Saturday, April 30, 2011


I am NOT a morning dog. At all

New Food and a Vet Vist

Hi everyone! So I was on Blue Buffalo small breed puppy. It made me so ITCHY!!!! And my skin was bumpy and scabby. It also made my poop HUGE and gave me bad gas. It made Auggie and Boston itchy and gassy too and Boston also had some bumps. So now we are on Nature's Recipe Grain Free. It's pretty good and I'm already itching less. I went to the vet for some shots and to check my stitches which look great. Besides the skin issues, I am in perfect health! Nice white teeth, clean ears, bright eyes, flea free. I'm such a perfect little princess! So I want to work. Something like search and rescue, therapy work or agility. I'd be good at any of those, cause I'm prefect!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

100th Post!

Yay! My 100th post! So here's a little rant about dog parks. I am 5lb. So, obviously, I go in the small dog side. And I HATE when people bring big dogs into the small dog side!! I've been stepped on my someone's hyper lab. There should be a weight limit. 30lb MAX!!! And I also hate when people don't pick up their dog's crap! Last time I was at the dog park I got worms form another dog's poop. Also, why do people constantly try to pick me up?! Yes, I'm beautiful, but I am a Dachshund! They could hurt my back! Plus I don't like to be held by strangers. And it makes Mom so mad when people hold her little baby.
Ok. Rant over.

The 3 Doxies

About us.

Me: I may be tiny but deep down I know I am a Pit Bull. I'm smart, funny, beautiful, and beloved by everyone. I'm the boss of us three. I love cats but most of them don't like me, which makes me very sad. I love to chase tadpoles and dig in the mud. I love car rides and the beach. And FOOD! Of all of us, I love toys the most.

Augustine: He's handsome and loving but dumb as a box of rocks. But we love him anyway. He adores food and is very lazy. He doesn't mind walks but doesn't like them much either. He is my constant shadow and minion.

Boston: She's calm and snuggly and is the friendliest if the 3 of us. She likes to go on walks and runs. She doesn't know what to think of the cats. She loves chewies! Her favorites are bully sticks. She's the peacemaker, often breaking up me and Auggie when we play fight to rough.

When Augustine takes my toys

Tuesday, April 26, 2011



When I realized I had a tail.

Following the leader, the leader, the leader

Just some of my toys

Time for my close up

My pillow

Can we go now?

Till next time,

Playing with Romeo

Monday, April 25, 2011



Remember when I had my teeth removed?



What'cha got here?

I smell a chewy!

My prize


I got this from Lada's party!

That's a long way down!! Boston wanted to play horsey, NOT me! 
Today my new harness came! It fits perfectly and is much easier on my neck and back. Mom also got a Easter card from Lada's mommy and Mom got a Doxie nail file! Thanks Lada's mommy!


From left to right: Boston, Augie, Me 
Boston witha chewy

Me and Boston

From right to left: Me, Augie's butt, Boston


SAVE ME!!!!!

I'm stuck in the laundry hamper. After laughing at me and taking these pics, Mom finally got me out.


This is Fred. He's a turtle 

What's this thing?

Smells good!

Really good.


Oh god! Someone's in there!

From Lada's Party

On the way to party

I'm stiff! It was a 5 hour car ride!

This is a Chihuahua named Trouble 


Lada again


Holy crap! You're HUGE!!!!!!!

Mia and me

Me, Mia and Boston

Me and Boston

Lada and Stripes

Going for a swim

I was the smallest dog there. This is Mia and Boston ganging up on me while Auggie watches from the sidelines

Lada and Boston

Lada, Boston and Auggie