Sunday, June 24, 2012

Future Monday Mischief Makers

I'm so excited!
Hi everyone! I have LOTS of exciting announcements to make today!
First off, we got more chickens! 4 baby chicks and 5 adult hens. So now we have 14 (might be 13 if one of the chickens is a rooster) hens. The new chickens names are: Luna, Emu, Redneck, Delilah and Cuckoo. Still need 4 more names, so if anyone has a suggestion feel free to voice it!
Aren't those front two the ugliest/coolest things you've ever seen! They're naked neck chickens, and are suppose to be very good laying birds. The black one's name is Redneck but the yellow one is nameless.
The biggish sliver/grey one is an Easter Egg hen and she lays green/blue eggs. She still needs a name.
The small two in the back are Maran chickens, the grey stripy one is a Silver Cuckoo (hence the name Cuckoo for her) and the black one is a Black Copper and still needs a name.
Please note, they're only in a dog crate for transport.
Mom will get some pictures of the chicks tomorrow, but they're breeds are Rhode Island Reds (2), Barred Plymouth Rock (1) and a Black Sex-Link (1)
they are so freaking tiny and CUTE!


We will soon be a pack of four again!!!!!! Our breeder's female Doxie had 3 puppies early yesterday, and one of them is my new minion/sister!
Dachshund Mommy: I know that it isn't possible to replace Charlotte, and I don't want anyone to think I'm trying to do that. There's a hole in our hearts that no other dog will be able to fill, but we know adding to our pack will help us heal. I miss the pitter patter of puppy feet, I miss getting out 4 bowls, I miss calling 4 names to come in. Most of all, I miss seeing Nola play with someone besides me or her basketball. Boston and Auggie are bonded, and Nola's by herself since Charlotte's passing. I'm hoping she'll have a bond with the new puppy just as strong as the one she had with Charlotte.
Isn't that pawsome! A new sister! Like Mom said, I know she'll be different the Charlotte, and she can't replace Char. But I miss having someone to play with while Mom's busy.
More info on the new baby! Her mom is a black and tan dapple, and her dad is a blue and tan. They're both miniatures, but that's not a guarantee that the baby will be small. The dad's a clown and the mom's a cuddle bug. My new sister is a black and tan with a small patch of white on her chest. She was the only girl :D! We're a very estrogen dominate house, so we're sticking with girls ;).
On to names! Blogville, I ask you to help us name the new baby! All suggestions will be taken into consideration. Rules? Must stick with our current name theme i.e. must be the name of a city/state/country. Can't wait to read what you think! As we narrow down the names I'll put up polls where you all can vote for your favorite!

Third, Mom's photography tips post will be up tomorrow, so watch out for that!

Fourth, we're having some NASTY weather! We're in the midst of a tropical storm/depression, and it's windy, humid and rainy. Yuck! That means staying indoors most of the day, and not getting to go out and eat play with the new chickens!

Kisses and Tail Wags,
The Very Excited Dachshund Nola

Pee.S. My new sister is coming from a breeder, as we all did. I know some people feel very strongly against breeding and breeders, and that's fine, but any rude or negative comments will be deleted.
Also, please keep any mean opinions about getting another dog so soon after Charlotte's death to yourself. I know the right thing for my pack, and don't need anyone's input. So please, keep it civil :)
Sorry about that Blogville, but I've had such comments (not from any of my furiends) before and I'd like to avoid them. It's random people on who come across my blog and post rude/spam comments.


  1. Hehehe...I loves dat you named da chicken Redneck! If you needs more names I like Toothless and Puddles...of course!

    I can't tells you hows excited I am dat ya'll will haves some more feets to hear...and love. You know yourself and your pack then anybuddy else and you knows what ya'll needs. And I personally think it would be good furs Nola.

    PS: We all came from a breeder...because it was da best fit fur my family.

  2. PS: What about da name Atlanta fur da baby...Virginia, Dallas, Adelaide, Cheyenne, Alexandria, Savannah.

    I'm likin' Savannah


  3. A new puppy in Blogville....dis is exciting! Anudder Florida Weenie! Nuttin can be better den dat! I bets Charlotte had sometin to do wit dis!

    I kind of likes Puddles' suggestion of Savannah. I have to give some more thought to the new chickens!


  4. Oh, a new puppy! Very exciting!!! I also like the name of your new chicken - redneck. BOL!

  5. Chickens and puppies and rain, OH MY!! All of our rotties except Ruby have come from breeders. We trust that you know what's best for your pack! I like Puddles's suggestion of "Virginia" as it was my mother's name. We're from L.A., so I guess we could suggest Angel, Barbara, Monica, Bodega (!!), Eureka!! (driving up the coast in my mind...) I think I'd better stop. I'm going to want to go on a road trip!!

  6. Your new chickens are awesome! Love the names. I think the yellow one should be Goldie! You must be so excited about having a new sissy Nola! I think Argentina is nice and you could call her Tina for short. :)
    I sure hope your weather gets better so you can go outside and play. :)

  7. How about "Lexie" after my town-Lexington? Do you get to play with the chickens?

  8. Cluck cluck cluck - I'd chase those chicken till I got tired (or the snip at me!)
    Woof woof woof - now that would be fun! I am going to mail my self to your house - then
    we'll wait for the puppy too!

