Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Has This Ever Happened To You...

Hi Doxies, dogs, and cats! This post is aimed more at my smaller friends, but all are welcome!
Now, has this ever happened to you....
You're at the dog park, playing a wicked fast game of fetch, and someone makes either A. a comment about how your human's overworking your ''widdle body'' or B. you're ''too small to play such an intense game of fetch".
You're hiking with your humans, and you pass a fellow hiker with their (bigger) dog. You and your humans pass and say a friendly hello, and what you get in return is a haughty hello to your person and a sneer down at you.
I am small. 8lbs. But I can go hiking, swimming, running, playing and for long walks just like a big dog. I'm not a snappy little monster. I don't ride in a purse (although Mom confesses to carrying me in hers more then once) in fact, I'm pulling Mom up the mountain when we hike.
Just because I am small doesn't mean there's a reason to discriminate against me and my fellow small dogs.
My friends at You Did What With Your Weiner are a great example of proving that us small dogs can do it all.
Please note that I am not against big dogs or big dog people. I love big dogs and Mom had big dogs before me.
So little friends, do you ever run into this issue? Rude looks or comments, or outright small dog hatred?
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola
Dachshund Nola hikes Stone Mountain 


  1. I sometimes ride in a purse...just to BE with...but I can hike, fish, camp, run with the big dogs and LOVE TO!

    Just have your people smile! We are tough and lots of fun to go adventuring with!

  2. It happens to us too Nola, the only difference is that Tucker really is a prissy little boy and deserves it.
    Oh and Mom decided to move her own blog over to our site and will post the doxie graphics on her blog when she gets them done. She has a link to her blog on both mine and Tucker's pages.

  3. People are always surprised how tough we are. They seem to think we're pocket pets at first, but we set them straight.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra, Bella & roxy

  4. No that has never happend to me.. I think it is beclaws everybuddy can SEE that I am a STRONG MACHO Guy. Pawhaps it is beclaws you are seen as a girrrrley girrrrl... instead of a MIGHTY BADGER HOUND Gal.

    Maybe you should ask Santa Paws fur one of those STUDDED Collars. BaaaaWaaaaah

  5. We don't get that either...Milly gets comments about being fat, though. She's 18 pounds. hahahaha!
    ~Milly and Shelby

  6. Can't really say that I have that problem. But people always tell me I am smaller than my photos make me look. :)

  7. Many humans have no clue about the potential of little dogs. People ask my mom things like "Isn't this hike too much for this little dog?" I look at them and think "It may be too much for you, and that's why you're asking!"
    Keep on wagging!


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