Monday, January 30, 2012

Q and A

Hi everyone! Here is the A to the Q and A I posted on Thursday.

                                               Frankie Asks:
                         How are the puppies and their mommy doing?
The puppies and Boston are doing great! They're started eating puppy food and have had their first bath, their eyes and ears are open and they're walking (very unsteadily but still).
L to R: Charlotte, Vancouver and Dublin

                                                 Finn Asks:
             What's your craziest quality? What about you drives the peeps nutso?
Well, and I must be honest here, I'm damn near perfect BOL! BUT if you asked my crazy peeps, they'd probably say what drives them crazy is whenever they leave without me, I poop right in the middle of the walkway. What drives Mom crazy too is that I like to jump off the bed (yes I do have a ramp) and I land hard, Mom's paranoid about my back.

                                               Kitty+Coco ask:
                           Have you ever gotten hold of a squirrel?
Sadly no. I know I could, but we don't have a fenced yard so I go out on a leash.

                                       What Remains Now asks:
                     What are your dimensions? You look very petite.
Oh I am proud of my figure! I am 8lbs with a 11 and a half inch waist, 17 inch chest (heehee no wonder everyone was sure I'd get a Pawty date fast BOL) and am 28 inches from nose tip to tail tip.

                                               Mister asks:
              Have you or any of the other doggies been to their namesake cities?
Not yet! NOLA and and especially Boston are really far from us, but I don't know the peeps' excuse for not taking us to St. Augustine. It's right here in Florida and one of Mom's favorite FL cities!

                                           Tootsie asks:
What inner strength did you tap into to help you not eat that bacon bit in front of you? Any advice for a fellow Doxie, regarding stay?

Well Tootsie, I learned ''wait'' (not stay, still working on that) by Mom putting food in front of me, saying wait then if I moved to take it without her saying okay she'd grab it before I could. Then once I grasped that (only took a few minutes) she'd give me a better food reward then what I was resisting PLUS my favorite neck scratchies! So when I leave food I know I'll get a better treat and scratchies! Win win! Note: training a Doxie is very hard if you haven't started some form of learning and training between 8 and 16 weeks.

                                           My Blogville BFF Lily Belle asks:
   Why is it every time I visit your blog you are my beautiful then the day before?
Aw, Lily! You're such a sweetheart! I guess that's just one of my many many many many many many talents! Love ya!

Thank you everyone for all the greta questions! I think this will be a weekly event! So, ask away all week and I will answer everyone next Monday!
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola


  1. Great Q & A! Charleotte, Vancouver and Dublin are just adorable!!

  2. WOW..... you do have a ... MAJOR CHEST... esp. for as small as you are. I weigh 10 pounds and 12 Oz. Ernie weighs just under 7 pounds. Butt he is LONGER than you are. Of course he WILL fill out esp. now that he has had his bobblectomy.
    thank you fur thinkin of us MARRIED X's TWO guys and puttin those "pasties" on there. hehehehe

    Those puppies are DARLING. I don't see as many Dapple Dots as I would have thought... There BASE color is just BEAUTIFUL. AND if I remember right you though One might be Long Furred. DO YOU STILL THINK SO???

  3. I love your Q&A!

    Your "WAIT" suggestions are super helpful. Thank you. I'm pretty good on "WAIT" by the door, but Mom would really like to combine "WAIT" and "SIT" together when I get my carrot pieces. "STAY" is pretty much in tatters right now.

    Charlotte, Vancouver, and Dublin are total wotten waven.

    And you look more gorgeous by the day.

    Your fan,

  4. I think you should be in the movies like that fellow Uggie the Jack Russell in the movie "The Artist". Why do all the Jack Russell's seem to be on TV and movies...why not you Nola or.....a Sheltie?

    Your big fan Tucker, Stewie and Ellen

  5. Nola,

    We just luvs your Q&A today. Dose puppies are gettin' so big. Thanks fur helpin' me celebrate my barkday today.

    Woofs and Lickc,
    Maggie Mae and Max

    PeeS Our mom is goin' to your namesake (NOLA) in February fur Mardi Gras!

  6. I can't wait to learn more about you! You are so tiny!!!

  7. Very interesting and the puppies are ADORABLE. Here's my question for the next Q&A...this might be a whole separate blog post. What color are you? You don't seem like a dapple and you don't seem like Puddles. Maybe we need a doxie variations education post.

  8. OMD! your centerfold pic (#2) is quite revealing! tell your mom she placed the flowers very well. now i have to go get dad to give me a cold bath! BOL!


  9. Those pups have grown!
    I had to laugh at your answer about pooping in the middle of hallway, though. BOL.

    Love, Whisky

  10. These are some great questions and funny answers! I loved the pooping in the hallway (my own person fave thing to do) and the comment about you and your proud body hahah!

  11. More puppiesss!! Ahhh, another post I have to hide from my mommy. Teehee! :)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  12. I think this would make a great weekly segment, too!

  13. Great post , love the Q and A!



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