Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dachshund Nola Reviews: Puppia Harness

Hi guys! I love reading other Doxies and dogs reviews of their favorite dog products, so I thought I'd do one.  Today I'm reviewing the original Puppia Soft Harness.
It has a soft yet strong mesh material, adjustable chest belt, higher then normal placed D ring which helps with pulling, and comes in 12 fun colors.
It is very durable, I wear it everyday. I've been hiking, swimming, playing, running and walking in it for nearly 7 months and it still looks brand new. It's meshy material distributes my weight much better then a standard nylon harness, so it's much easier on my back and neck. Another great plus is that it's so soft and flexible it doesn't rub me at all, even when I'm pulling. It's very easy to put on as well, a thing my Sweetie appreciates (she's famous for putting our harnesses on upside down).
It's very reasonably priced, $12 to $35 depending on the size you get, I wear a small which was about $20. It's also easy to clean, just throw it in the washer and it comes out good and bright as new.
I wouldn't recommend getting the matching leash, at least if you're tall and you have a Doxie. Measure VERY carefully though. Do any of you guys have a Puppia? How do you like it, what color's your favorite? Mine's sky blue.
Kisses and Tail Wags
Dachshund Nola


  1. Nice blog. Where do you live? That's a lot of water racing by. Do you go swimming? I go in my lake sometimes. Well, actually once. It's a big lake. My first time they just plunked me in and I had to swim for shore. Was fun once I got over the fear of sinking. Nice to meet you.

  2. Hi Nola
    Ruby had a Puppia harness when she was a pupper. It was yellow and black. Mom loves the Puppia leads. We use the black ones right now. Mom is short, so they work perfect for us.
    We both have Buddy Belt harnesses that we use for walks.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  3. Hi Nola,

    We just bought the purple one! We like it so far, very easy to put on and take off!

  4. Archie has one and I'm thinking I need to get a second one... He likes to go wallow in the stinkiest pond in town (which inevitably involves a shower after... we shower together btw!) so I need a replacement Puppia harness while the other one is drying. I really like them! And I'm sure Archie likes it too. He arrived in my care about 2 months ago wearing a collar and hewas a horror to walk... Since he's been on the harness (and being trained), walks are so much more laid-back, for him and myself... and I'm sure he's a lot more comfortable too.


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