Saturday, October 8, 2011

Birthday Pictures


This fountain is yucky

Let's go!

It's my cafe!

Hello there, handsome fellow

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Cute little town

Waiting outside a store with Mom for Sugar and Sweetie to come back out

They're back!

Where'd they go?

Hi. We stopped at a beautiful rose garden on the way home

They smelled so good

Whoa these are sharp!

What a lovely sky

Trying to dig up the roses before Mom drags me away

Dachshund Nola stops and smells the roses

Beautiful. Stunning

Got an itch

The decorations 


This is my party dress. We got it at the 100 mile yard sale

That's right!

It's my birthday

My cake and present

This is Boston not me

Auggie hates not being the center of attention.

My Loofa! Boston's trying to steal it

All 3 of us got gift baggies

I had a FANTASTIC birthday!!! First we woke up really early to go on a 100 mile yard sale trip in Georgia . Then we walked around a tiny cute town were we saw a cafe called Ladybug and I got to go inside a thrift store. Then we ate Burger King, came home, decorated, watched Florida lose miserably to LSU, made BBQ, and key lime pie, then the party began. We had little ice cream things and treats and balloons and Sweetie and Sugar got me a gigantic blue loofa dog! Thanks Sweetie and Sugar I love you! Anyway, here's 50 odd pictures for you to see of my first birthday.
the now adult Dachshund Nola

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