Thursday, March 29, 2012

March 2012 Photo Challenge: Week 4

Hi everyone! Dachshund Mommy here. Nola has very generously allowed me this post to update you on how I'm doing as well as show you this week's photos.
I'm okay, still foggy from pain meds and feel like I got hit by a truck LOL. Hardly any bleeding, I didn't even need the gauze after about 45 minutes ( thank you mom for the fast clotting). Tried rice for dinner that was agony. So bananas, soup, jello and stuff like that is my diet for now. I can't tell you how bad I'm craving chips and salsa right now.
Anyways, our Internet is down AGAIN (Comcast, you suck) and I have to do this post via iPhone, so the pictures aren't labeled and will probably be out of order. Oh and if the picture for day 27 and 28 aren't my best, I'm on pain pills LOL. Okay since these picture won't be labeled they are as follows:
Day 22: Kitchen Sink (faucet)
Day 23: Moon (oreo cookie, the sky was cloudy)
Day 24: An animal (Nola's kitty sister Star)
Day 25: Breakfast (banana peel)
Day 26: Keys
Day 27: Your Name ( the A charm on my necklace)
Day 28: Trash (my guiltiest pleasure, MTV's 16 and pregnant)
Thanks again all of you for the get well soon wishes, they mean so much.
Dachshund Mommy

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Update

Thank you all for the advice an crossed paws. Mom is home they only removed two teeth because her heart got too fast and they had to stop. They had a hard time getting an IV in so it's in the inside of her elbow. She also has bandaid things on her hand where they tried to go in. She's sore and tired and nauseous. Thank you all again. I'm being a good nurse and laying on Mom to keep her warm while we watch 4 Weddings BOL
Dachshund Nola


Hi everyone! Mom is having all four of her wisdom teeth removed today. How teeth make you wise is beyond me. So we probably won't be around much today, since I'll be busy being  Nurse Nola. BUTT I promise we will be here for Wordless Wednesday and to show you this week's photos for The Challenge (Dachshund Mommy: Yes, I will take the daily pictures, doped up and all! So if they're not my best I have a valid excuse). I remember when I had to my my impacted puppy teeth removed, it wasn't so bad! Mom is super nervous, she hates doctors and dentists. So if you could keep your paws crossed all goes well we'd really appreciate it. So I'll see you all ASAP, don't furget me!
On a different note, how do you all like my new Easter header?
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


Monday, March 26, 2012

Dachshund Nola Reviews: yumZies Dog Treats

Hi everyone! Remember the review I did for Mr. Chewy back in January? Well, they emailed me on Tuesday asking if I would be willing to review a brand new treat called yumZies that just came on the market. Free treats?! You didn't have to ask twice!

YumZies are grain free, real chicken is the first ingredient (NO byproducts) and are made in the USA! How pawsome is that?

Ingredients for the Natural Hickory Bacon Flavor: 
Chicken, Potato Flour, Pea Powder, Tapioca Starch, Glycerin, Fish Oil(preserved with Mixed Tocopherols), Pea Flour, Natural Flavor, Salt, Natural Bacon Flavor, Lecithin, Garlic Powder, Brewer's Dried Yeast, Phosphoric Acid, Ginger Powder, Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Bisulfate, Cultured Dextrose, Mixed Tocopherols(preservative), Citric Acid(preservative), Rosemary Extract

On to the review!!
I received an email saying Mr.Chewy had shipped my package on Friday and on Saturday afternoon my package was here (I love Mr. Chewy!).

OMD it's here already!
I sniffed and generously let the minions sniff too. BOY did that smell good! So good Mom had a hard time getting a picture of us that wasn't blurry with excitement!

Of course, there's never a bad time for a photo shoot!
"Please open it Mom, I don't have thumbs!"

As soon as Mom opened the bag we went even crazier, barking and jumping and begging for a taste!
Here's a video of how excited we were:

Dachshund Mommy: for being dog treats, they smelled pretty good!

They were SO YUMMY!!!

I LOVED them so much I almost took Mom's fingers off when she gave it to me! Boston, Auggie and Charlotte loved them too, but they'll eat anything. Seriously, Auggie is a recovering poop addict. But I digress. Anyway, I loved yumZies so much, my cruel Mom decided this would be a great way to show you all how reliable my "wait" command is. TWICE! Sick woman.
Yup, that's YUM written in treats. Yup that's ME, resisting.
Sadly I only got one treat, not all of them.
You're a sick person, you know that Mom?

Pros of yumZies:
Allergy friendly
American made
No byproducts
Chicken is the first ingredient
They smell good
Good for skin and coat
A great training treat for bigger dogs
The bag is resealable

Cons of yumZies:
These are a bit big for me

Just a bit too big.
Needs more flavors!

Would I recommend this treats to my furiends? Heck yeah!! They are yummy yummers, and like I said allergy friendly.
Thank you Mr. Chewy for the great opportunity to review these treats, you're the best!
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola
Disclosure: I was given free treats by Mr. Chewy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Making Faces

March 2012 Photo Challenge: Week Three

Hi everybody! Before I show you this week's pictures, I have two impawtent things to tell you all about.
First, my sister Boston gets her lady parts ripped out spayed today, so if you could keep your paws crossed for her she'd really appreciate it.
My sister Boston
Second, my Sweetie (my grandma) has her own blog finally! YAY! Her and Mom spent like 87 hours setting it up yesterday, ignoring me!  How dare they! But go check out my Sweetie's blog here at Bella Bambino The Blog and make sure to leave a pawment! Tell her Nola sent ya!

Okay, here's this week's photos for the challenge. Tell me what you think!
Dachshund Mommy: in case anyone is wondering, my photos are almost completely unedited. I blur out address on boxes, letters and Nola's ID tags, and of course I will make pictures black and white or add other effects, but everything you see is basically right from the camera.
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola
Day 15: Car
Day 16: Sunglasses

Day 17: Green

Day 18: A corner of your home
Dachshund Nola on the kitchen corner chair,
photo set to Antique 1 in iPhoto

Day 19: Funny
"OMD Mom you can see my lady parts!!!"
"Nola, do you not remember this post?"
"Just call me Lindsay Lohound everybody!"
Day 20: Before/After

Day 21: Delicious

Monday, March 19, 2012


You caught me at a bad time!
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Look Out Hollywood, Here I Come!

Hi everybody! Hope you all had a great weekend! I've posted this video once before, but that was way back in November when I didn't know most of you, my pawsome furiends! Anyway, here's a short video of me doing "bang!" or play dead. Enjoy!
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola

Happy Birthday Twins

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patricks Day

Hi everyone! Happy St. Patrick's Day! And thank you all so much for your crossed paws and prayers. Last we heard she was off the ventilator and eating ice chips.
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola

Friday, March 16, 2012

Emergency POTP

Hi everyone. Someone in our extended family is in real need of the Power Of The Paw. She had a baby by C-section yesterday and had to have emergency surgery for internal bleeding last night. She is on a ventilator as we speak. She's the mother of 4 other kids under the age of 10. So please, if you could crossed your paws and say a prayer we'd really appreciate it.
Dachshund Nola