Sunday, April 15, 2012

Beach Pictures and Mom Update

Hi everyone! Before I show you my beach pictures I just want to give you an update on how Mom is doing and to say thanks for all the well wishes. She's doing good, no infection/dry sockets and the pain isn't too bad at all. She gets tired easy still and eats mostly soft foods. I love that though because I get so many Jello and pudding cups to clean BOL! The funny thing is, Mom had her surgery on Thursday and for dinner that night she ate a Big Mac cut up tiny BOL!
Here are my beach pictures! Sorry they're a bit blurry, Mom didn't bring her fancy camera so we made do with the iPhone.
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola
Pee.S. Did you know the beach is a great cure for fleas? I had a few before we went and I've only had 3 since!
I'm wet and hungry, stop snapping pictures!
Ohhh it's bright!
Let's get this pawty started!


  1. We are glad to hear that your Mom is feeling better. You look awfully cute at the beach.

    Pauley James

  2. Happy to hear your mommy is doing well! GREAT shots, my friend!

  3. So happy your mommy is doing OK!! Nala and I are sending her lotsa extra huggies!! :)

    Love your beach photos! :)

    Woofs & hugs! <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  4. great pictures! i wish i would live near the sea too!

    great to hear that your mom is doing well! give her a big hug from me.


  5. I'm really glad that mom is doing so well and it is all behind her now. What a fun and beautiful day you had at the beach. We haven't been in too long and Tucker has never been. Seems that our rain has stopped so maybe soon we can go too.

  6. Oh thank paws your mama is getting better!!! Way to go mama on that burger trick. We would have done the same. HE HE HE HE! But Nala, what great pictures. The sand looks perfect. Oh man wish we could have gone. Happy Monday to you both! ~Weinerful Life~

  7. I am so glad that Mommy is doing so well. Nothing seems right when the Mommies don't feel good. You look lovely on the beach, I love your dress. Did you get to swim??

    Loveys Sasha

  8. Yaaaay furs your mommie feelin' betters! BOL, I can't believes hers ate a burger dat night...hehehe.
    Girl, I be so lovin' your beach fotos, you is definately swimsuit model material.


  9. Oh Nola, you truly are a beach bunny! Glad your Momma's doing well. :)

  10. What a cute little beach bum you are!

  11. Hi ya Nola!
    So glad that your mom is feeling better! It sounded not so pleasant - ouchie!

    I LOVE your beach pictures! You are having so much fun!

    Love you my friend!
    - Hildy

  12. Hi Nola. I'm glad your mum is feeling better. It look like you had a great time at the beach the photo's are great. From Milo

  13. Nola....
    I love, love, love picture number three!! You have a sandy mouth!! ;op
    Glad that your Mom is recovering nicely!! ;-}

  14. Sorry mum wasn't well, hope she is feeling better now.

    Looks like a pawesome time at the beach!



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