Sunday, May 8, 2011

A story for Mother's Day

This is the story of my adoption.
In November of 2010, Mom was looking everywhere for a Dachshund puppy. She looked and looked, but couldn't find a little girl. She was very sad. But on December 9th 2010, Mom was on the couch watching T.V. (the Animal Planet series Dogs 101, the one about Doxies ironically!), waiting for Sweetie to come home with Mom's favorite food, Sonic cheese sticks. She heard the door unlock and smelled the food. "Hi, Mom," she said to Sweetie as she entered the living room. She saw a tiny, beautiful Dachshund puppy. Mom was speechless as Sweetie handed me to her. She looked at me and it  was love at first sight. Sweetie told Mom my name was Nola, Mom looked at me and said "You look like a little red bug." From then one I was Bugs. I was tiny and chubby and smelled of lovely puppy breath. Abby (my aunt) ran to Mom's room to get the tiny pink collar Mom had gotten in the hope she would fine me. It fit perfectly.  Then Romeo the cat came to investigate me. I'd never seen a cat before, but was playing with him as soon as he was in reach. By then it was bedtime. Mom carried me out to go potty then snuggled up with her new baby. I didn't cry at all, cause I new I was home.

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