Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fires, Awards and Chicken Names

Hi everyone! Before I get to my two new awards, Mom and I ask you all to cross your paws and think good thoughts for everyone in Colorado affected by the horrible wild fires. Bloggers I know who are in danger are K, from Romping and Rolling in The Rockies and Mayzie of Mayzie's Dog Blog. Also, Mom's aunt (more like her sister, they're only 4 years apart) is in Colorado Springs at the Air Force Academy. We heard they had to evacuate everyone there to a different location.

This is where Mom's aunt is suppose to go. The sky is literally black with smoke
So please, keep your paws crossed for all in danger and that soon the desperately needed rain arrives. Below is the beautiful badge Anne of Zoolatry made for us all to show our support.

Inline image 1

I recivved two awards! One was from a few days ago, but one from...gulp...March!!! Blame Mom.
Mom's fault. Not mine. Why do I look slightly drunk in this picture?

I was given the awards by the pawsome Bloggers Bringing Up BellaK-9 Katastrophie and Beautifully Unique. Thank you all!
First up is the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

The rules are pretty straight forward:  Thank the blogger(s) who gave you the award and link back to them. Done. Share 7 things about yourself.

1. My Doxie parents were named Coco Puff and Patches.
2. I was the smallest, loudest and bitchiest of 5 puppies in my litter!
3. I am TERRIFIED of garbage trucks!
4. People have actually asked Mom what kind of dog I am, then were shocked to find out I'm a purebred Dachshund!
5. I'm 7 1/2 inches tall (at the shoulders)
6. The hardest command for me to learn was down.
7. People almost NEVER get my name right, much less get the meaning.

Nominate 15 (or less) bloggers for this award.
Dog Blogging With Luna
All The Small Stuff
Team Beaglebratz
It's a Weinerful Life
Basset Momma
Sasha The Lovable Shih Tzu
My BFF Lily Belle
Bringing Up Bella
My Dogs Love Me
Da Weenies of Florida
The Elka Almanac

And the one from MARCH (ehm, Mom) The Versatile Blogger Award!

      Rules: Thank the blogger who gave you this award (thank you and sorry, Bringing Up Bella!), done. Share 7 things about yourself. I just did, so I'll let Mom do this one. Aren't I generous.

    1. I'm the oldest of 5 (!)
    2. I'm terribly pale, despite living in Florida my whole life. Actually I'm tan, for me, right now.
    3. I'm very opinionated, and don't hesitate to tell you what I think.
    4. I'm insulted by the fact that my younger sister is taller than I am.
    5. Nola and I have almost identical personalities.
    6. I'm a grammer and spelling nazi.
    7. I'm an avid and fast reader. When I'm on a good series, I can finish it in a week or less.

    Nominate up to 15 blogs for this award:
    My BFF Lily Belle (cause she's awesome like that)
    The Adventures of Higgins
    Bicontinentl Dachshund
    Sarge Speaks Out
    Dog In The Desert

    We decided on names for the chickens! Along with our old chickens, Puffy, Nugget/Comet, BBQ and Hippie Chick, we now have: Luna, Emu, Cuckoo, Redneck, NakedNeck/Pinky, Agatha, Rosie, Delilah and Gretel. BOL what do you think of those names?
    Kisses and Tail Wags,
    Dachshund Nola
    Our adult flock! L to R: Cuckoo, Agatha, Rosie, Redneck, NakedNeck/Pinky, Puffy (her tail's sticking out from behind the white and black chicken), BBQ, Hippie Chick (laying down) and Nugget/Comet 
    And the babies! L to R: Delilah, Emu, Luna and Gretel



    1. Congrats, on your Awards you deserve them both for being such a good bloggie friend to all of us fur babies here.
      Keeping the paws crossed for rain in Colorado.
      WOW, you sure picked out some good names for your new chickens.
      Hope they give you lots of eggs!
      xo Cinnamon

    2. Congrats on the award little mate! All our prayers to those affected by the fires, and for the gallant men and women on the front lines of these battles,

      RA, Isis & Nanük

    3. Congrats on the awards, we love them because we get to know you better :) I cant believe one vet spelled doxie like that, WTF!!

      Wow I envy you for being a fast reader, im jealous!

      I LOVE the names of the new chickens and awwwww the babies are so sweet!

    4. Congrats on your awards, and thank you so much for passing The Versatile Blogger Award on to us!

      Good job naming your new chickens! I'm a great big fan of chickens, and I think they should have the right to vote, so that we could have an exit poultry.

    5. Hey Nola - now we c your post. Shiloh'n Shasta here - yepperz, we gotz an award or tue that were given tue us a LONG time ago (erlier this year) an'mom haz bin ... well, what CAN we say - L-A-Z-Y! CONGRACHULASHUNZ on your awardz - u r furry much d-servin'of them. An'thank-u furry much fur passin'the Inspirashun award on tue us - that wuz furry nise an'we iz gonna D-MAND that we git a post in the next day or tue.

