Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hi Every Dox!

Hi every Dox! In the ongoing quest to find a food fit for a Queen (and two minions), Mom and Sweetie got us AvoDerm small breed dog food. The pieces are tiny and so far, we like it. I'm allergic to grain, so lets hope this clears that up. Yesterday Mom took me to the dog park and we saw a Chinese Crested! It was hideous! Just nasty looking. There was also this tiny Chihuahua Doxie mix that only had 3 legs! He liked me at first, but then I started humping him, so he ran off. Must have been intimated by my stunning beauty and grace. Mom's blood test came back normal, so we have to wait for more tests. My new collar should be here soon. When Sweetie and Mom were at Petsmart getting the new food they also got me my favorite toys, loofa dogs! I decapitated and spayed my last one, so I got a big blue one and a little yellow one! The blue on just had brain surgery.
Happy Mother's Day,

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