That is so pawsome that you get to do that. You get some really cool products. And you're doing a give-away also, well please count is in for that. You just know how obsessive my Mommy is when it comes to Doxie products. (Unfortunately we don't do the FB thing so we can't like them, but if we did, we would.) We LOVE their tattoo's!

    OK, gotta run now. We're getting ready to take Grandpa Bob to the airport.

    It was great talking with you and thanks so much for calling!

    Later Gator,
    Lily Belle

  2. We love this idea- Red would show us off more!

  3. And yes we friended them on Facebook, just for you!

  4. We will have to try it out! Mom doesn't have a fancy phone yet, but hopefully in January she will!


  5. Oh thats cool sign us up....i didn't see a pug on that list...sigh....
    stella rose

  6. That's pawsome! Dachshund Daddy always butt dials mom from Switzerland and wakes her up at ungodly hours in America! We'll need to get one of those snazzy doxie ones.

  7. Mom got her iPhone cover at Zazzle.com She liked it because it had the Doxie shape but wasn't color specific. I can't upload a photo so I'll try to email it to you.

  8. We just came to say hello today. Don't enter us, mom has an Android. They look super cute though!

  9. Those are so cool! We're not entering 'cause we're in Canada of course, but wish everyone good luck!

  10. They look very sweet!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  11. Nola - when your mom does product reviews she should not include pictures of you. You are TOO cute and distracting. Our mom wants to reach into the computer and snuggle you. That being said, we think a silicone rottie case is just what she needs!! We're assuming they come in rottie flavor, because rotties are so DARNED adorable!! Just sayin'...

    -Bart and Ruby

  12. What! No Scotties???!!! Doesn't matter SHE doesn't even use a mobile phone of any kind.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  13. Hahaha, I definitely think that you do not want man-dog parts on your girly phone Nola!! :-) That made me totally BOL! The phone case is pretty darn cool...too bad they don't care about us terriers! Hurumph! ;-) Loving the last photo!

  14. Phew - for a second I thought YOU would be wearing the temp tattoos! Although that would be pretty cool!

  15. Very cute but where is the pug and bulldog!

    urban hounds

  16. I don't have an iPhone only an ipad. Nice of them to give away though

  17. Very cool products Nola!! Butts since they don't have Airedale iPhone covers, I'll bow out of this giveaway, and let some other lucky pups win such a great prize! Good lucks everypups!!


    pees: your such a cutie!

  18. Those is furry cute! We don't has a iPhone though so wes ins not in the draw.

  19. Drat, no Airedales...guess my mom is going to have to get a real Airedale tattoo!


  20. It always kind of disturbs me how many doggie silhouettes are anatomically correct. Srsly, we don't all have boy dogs. I do not have an iPhone (we're a Droid household, thanks!) but I do dearly love temporary tattoos, and they do have Dobermans!

  21. Hi Nola! Long time no see - Mom has been SO busy!
    These holiday chores have worn her out!

    Anyway, "it's all for the giving" she says AND I know there is something
    squeaky under the tree for me.

    I sure do like your top picture with the bow on your head - you are a sweet pup!

    Love you!


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