      Anywayz, we haf our pawz crossed fur all the doggiez an'peepz in the path of thoze devastatin'wildfirez. An'we love all thoze neeto-sweeto namez u picked out fur the chikenz/chickz - the baby chickz r soooo cute. Mom wanted us tue ask - the name BBQ fur one of the chickenz-duz that mean there r future plans? (he-he)

      Shiloh'n Shasta

    6. Many prayers for all the people out west!! That picture is pretty scary looking.

      Congrats to all the people you named and to yourself for being so very lovely to be a winner! xx

      Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby,

    7. Aw thanks for thinking of us again, Nola. You are much too kind. (And we feel your pain over delays but I think everyone who blogs knows how time can get away from us. ;)

      Loved reading all your little tidbits of information. Got a real chuckle out of your mom being "offended" by her little sister's height. I'll have to ask my older sister how she feels about that. lol Oh and we love all the chickens and their names. (Can't believe you named a chicken BBQ - you are too funny.)

      We've been following the fires in CO but didn't know K and Mayzie were in the line of fire. (Sorry, really horrible unintended pun that). We will keep them and your mom's aunt in our thoughts and hope everyone stays safe. What a terrible situation.

    8. Congrats on your awards. I know it gets hard sometimes to stay on top of them. I love the names you picked out for your chickens and those babies are just adorable!! Our fingers and paws are crossed hoping for rain in Colorado!

    9. I hope that everyone is safe. It's a very scary situation. Congrats on your awards. I want some chickens, I'll have to ask my mom person.

      Thanks for stopping by with birthday wishes!

      Nubbin wiggles,

    10. Happy Thursday woofs & huggies! Those baby chickies are so cuuute! :)

      Woofs & huggies, <3

      ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

    11. It is so awful about the fires in Colorado, we hope everyone is okay.
      Congrats on your awards, we are glad we are not the only noisy - er we mean outspoken dogs around!
      We love the chickens names and Mum is presently melting into a puddle when she looked at the picture of your baby chicks, awwwwww.
      Dip Bridge and Elliot x

    12. Nola, Mommy is praying for the people in Colorado, it is so sad and so very scary. Congratulations on your awards and thank you for sharing with me my sweet pal!! My Mommy is also behind on my awards and I am gonna have to get after her now. The baby chicks are so cute.

      Loveys Sasha

    13. Thank you my lovely BFF Nola for bestowing on me two awards! We will have to work on getting them posted. You're awesome...

      We love the names you picked out for the chick's. Especially Gretel. Could you tell her we like her best (even tho we don't have a doxie clue as to which one she really is.) Dachshund Mommy isn't gonna fry them up for dinner anytime soon I hope.

      Ok, now that you have chickens, we need an answer to the age ol'e question. So just why DID the chicken cross the road??

      Lily Belle

    14. Nola...Congratulations on your awards and also thank you for passing it on to me. I be so honored! My puter will be sleeping with our visitors that will be here during July so me can't post bout my award until later on. But my assistant is keeping all the information so we can jump on it when we get back to blogging again.

      Love the chickies! How will you ever remember all the names?


    15. Congratulations on your Awards!
      I loved reading those things about you two!
      Thanks for giving it to me!
      Kisses and hugs

    16. hey Nola,

      Congratulations on your two pawsome awards! Very well deserved! I love your "7 Things" list, especially No. 2. BOL! You sound like a super fun pup! And your mom's list is fun too. Five kids, wow! My human tries to be correct with her grammar so if your mom ever sees an error (or errors) she is free to let my human know! :->

      The chicken names are cool. My favorite is NakenNake/Pinky. That is great! :->

      My paws are crossed and our thoughts and prayers are with all those in the line of fire in Colorado. Very scary, indeed. We pray your blogging friends and your mom's Aunt are safe.


    17. Congrats Nola on your two new awards! You rock! Didn't you like my chicken names? I thought they would remind them what they are supposed to do! Well, I hope you name your new baby sister India!

    18. Congratulations on the awards. You deserve lots more.
      Also sending lots of love to all the Colorado and New Mexico friends.

      Love all the "7 Things" LOLOLOL too dang funny.

      The chicken names are way too cute and creative.

      Also thank you soo much for our awards, we will be updating those shortly. ;0)

      ~Weinerful Gang~

    19. Yay!! Thanks and congrats for the awards!! :o)

      Paws are crossed for everyone in's so sad.

      Cool chicken names!! I loved chasing chickens when we had them, but my favorite thing to do was roll in their poop!! Teehee!!


    20. OMG! I can't believe I forgot to say thank you for the award! (Brain Fart!) Thanks so much we really are honored! :)

    21. Nola....
      Congrats on earning both awards!! I loved your seven things!! They were quite interesting!! And, I loved your Mom's seven things, too!! They were amusing!! ;op
      Love, Raelyn.... And Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!


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