    <3 U Nola!


  9. We kinda like the name "Goldie" for your yellow hen. Not very creative, yeah, but it's a nice name. :)
    And we like the name Savannah for your new baby sister.
    Hopefully the weather clears up and all of you can go out to play with the newcomers! *cluck cluck*

  10. Congrats on all the additions to your family. Your new baby sis is adorable.
    We like these names for your new sis.
    Abilene, Brooklyn, Dixie, Florida, Marina & Tulsa.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  11. Looking forward too seeing you with your new minion Nola.
    Best wishes Molly

  12. Woo Hoo - a puppy is just what you all need. No one is trying to replace Charlotte, but when the heart is hurting, a new life is always a good thing. We were going to say Savannah, but Puddles beat us to it. We can't wait to meet your new sister.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  13. Those chickens are so cool, we have never seen chickens like that. How about, Ethel, Agatha, Mabel and Cora?
    Ohhhhh, a new baby! We think it is just what you and your mum need Nola and you don't have to take any sh*t from idiots!
    We are going to wrack our tiny brains for the name of a pretty English town for her (if English towns are allowed?
    Hope your weather doesn't get too bad over there.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  14. Heres our input, we no its not keeping with your names, she just so cute, we like cuddles

    Pees; Bites is from a breeder too, not me Puppy Mill Terrorville

    Susie & Bites

  15. Nola we're are bustin' a seam with joy at your news! My names for the chickens: Omelet, Scramble, Fry, and Poach. For your new baby sister, India, of course. Dia for short.
    Are breeders bad? I thought puppy mills were bad and breeders were good. In China, you go to a dog market where all the cute puppies are put on display. The better ones have AC, and have pictures of the sire and dam on the wall, or have them present. The mixed breeds are often sold out of boxes or bike baskets on Sundays at a designated place for a temporary dog market. There were other kids of dog markets in China as well, but we won't talk about those.

  16. How about BEAKer fur one of the chicks
    and I like Mississippi fur your puppy.. then you can call her Missi.

  17. I think it is great news and Nola will love it. We like
    Taylor, Fl
    Hialeah FL
    Madison WI
    We cant wait to meet her.


  18. Aww...can't wait to hear all the updates about the new puppy. We completely understand. We have went from 5 down to 3 within a year and our house just seems SO quite.

  19. From the mom (kinda long comment butt our mom iz good at that)– About the breeder vs rescue issue – I really do believe strongly that it HAS to be an individual’s choice. Both Shiloh’n Shasta came from a breeder – a farm family who had 1 dog they bred to earn a little extra money for their son’s college education – I had a chance to see both the doggy-mom and dad plus a doggy uncle. The place was clean and the dogs well cared for – they were mostly indoor dogs. With me it’s kind of what is happening at that moment – right now I am thinking my next dog will be from a Beagle rescue BUT that can always change when I am actually in the position of getting another dog. Now, as for some people thinking it is too soon – again, an individual’s choice. I totally understand the whole “we were this and now we are that and I miss having this” situation – I can do you one better (if “better” is the rite word to use). Shiloh grew up with Angel Oreo in the house – even tho Shiloh grew to be at least 3 times the size of little Oreo (a YorkiPoo), they were best buds and often would play tug-o-war. In the late summer of 2006, little Oreo, 15 at that time, suffered a mild stroke but was able to recover pretty well – for a few months anyway. Oreo began to develop additional but mild medical problems and I grew increasingly concerned for Shiloh who was used to having a playmate and also for me – I had grown to love my two dogs and greatly enjoyed having two. When I got word that the breeder of Shiloh, who had kept one of his sister’s, had a litter (& Shiloh being the puppy’s uncle) I jumped at the chance of getting one (Shasta). So, I did have three dogs for awhile but with Angel Oreo’s increasing incontinence, blindness, deafness and arthritis, he did cross the Bridge about 4 months after Shasta joined the family. So when you get another pup – that decision is YOURS alone. And one other thing-some people might say that it is too soon but when you do get that pup, I think that you are honoring the memory of the one who has passed on. Little Charlotte obviously created quite a spot in your heart – a spot that she filled with love and you returned that love – Charlotte created that bit of love that you gave. So now, you have a bit of an empty spot where all that love has no place to go – now with the new pup, you will in a sense be honoring what Charlotte created, in other words – Charlotte’s memory. I hope that makes at least a little sense.
    I am at work so time is limited – will try to get the Beaglebratz back here later this eve when I am home.
    Kim (really excited about the new pup and LOVE your chickens/chicks too)

  20. I'm so excited for you!!!! I've done both - breeder and rescue. To me, as long as you're happy, that is ALL that matters.

    I'm loving having 4 doxies in my house too. There's a certain symetry to it.

    My name suggestions: Aspen (CO), Atlanta (GA), Florence (Italy), Geneva (Switzerland), Olympia (WA) and my personal favorite - Phoenix (because I believe that Charlotte will live on through her).

