Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Food and a Vet Vist

Hi everyone! So I was on Blue Buffalo small breed puppy. It made me so ITCHY!!!! And my skin was bumpy and scabby. It also made my poop HUGE and gave me bad gas. It made Auggie and Boston itchy and gassy too and Boston also had some bumps. So now we are on Nature's Recipe Grain Free. It's pretty good and I'm already itching less. I went to the vet for some shots and to check my stitches which look great. Besides the skin issues, I am in perfect health! Nice white teeth, clean ears, bright eyes, flea free. I'm such a perfect little princess! So I want to work. Something like search and rescue, therapy work or agility. I'd be good at any of those, cause I'm prefect!

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