Saturday, April 2, 2011

All About Me

Here are things about me:

  1. I'm originally from Georgia.
  2. People call me a boy even though I wear pink (I do NOT look mannish!)
  3. I will go up stairs but not down them.
  4. I sleep in Mom's bed. I'm only banished to my crate when Mom leaves the house without me (how dare she?!)
  5. I go running with Mom almost daily.
  6. I refuse to go outside if its wet or cold and I don't have my coat.
  7. I HATE kids. Besides Mom's siblings (my aunts and uncle).
  8. I love watching fashion and crime shows.
  9. I adore swimming. Augustine's to lazy to go far.
  10. The only dog food I like is Blue Buffalo. I'm allegoric to Pedigree puppy food.
  11. I get scared if someone sneezes or yawns.
  12. The top drawer of Mom's dresser is all for my clothes.
  13. I tollerate baths (barely)
  14. I won't bring the ball back.
  15. I love sand.
  16. I'm extremely smart.
  17. I'm gorgeous and show quality.
  18. My birthday is Oct. 29.
  19. I love car rides.
  20. My favorite dogs to be around are other Doxies.

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