  21. My assistant really wants a chicken, but the other guy in the house says no. You are going to have lots of eggs!

    Your pal, Pip

  22. How exciting to have a new sister coming. It's going to be a long few weeks waiting for her to be old enough to come home. I hope you (or at least your mom) get to visit your new sister in the next few weeks and let us see pictures of her growing up.


  23. More chickens!
    And of course a new baby sis!
    I am sure you will get along pretty well with her, as you did with Char!
    I know Charlotte has a very special place in your heart!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  24. That is so exciting. I did the same thing for Dylan. He had a brother (doxie) and a brother (cat). They passed away only 3 weeks apart. He,all of a sudden,had no playmates. It was heartbreaking to watch. That is when we decided to bring Dixie into our home. I struggled with if it would be too soon and decided my love for my previous fur babies that passed away would always be just as strong. Nothing will change that. There is nothing wrong with giving a good, loving home to anybody.

  25. I know that Charlotte would be so excited. She doesn't want Nola to be without a playmate/minion. Even before I read the other comments, I was going to suggest Savannah...but I like the suggestion of Abilene too. Chicken names...I alway think of Foghorn Leghorn, Miss Prissy and Egghead, Jr. when I think of chickens, but my favorites are Dip & Bridge's suggestions. Love those old-fashioned names. Boy, you asked for it and you got it, didn't you. So happy for the family and can't wait to hear the adventures as Nola trains up her new buddy.

  26. Funny how many of us thought "Savannah" (I did too)!

    I've never seen naked neck chickens like that before! Fresh eggs sound lovely.

  27. we love those chickens! A new bby on the way!! Whooooooaaa
    Benny & Lily

  28. A good breeder is the way to go! Congrats on your new baby.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

    maybe your Easter Egg hen should just be called Bunny!

  29. I can't believe anyone would think it's wrong to have another puppy. Surely it's the greatest compliment you can pay Charlotte? Mum had me 6 weeks after she lost Uncle Flynn. Perhaps one of your chickens could be called Nigella - in memory of a very lovely chicken that used to sit in Mum's lap! How about Angelica or Atlanta for the pup? Deccy x

  30. We are very happy that a new baby will come soon to your home.
    We think Angel Charlotte would be happy that you are thinking of your doggies and keeping them all happy.
    I like your chickys too.
    That baby is so tiny. She has lots of growing to do.
    I like the name Shilo

  31. You are fine....this new baby will be loved and adored. Little Angel Charlotte will be happy as well. Your chickens are cute as well.
    Happy Monday our friends. :)
    ~Weinerful Gang~

  32. Wow! Chickens right now and a special new baby sister on the way! May your family all be blessed and your house be filled with love. We are certain Charlotte will act as a guardian angel for your new sister. We are excited for you, NOLA

  33. I think it is wonderful that you will have a new baby in the house soon. How very exciting. I have been sad for Noli Canoli not having a partner. Now she will have a baby sister to take care of and teach things to. I can't wait to meet her. As for a name Mommy suggests Madison. That is where my Daddy got his kidney transplant in Wisconsin and so its a great place full of new life and promise for us. I saw above suggestions and we like Lexie and Savannah also. I bet you will have a hard time deciding my sweet pal.

    Loveys Sasha

  34. Thats crazy about the chickens, I didnt know they made them like that (bald on the neck) thanks for sharing!

    CONGRATS on a new sister!!!! haylie was from a breeder so I understand. there isnt anything wrong with that. I think sometimes we are all quick to judge.

    So excited I love doxie puppies!!

  35. We are soooo excited for you!! Only you and your family can decide when the right time is for a new puppy...

    Hmmmm, names.... Indy (short for Indianapolis), Alexandria, Cynthiana, Auburn, Shelburn, Dana, Camden - all names of cities in Indiana :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Brutus & Ellie

  36. Love Savannah and Dixie, and Florence too!

  37. Chester came from a breeder. Gretel was a rescue. The thing about rescues is that is is REALLY hard to get a tiny puppy. We want a tiny baby around again sometime so our next one will probably come from a breeder. I have to issue with getting one from a long as they are a responsible, legitimate breeder.

    We are so excited for you! Ok, and a little bit jealous :)

  38. Concatulations! A new baby! That is so exciting! And look at those chickens! Me would LOVES to has some chickens!

  39. I am so excited for you.
    I like the Name Bella
    The meaning of the name Bella is Beautiful, God Is My Oath.
    Can't wait to see the new puppy.
    xo Cinnamon

  40. What about Pensacola and you call her Penny?

  41. Puppppieeeeees! How gorgeous. And so teeny tiny! Our new puppy is coming from a great breeder... they aren't all bad and you have to do what's right for you and your pack. :)

    As for a name... what about Sydney or Adelaide(if it doesn't have to be a US place) or Annie (Annapolis).

    Looking forward to seeing more piccies.

  42. WOW! So many new additions!
    I think this is great that you are getting a new puppy. I hope that you have a great time together! I probably don't even need to say that, because I'm sure you will!


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