Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Dox of A Different Color

Hi everyone! What Remains Now asked what color I am, and I'm here to tell you all about it!
Dachshunds come in more colors, patterns and shades then other other breed recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club for my foreign friends)! So understandably it was quite a quest to find out what color I am.
The colors are red, black and tan, black and cream, chocolate and tan, wild boar, cream, Isabella (fawn) and blue. The patterns are dapple, brindle, piebalds (although they are no longer excepted by the AKC) double dapple and sable.
Sable is the rarest (no Dachshund color is is so rare you should pay more for it) color and is ALMOST exclusively in longhairs. I am a Sable, which is a dog with a base color (in my case red) with each hair being tipped with black and the color always displays a widows peak. It took almost 8 months for Mom to be sure of my color BOL.
It's one of the questions I'm asked most on walks "Ohh I've never seen that color! What is it? I just love her little face markings".
Hope this helps, and thank you What  Remains Now for the pawsome question!
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola
The fur of a sable is lighter around the face and on the legs.

Widows peak, one of my best features 

In sunlight you can see all the red in my fur


  1. Oh that widow's peak is very pretty!

    So, I just read on the blogville calendar that you are having an ongoing exchange, where we send you something from our area and you send us something back? I'm gain - can you email me the details/address? marianne(dot)d(dot)howard(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Your colors are beautiful Nola! Great information

  3. What an informative post! We love your widow's peak.

  4. I love your colour and think you are cute ( for a woofie that is ) mol.. HUgs GJ xx

  5. Nola, you are just too gorgeous! Sable...cool colour. Loving the widows peak!


  6. Beautiful, my friend, you are just BEAUTIFUL!

  7. O hai! U look like ice kreem to me. I like ice kreem. :)

  8. You and my Meadow are twins. She's a pretty sable like you!

  9. No matter your color, you are adorable!!!!


  10. We only knew red or black and tans, so are amazed at all the colours. Someone said our little friend Millie is a wild boar....first we'd heard of that.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  11. VERY Good Post. We get asked about our colors... all the time too.
    Our Angel Sarek was Wild Boar.. also very rare.
    I (Frankie Furter) am a Long Furred Black and Tan, and Ernie is a Long Furred RED with Black Overlay.

  12. I love the widow's peak Nola, this was a great post.

  13. You have beautiful colours! I love your heart shaped face!

  14. Wow! And I thought us schnauzers had a lot of colors! We think your furs color is pawsome!!

    Yuki and Rocket

  15. well. Nola, what ever color it is, I think you are very pretty!!

    Jazzi and Addy

  16. Interesting, we saw a black white mixed up color one
    Benny & Lly

  17. Yous is very beauteous! Me thinks yous is a wonderful color for a dog!

  18. You are lovely no matter the "official" description of your furs (although the info was interesting). Dad grew up with red minis.

  19. We definitely think you are special.

    We have a couple of sables that are members of our Adventureweiner Club too. I get a lot of questions with Gretel's chocolate (and tan) dapple pattern. Did you know that only Dachshund spotted patterns are called dapple? It's called Merle in other breeds. There is a breeder in Washington that produces solid blues (I guess they can be called seal?). I want one of those really bad :)

    Oh...and for patterns - what about Piebald?

  20. Sooooo interesting! You are so beautiful, Nola! Here are a few more questions for the future...

    Where do you like to shop? You're very fashionable.
    You have very good training. What are yours and your mom's best training tips?

    Not sure if you still want questions, but I'm always good for a question.

  21. And that is why we love Dachshunds. :) Baloo, one of our little guys now re-homed, is a Black and Tan Piebald...and his new Mama is always getting asked what kind of dog he is and if he is a purebred. There is not a speck of black or tan on him. LOL

  22. My Mommy always said i was honey colored. Regardless, I'm (like you) just BEAUTIFUL!


  23. I had mo idea there were so many colors and patterns. Or that your's was so rare. Always knew you were special, though. ;)

    I love your little widow's peak. It is very sweet.

  24. That is such a perfect Widow's Peak! I am falling in love with Dachshunds....

  25. Love that widow's peak! My girl has one too!


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