Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Food Day

Hi everyone! This week's food has:

3 whole carrots, cut small
4 cups turkey meat cut small
1 can peas
1/4 head of broccoli, grown in our garden
3 1/2 oats
1 tsp mint flakes
A pinch of salt
1 TBS olive oil
1 1/2 TBS organic ground flaxseed
2 TBS brewers yeast
It made 13-14 cups of food. Yummy!
Dachshund Nola


  1. Nice to meet you! My dog Indiana would looove some homemade food. How long can it be stored for?

  2. Sounds yummy. It sounds like your Mom feeds you similar to Glacier and Roscoe. :)

  3. This is why you look so good in your pics! Looks delicious as always!

  4. Dear Nola

    My name is Gracie May, and I am a weiner, too. Check out my blog

  5. Do you grow your own MINT, too? I have Apple Mint growing in my front yard... it is gooooood chopped into my home made foods... AND.. guess what else??? The plants keep TICKS and Fleas away!!! I like THAT!!

    Your dinners look DELICIOUS this time... BUTT then they ALWAYS DO!! THANKS fur SHARING the Recipe!!!!

  6. Wow!
    Sounds and looks yummilicious!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Hey nola, yummy homemade food looks great! We make alot of home made here too.

  8. Boy,does that look tasty!!

    XOXO ~ Cape Cod Crew

  9. you are not at all spoiled! wow. i sure wish I could eat like you! gourmet. you are one lucky Nola!

  10. That looks great! I love that you cook homemade food. It gives dogs such variety in their diet!

    Yuki and Rocket

  11. Thanks for stopping by my site from the blog hop and the dogs dinner sounds great can I come over and share!

  12. Mmmmm.. looks like so delicious!!!
    I love your new header photo of the blog!!!!
    Have a nice day.
    Woof, woof,


  13. Nola, I might join you in your plan for weiner world domination.

  14. Yes I too am curious how long would this last? I am totally intrigued with your recipies for the poochies! How often then do you prepare the food and do you freeze it for rotation of the food during the week?

  15. Keep it up Nola! I'm gonna have to really work my nose and I'm gonna sniff my way to your house. Don't be surprised when I show up for dinner some night (tee-hee-hee).

    Lily Belle

  16. Broccoli is good! Did you know broccoli is one of the most nutritious and unbeatable vegetable? It has so many nutrients to mention.

    I wish I could prepare meals like that for my doggy. You're lucky to have your mommy taking care of you.

    Huggies and Cheese,



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