Monday, April 30, 2012


Hi everybody!! OMD it's official: my peeps are C-R-A-Z-Y! Yup, they've finally lost it, every bit of sanity is gone as of yesterday.
It started off like any normal (yeah right, normal's a common word in my house. NOT) Sunday. I became suspicious when an air of excitement started filling the room, and my suspicions were confirmed when I was locked away  crated along with the minions. The peeps were gone for like 87 hours, and when they came back something was very odd. They opened the door and I heard the strangest sound ever. Sounded like a broken squeaky toy. It smelled funny too...OMD WHAT HAVE YOU BROUGHT HOME?!?!?!?!?! I just knew whoever the strange sound and smell belonged to was here for no good reason, and I simply couldn't allow it to remain.
When Mom finally let me out of my crate and leashed me up (I can't wait for that yard, it'll be so nice to not be leashed all the time. But I digress.) and led me to the backyard, I saw it. W.T.F? I have never seen such an odd looking, bowlegged, busty creature. I barked like a possessed demon calmly walked up behind it and politely told it to get off my property. Then it turn around and OMD OMD OMD WHAT IS IT?!

"OMD!!!! MOM, what the bleep is THAT?!"
"She's a goat Nola.  A Tennessee Fainting Goat, to be exact."
"Okay woman, this is the final straw. You've lost it."
"She's sweet Nola, see? (pets this "goat" thing) Her name is Plymouth, and she's our new pet"

A goat. REALLY??!! And get this: the goat is pregnant! O.M.D!
Kisses and Tail Wags,
The Flabbergasted Dachshund Nola
Note from Dachshund Mommy: It is the funniest thing ever to watch these goats faint. If our internet wasn't so slow I'd post a video, but feel free to YouTube "fainting goats" and you won't be disappointed.
Apparently, this is our goat. Pregger Plymouth BOL



  1. You got a goat!! Yay!! I love goats!! We have always had them around the farm until about a year ago when mom and dad sold them all!!! They have the best poop to roll in....I mean sniff!! BOL!! Wait until she had her baby or babies!! They are so cute and so fun to play with!!


  2. How cool it THAT! A goat at your house....AWESOME!

  3. Hey Nola, I think I would be flabbergasted if my peeps brought a goat home!! I don't know what they are thinking! When you work it out let us know!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie xxx

  4. Holy freakin' moly Nola! A goat and a preggers one at that! Your new sister doesn't lool anything like you! BOL! She;s pretty cute though. I always wanted to own a goat!

  5. OMD, Nola, you got a GOAT! My mom loves goats...not sure how I'd feel about one,'ll have to let me know how it goes! Good luck. (I bet she's pretty cool...maybe she'll play with you?!)

  6. Hey Nola!
    Wow, I don't quite know where to start! Wow! Um, shesh. I would suggest bashing it except that she has horns AND hormones! Not a good combination. Please get pix for us!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  7. A GOAT! They are so adorable! This is so exciting and we can't wait for updates on Plymouth.

  8. Shut the front door! Mamma wants a goat too but I don't think they allow that in our city... I hope not anyway...


  9. A FAINTING GOAT??? How do you know when he is faking it or when you need to call the doctor?
    That Koo-Koo! You mom sure is silly!
    Hope you have fun which her, bark bark, faint... bark bark, faint! hee hee!
    Love you Nola!


  10. A goat! How fun!! I am sure you'll be fast friends!

  11. WTF? I mean a goat is bad enuffs but one dat falls down likes a drunkard is a little messed up doncha thinks? But oh my dis is hilarious.


  12. I have never heard of a Tennessee Fainting Goat before!

  13. While Mum is oohing and ahhing over your pretty goat, we have to admit, we have never heard of a goat that faints before.
    Is there a medical reason they do this like high blood pressure or something or do they just do it for a laugh?
    Very strange - we must look it up on the internet.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  14. A fainting goat! How strange. She won't be any fun to chase, if she just falls over....

    XXXOOO daisy, Bella & Roxy

  15. OH NOLA... you are gonna have a CONSTANT SOURCE of the most amazingly DELICIOUS POOPS in the world. It will be grrrrreat. AND you can even ROLL in the fresh pellets. OMD... YOU LUCKY DAWG.

    Welcome to Blogville Plymouth the Pregger.

  16. Puddles cracks us up:) We can't believe you got a goat - Mom says we do enough grazing in the grass for her. She said she has heard of those fainting goats, but we are going to let her show them to us on youtube. Good luck, Nola - what will they do next?

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  17. Plymouth is adorable!
    Hmmm.... I am not so sure you will be able to play with her a lot... imagine if she is being chased by you and suddenly she faints!!!!
    Kisses and hugs

  18. Holy crap! Hope it's not going to live inside, hide your toys
    Benny & Lily

  19. That is so cool that you have a goat

    Stop on by for a visit

  20. congrats on the new addition! there must be alot of grass at the new house for Plymouth to nosh on! hey - it beats a noisy lawn mower! BOL!

  21. that sounds so cool! i've never heard of fainting goats before!

  22. Oh My Goodness! Does the goat sleeps with yous guys? Will the goat moves with yous? Will yous drink goat's mils?
    That is so cool!

  23. Is she going to have her own blog?? Hope so!

    Your pal, Pip

  24. Holy smokies!
    I cannot believe this! Now I want to see if they sleep in your bed and eat out of your bowls!

  25. Holy Moly, Nola! You have a pregnant new goat! I'm going to see them "faint" on youtube!

  26. Well as they say, "there's something you don't read every day"...and LOTS of strange stuff happens in the blog world, but you are the first family we know with a preggers fainting goat as a pet! Will you have to walk her on a leash until you get that new yard?

  27. I'm speechless! I can't wait to hear all about Plymouth. This is going to be fun. Sorry, Nola.

  28. Nola, I don't know what to say. You poor little thing, I don't know what I would do if that happened here. What goes through the Pawrents minds sometimes?? Maybe they don't want to cut the grass anymore so they got a goat. Will you have to share toys or treats?? Will Plymouth sleep with you?? I hope you can make the best of it. I welcome Plymouth to bloggies. Good luck Nola

    Loveys Sasha

  29. Holy Goat!! LOL she looks very sweet though. I have seen the fainting goats on TV, cracks me up! I cant wait to read more about her this is going to be fun!!!

  30. You have not been keeping a close eye on your Mommy, now have you Nola... You turn your back for like 87 seconds and look what happens. Great balls of fire, a fainting goat???? Please tell me it was April Fool's Day. (She is kinda pretty tho...) Oh sorry!

    Don't worry Nola, you're still Numero Uno in my book!!

    Lily Belle

  31. Nola, Mrs. family has goats (for pets) & they used to have a fainting goat way back when Mrs. was in high school. Just wait until you see how cute those baby goats are! Be nice to Plymouth :)

  32. How exciting! What a cute goat!

  33. Oh, Nola, it cannot be all that bad!! Plymouth is only a goat!! (Just keep your things away from his grabby mouth!!) ;-}
    Welcome to the "family", Plymouth!! ;)
    Love, Raelyn.... And Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!


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