Monday, November 21, 2011


I sincerely hope I'm not the only one with a weird family who call me the most random things. Here are just a few of my many many many nick and pet names. What are yours?
1) Nola Bear
2)Bugs (or Buggsy, Bug or Bug-a-Bean)
3) Lola
4) Noly Cannoli
5) Harp Seal (this one's exclusively Sugar's for me)
6)Demon Dog
7) Weenie
8) My odd little Wiener
9) Princess
10) Wiggle (or wiggly) butt
11) PITA
12) Baby girl
13) Bug-a-Boo
14) Mommy's little girl
15) Sweetie's girl
16) Nola Bugs
17) Weenie Chic (no idea where that one came from)
18) Tiny Terror
19) Munchkin
20) Good Girl


  1. My Lady calls me Sweetheart, Marls, Booger, Sugar, My sweet angel, my precious boy, stinker, Harley Marley, My smart boy, and when she's really upset with me she calls me "you dumbdogohIdidn'tmeanityouaresosmartandiloveyouI'msorry"

  2. No, my family does the same thing Nola. I am called LoLo, J-Lo butt, Lola Belle, Lola Bug, Twisty Butt, Ro-Ro, Lo, Puggy Sue, Gracie, Sister Girl, Sissy, Sis, Ri-Ri, Lola Grace, Lolly, Downy,Pugt Butt, Monkey Face, Smooshy, Smoosh Face, Sweetie Pie, Pretty Girl, Queenie, Love Lamb, Cheeky Monkey, Marlon Brando(Mom is always saying I look like him)but most of the time she uses Gracie or Sister Girl.

  3. here are my and my sisters nick names -

    Coco Bean: Midgie, Princess, Baby Girl, Baby

    Truffle: Monster, Truffie, Truffie Monster, Warthog

    Lady Godiva: Peanut, Meatball, Fatty, Mini Horse, Piggy

    when referring to us as a group: The Girls, The Mafia, Security

  4. Hey Nola!! Mom has a couple of nicknames for me too, some I don't understand but you know how mom's are:)

    1. Butterbean
    2. Goober
    3. Goofball
    4. Jasper-pants
    5. Mommy's little wierdo
    6. Sugar britches
    7. Mr. Jiggles (my uncle Brian came up w/ that one cause I have a lot of jingly tags)
    8. Puppy dog
    9. Mommy's baby
    10. Mommy's monster

    I'm sure there will be many more in the future:)



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