Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dachshund Nola Reviews: Davir Dog Design

      Hi, everyone! Today I'm doing a review for the Etsy shop Davir Dog Design, specifically a car seatbelt strap . So let's get to it!

       From the shop:
The "davir dog design" was created because I was bored with customary and unimaginative dog accessories available in shops.
All items are designed and handmade by me. Please check back often because I upload novelties continuously.

My dog accessories are earth friendly, sturdy, durable and of course, dog tested. All of them washable by hand or in the washing machine on the cold gentle cycle.
Please let me know if you have any questions! I am happy to make custom sizes.

You can also find davir dog design and more informations here:

     On the specific product:  Black and white polka-dotted XS / S dog seat belt for safety travelling by car. This one is a fashionable, black&white polka-dotted version of safety belt.

This safety belt is 3/4 inch (2 cm) wide and adjustable: the length could be adjust from 10-14 inch (25 cm–35 cm) and it's very simple to use. 
It is attached to the safety belt with a very strong heavy duty oval hook with screw lock. The safety belt allows the dog moving as much as needed and fastens him/her safely at the same time.

It's easy to clean: washable, in the washing machine on the cold gentle cycle.

It's available in 1,2 inch (3 cm) width and other lengths, too. Matching accessories (collar, leash, harness) are also available. Please visit other sections in my shop or send me a convo.

IMPORTANT! Please do not use this safety belt with collar! It MUST be used ONLY with harness. Never allowed to tie up a dog in the car with a simple collar, because she/he might got critical injuries! Even the most simple harness is much more acceptable than a collar. But even better if we use a special travelling harness designed for this purpose. Travelling harnesses are also available in my shop. Please check them in the "Travelling accessories" section.

     NEVER EVER EVER have you dog on a collar while strapped into the car!!!!!!!! Always, always, use a harness.

     Once Mom figured out just how to use the seatbelt (she's a little...special), we really liked it! It's absolutely adorable (a must when you're as gawjussly fashionable as I am), very sturdy, was the perfect length (that's next to impossible to find with a build like mine) and quickly and easily detaches from the car's seatbelt. I could move around enough to look out the window, sit, stand and lay down, but I wasn't going all over the car and onto the floor or into the driver's lap.

     Side note: I have NO idea why the words look funny, kinda smushed. Blogger doesn't like me. Maybe it just looks like this while I'm writing it?

Very sturdy
Perfect length 
Small enough to just throw in Mom's bag when we leave
Lets me move but keeps me in place enough to stay safe
Decent price
Easy to slip on and off the car's seatbelt

Didn't come with directions. Mom had to look at the shop to get it.
The adjustment part is really hard to move

     Overall, we give the seatbelt strap 3 out of 4 paws! Hop over to the shop, and tell em 
Nola sent ya!

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola

Disclaimer: I was given the product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Huh. Totally didn't notice the muddy paw prints till I saw this picture. 

We're going for a ride?

I'm too damn cute for words.


  1. That's a nice seat belt. We had one that was all big and bulky and heavier than me! So we couldn't use it anymore.

  2. And that's so true Nola, you ARE too damn cute for words....

    We love the seatbelt thing-a-ma-jiggy. What a great idea for someone to create that. We usually just use our flexi leash and fish it thru the handle. that is of course, when we're not in our dog bed/car travel approved plastic-thingy.

    We were trying to figure out how to get it around the seatbelt too. Butt then side I bet you gotta unscrew the metal piece and slide the belt through. Clever!

    It's pouring rain here today so we're gonna stay home and be couch potato peelers all day!

    Hope you have a good one.


  3. Well dats cool, whoevers would has thunk to be so clever.

    Hey Nola, you look awfully damn cute theres...hehehehe.


  4. Very neat!

    Yeah, you are pretty stinkin cute, Nola!

  5. You are about the cutest pups ever!!
    That is one cool harness strap. You should see mine ~ It's industrial strength!!



  6. That's a very nice and functional seat belt! I have a seat belt but it is clipped into the, uh, clip area which means I can't move. And if there's an emergency stop, I end up being swung around which is downright unpleasant. I'll have Mommy check this one out. Thanks for the review, Nola!

    Love, Whisky

  7. Oooo, that's a very pretty and nice looking seat-belt attachment! Domeek is looking for a replacement for mine, but this one looks (oh, how should I say it?) a little too delicate for my terrier (shark) teeth! I chew through mine every month or so!

  8. Nola,

    You ARE too cute fur words! Thanks fur da great review!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae and Max

  9. That's a neat seat belt! I'll have to check out what they have ^^

  10. Neat, we're looking for something for the car for Eleanor at the moment. I'll have to look at the site!

  11. Very nice, Nola. We use seatbelts too, but they are much more complicated.... perhaps because our dogs weigh so much more?

    Thanks for the review.

  12. It is pawesome.
    The one I have is soooo heavy!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Thanks for writing a neat review. Love the photos of the seatbelt in action, Nola!

  14. Cool review, very pretty- if a tad too small for us!


    PS yes you ARE too cute for words!


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