Friday, August 3, 2012

Phoenix's First Bath and Her Chewies

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the warm welcomes to Phoenix. She can't talk yet, thank dog, or she'd thank you herself. I doubt she'll ever be as...verbose as me, good thing too; there's only room for one diva (plus Auggie, but that's a story for when the young pups are in bed) in this family.
Our first full day together went pretty well! Auggie is still as confused as usual, Boston wants to play and I'm warming up slowly but surely. Phoenix and I played together last night! I was gentle, albeit loud. The only time I growled was when she tried to take my stuffed opossum, which is my favorite toy.

A few weeks before Phoenix's arrive, we got the Nylabone Puppy Starter Kit from PetFoodDirect. Furry cool! I love this site; everything's so neat and organized. Take a minute to check it out!

I demolished the one of the left.

Um, the first of Phoenix's bones met a rather untimely fate. Remember what happened to my Kong? Well, this bone's fate was worse then that. I chewed it into a million (Dachshund Mommy: and she means that literally) pieces. Clearly it was a fun toy! The stump I left was the perfect size for Phee anyway, so I don't know what Mom's complaining about. Thanks, PetFoodDirect!

Dachshund Mommy: ever since Phee came home Nola is ignoring commands :(. I don't think she's very happy with me right now. 

Phee got her first bath today! I snoopervised, of course.

For anyone who has a black and tan Doxie (Frankie and my BFF Lily Belle?), do you think they're slightly more oily feeling then other colors? Phee feels different then we did/do.

Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola
This angle makes me look really fat.
Just to prove I'm not fat

I'm ready to snoopervise.
Random side note: Phee is small enough to walk under me. Can you believe I was once as small as she is?

LOOK!!! A rat in the sink BOL


  1. How sweet...and Nola there is not a fat thing on you pup friend...LOL. On the oily issue I have smooth hairs of all different color coats and yes some are more oily... but I think it can just be some smooths not just the color. I have a red that's like a little greased pig..hehehe I also find the more oily the more they smell like fritos...which we LOVE!

  2. Phee is super adorable in the sink :)
    Good job snoopervising, Nola!

  3. The Momma said I felt funny when I was wet but only when I was a little teenie weenie. Me furs were softer than normal. Now I'm all normal again. {What's normal?} are just too cute fur barks!

  4. Aw! I remember giving Finn baths in the sink. Didn't last too long! Nola is doing an excellent job snoopervising the whole activity!

  5. Those pictures of Phee in the sink are making me melt. What a cutie. Now you be nice to her Nola. You were once a little pup in a new home too.


  6. Dear Phee,

    I has many sorries that you had to endure the horrible thing known as Bath. Also you no must take Nola's possum, for it is an act of war under the Dachshund Convention. Good lucks to you, new puppy!


  7. Phee, don't listen to them, baths are great, cool and refreshing to a Scottie that loves water.


  8. Phee is SO CUTE! But don't you worry, Nola. No one can be Diva Cute like you. :)

  9. Holy moly her looks so tiny in dat sink, looks like her is in da baff tub!
    My mum had a black and tan doxie but hers don't remembers it bein' oily. I wonders if it was da food da breeder had hers on or if it's just genetics.


  10. Little Phee doesn't seem to mind her bath too much. Glad you are being a nice big sister Nola.
    Don't mention f a t where Dinah is, LOL.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  11. Nola, listen to me and listen to me good! After all, I am your BFF and I can say this to you..... You can't go and get your nose outta joint sweetie! Remember, Phee is so VERY special and is 'heaven sent.' Charlotte would want you to be extra kind to Phee and be the bestest big sister one could have. I know it's really hard bcuz I had big problems too when Muffin came to live with me full time. My nose got way outta whack and I started doing not so nice things around the house (if you know what I mean.) I know that it will take some time, but please do your VERY best and in the end you an Phee will be pawsome pals. We love ya Nola girl and hope that you will at least consider our words of wisdom.

    Now, being a B&T, my skin is totally different than Muffin's. Yes, I'm a big girl and can admit I have oily skin. Butt, Cover Girl makes a great foundation for that (OK, are you laughing now?)

    Lily Belle

  12. PHOENIX! I can't believe I missed her arrival post. Welcome home, Phoenix! You're going to love your new pack. ;)

    Those bones sure look like fun! I hope Phoenix enjoys them as much as you did, Nola, LOL!

    And don't worry too much about Nola, she'll come around. Lassie gave me the cold shoulder when I brought Ella home 6 years ago. It was upsetting at the time, but he came around quickly (as soon as he realized that sleepy puppies make excellent pillows) and now, looking back on it, it's kind of funny; spoiled rotten boy he is! ;P He did the same thing with Petal too, but now all three of them are very attached to each other.

  13. Oh, Phee is soooo adorable!! I can't believe she can walk UNDER you!! Wow. She is teeny! It is lucky you are snoopervizing things there Nola, make sure nothin' goes awry.



    peess: I'm black and tan, and oily....oh, not what you meant....nevermind.

  14. Phee in the sink is adorable!

    I think that a think that might help with Nola is to be sure that the two of you still have one on one time that doesn't involve Phoenix. That, and rewarding her for either ignoring the puppy or being gentle/good/whatever with her! If puppy = treats, things can't be that bad, right? ;)

  15. We love the sink photos. Phee is so tiny! Lady says I am not oily, I am dry-skinned and silky. I really don't mind baths. Nola, be sweet.

  16. Hi Nola! Have to comment: Phee teeny-tiny and simply adorable but hey - you are adorable too

  17. Oh my goodness you teeny weeny. You are so adorable. Hope you had fun in your built in pool
    Benny & Lily

  18. She looks so tiny in that sink! Good work checking out all the toys before Phee gets them. They could be dangerous.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  19. Oh, Nola...we know you're a petite little thing. We'd NEVER call you chubby!

    Phee in the sink is just precious!

  20. Nola, I know you aren't fat, you are like a model or something. I know it must be hard getting used to a new family member, but I just know you will be pals. Phee looks so cute in the sink.

    Loveys Sasha

  21. The picture of Phee in the sink is almost too much to bear.

    Psst...Nola, you'll always be #1 with us.

  22. Bundle of loves!

    Don't let mom read this - it's my bath time too and I'd like her to forget!

    Love you all!

    - Hildy

  23. Phee is adorable and I'm sure Charlotte sent her to make you all whole again. I'm new to your blog so I didn't know about your loss, but I saw Charlotte and the poem for her in your sidebar and it brought tears to my eyes.

  24. Phee in the sink... well, that elicicted a big 'Awwwwww'! Unfortunately Elsie is already way too big for the bathroom sink.

    Phee is simply gorgeous. :)

  25. WHAT a cute puppy! She's SO little! I can't believe she gets a bath in a sink.

    Way to go w/ the nylabone. The more pieces the better.

    your pal,

  26. Adorable teeny tiny little puppy in the sink.

  27. The AWWWW factor is incredible! She is one sweet puppy, but Nola, you will always be #1.
    Kozmo at the Cat From Hell

  28. Woohoo!! Welcome home Phoenix, it's so great to meet you!! :)

    Glad to see Nola is making sure the Bath went well :) Nola, I love how you're taking the opportunity to ignore some commands - you're funny!! :)

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  29. Oh my gosh, she's soooooo teeny!

    I suspect there's always a little attention-seeking behavior that goes on when a new dog enters a home. I'm sure Nola will adjust to the new little one and get back on good behavior soon enough. :)

  30. Definitely not fat! I cannot believe that you fit in the sink! You're making me smile, you cutie!


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