Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dachshund Nola Reviews: Mr. Chewy.Com

Hi everyone! On Jan. 18th I was contacted by Brent, a rep for Mr. Chewy.com, asking I would like to a $50 coupon in exchange for my honest (never a problem for me, as I'm sure you know) review of the service. After debating on the legitimacy of it, I emailed him back saying I'd be happy to review.
Mr. Chewy.com is an online pet food retail company offering over 70  brands of dog and cat food, treats and supplies.
Their website was very user friendly, and offered so many products that my local PetSmart doesn't carry. Mom had a bit of an issue placing the order (now that she looks back, she sees it was entirely user error BOL) and emailed Brent several times asking for help. He responded within hours with patient suggestions and reassurances that he would get the issue fixed. After Mom (idiot BOL) figured out how to order, she placed it late Thursday night, Jan. 19th, and we received it today on Tuesday Jan. 24th. Fast! One of the things Mom and I loved most is the had SO many treats without corn and soy, it was like the website was made just for me!

We ordered:
Taste of the Wild Dry Cat Food (for kitty sister Saphira) 5lb
Healthy Bones treats, 8oz
Bil*Jac Little Jacs small dog training treats, 10oz (I can't find this size in PetSmart!)
Zuke's Mini Naturals, 6oz
Vitality Chicken Breast Strips, 5oz
Milk Bones, medium size 10lb (for our local shelter.)

The website had so much more to offer then local stores, and had so many treats that were safe for me to eat! A much better value than my local stores, and I would defiantly use them again.  I am 99% satisfied with their products, service and shipping. Only 3 issues for me: some of the treats for cats were in the dog section (and vise versa), a few products were out of stock, and the big box of Milk Bones was slightly dusty. Other then that, website was easy to navigate, costumer service was superb, shipping was fast and nothing was dented or torn. Thank you Mr. Chewy for this great offer, it was a pleasure! I would recommend this to all my Blogville furiends, especially those of us with allergies.
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola
Just enough packaging to keep things from being damaged, making it more eco friendly!

Kitty Sister Saphira loves her new food! Isn't she so pretty


  1. My favourite part of this whole review? A "Nola in the box"! BOL!

  2. I would have to agree with Bassetmomma...I loved Nola in the box!! I will have mom go check out that website today!


  3. I loved Mr. Chewy and the service too. I am gonna be gettin MY Kibble from them from now on.

  4. Sign me up! I wanna buy that Nola in a box product. Hope it's not out of stock :)

    Lily Belle

  5. You guys are SO LUCKY to have Mr Chewy!

  6. Lots of other dogs are talking about Mr Chewy. Sounds great. We don't have one. We have to order our food from a place in Sydney that has great service, don't know about being cheaper as it's the only place we know that sells the No-grain food we eat.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  7. Thanks for the great review! I have never heard of it!

  8. Oh, Beckett and Meadow are jealous of the product review!! (And so am I!) You got some great stuff, Nola. It sounds like Mr. Chewy is quite the company!

  9. O hai. :) I will ask my hooman to try it out. :)

  10. Wooo! You hauled in quite a reward! :)

    Woofs & hugs, <3

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)

  11. Did you like the Taste of the Wild? It's our favorite! So glad we found your blog!

    Lots of Love,


  12. Yous one lucky Puppy Nola! What a great treat haul. It must be like Christmas!

  13. What a lucky dog! Those treats couldnt last two minutes in our house! HEHE!

    XOXO ~ Cape Cod Crew

  14. Looks like everyone got something yummy! I haven't heard one bad thing about Mr. Chewy.

  15. We think Mr. Chewy rocks! I'm so glad that you got so much yummy stuff.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  16. Mr. Chewy has gotten good reviews from everyone! We are going to have to give them a try! We think you are pretty wonderful for using part of your free coupon to buy treats for the shelter!

  17. Ha, ha. We got the same offer and have a review scheduled for a couple of weeks from now. Glad you liked them.....and glad to see you ordered some treats from our favorite company....Zuke's :)

  18. Lucky you NOLA! Lots of yummy treats and a box to play in!

    Lovely photos. You are a great spokesdog!

  19. Nola, looks like you got right in there. :)


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