Monday, January 23, 2012

Bath Time. Again

Hi everyone! I played in the mud around our neighborhood pond and Mom claimed I needed a bath if I wanted to sleep in her my bed. Is she crazy?! I'm a hound dog, I need to get dirty! I also got my teeth and fur brush. I don't mind that though; tooth paste is yummy and brushing feels good.
Kisses and Tail Wags,
The Reluctantly Clean Dachshund Nola

Oohh yummy!

"What did I ever do to you? Okay, there was that time I ate your favorite panties, and the time I chewed your shoes and the time I peed on the couch because I was mad you left me at home but none of that justifies such extremes!"

If I look cute will you let me stay dirty?

Guess not.

Really woman? A bath now this?

I can't even look at you

Give. Me. The. Dog damn. Treat!

I'll be in touch with the ASPCA about this.

All this to keep a girl clean?


  1. Thanks for the Gotcha Day wishes beautiful Nola. I'm still giggling at the thought of you eating a pair of panties - what are you like!! :)

  2. What a good girl! Indiana hates baths and refuses to let us brush his teeth (mostly because he hates the taste of the toothpaste. He wouldn't eat it, even on a treat!)

  3. Baths...HMPF. I even saw nail polish in the last pic! That is just wrong. Pawrents and their idea of "clean" is ridonkulus.


  4. THIS is a TRAVESTY I say.. just a TRAVESTY.

    You gotta have that ASPCA thingy on your Speed Dial.

  5. We had to have a bath yesterday too.....I don't see why Mum bothered, we only got muddy again today!

    You do look very pretty in your last photo though!


  6. You ate panties? No! Not you!
    I hope you got that treat. LOL

  7. But you look so cute while getting your bath and being dried off.


  8. Oh, not a bath, teeth brushing, and furs brushing! You don't need all that stuff because you're naturally cute. Now only if that thinking would work with our mom.

  9. But you look so beautiful in your cutie patootie duckie towel!! :o)


  10. I wanted to give Tucker a bath because he had an icky hinney..but it is just too cool and his coat takes a long time to look fabulous!

  11. hey Nola,

    Oh the dogmanity of it all. The bath was bad enough, but that baby towel on you?! I will be your witness when you interview with the ASPCA. A dog can only take so much. And Nola, you are perfectly correct in stating hound dogs should get dirty. It is in your blood to run and romp in the woods!

    But, I must woof, you clean up very nicely! You look absolutely lovely! And your header photo is pawsome!


  12. why do they insist on spa days?
    Benny & Lily

  13. Nola, you little Bath Diva, you make Spa Day look SO glamorous!

  14. But you do look so nice and clean now. I am not fond of baths but I do like being clean. :)

    Love, Whisky

  15. Aw, you look so cute in your robe/towel! Hope you got a few treats after that!

  16. Haha. Nice one, Nola.

    Well, your toothpaste looks yummy. And I'm sure your mommy doesn't give you the cold bath.

    Huggies and Cheese,


    P.S. I like your towel!

  17. Nola, hound clean or hound muddy, you remain ever beautiful.

  18. Ahhh! Squeaky clean Nola. How adorable you look in your bath towel!!

  19. Oh no, a bath? Run, Nola - run!

  20. Now that wasn't so bad now was it? I bet you smell wonderful now, and wasn't it great to be able to sleep in the bed with the human?

  21. Oh, Nola, I could hardly LOOK at this postie. The TORTURE you had to endure. Please lets me know if you want me to call the Society for the Protection of Doxies, okay?

    Wiggles & Wags,

  22. I loves to get my teefies brushed too!! That toothpaste is soooo good, I have chicken flavor, mmmmmm mmmmmm. :)


  23. I also love getting my teeth brushed, because I get to taste the yummy toothpaste!

  24. Nola, i hope your Mummy warms your towel in the tumble drier for you... and if she doesn't you had better ask her why not???

    It's the best!!!!!!!!!!



  25. The indignity of it. Never mind, bet you smelled good afterwards AND you get to sleep in the bed again. It's got to be worth it for that!


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