Friday, March 3, 2017

Mmm, Pawsta! #ChewyInfluencer

Hey, guys!  sent us some tasty Rachael Ray Nutrush Pawsta Beef Stuffed Riggies (say that three times fast!) to try out, since Little Miss was feeling a little left out after the kitties got some goodies not not her. ;) Not to worry, PupPup, Chewy to the rescue!

These Pawsta treats really do look like rigatoni, and are pretty adorable if you ask me. They have almost no smell, and don't leave a greasy residue or lingering scent. They come in either 4.5oz or 15oz resealable bag, and are free from corn, wheat and by products.

These were a hit! All the dogs liked them and swarmed me once the bag was open.

At 27 calories per piece, they're a bit high calorie, so fair warning. Nola really struggles to hold weight in the winter, so these weren't a problem for her. They're big, and are really difficult to break apart though, which was a little frustrating.

Overall, while I wish these were smaller, the dogs loved them and give them a ringing endorsement.


  1. I picked up some of these at the store the other day and the size is an issue for me, too! I usually give the girls two treats for going in their crate (or trick them into thinking they're getting two by breaking up a big treat), but these were too tough to break up and too big to give two. That was the only complaint the girls had, though ;)

  2. Oh boy that stuff is so tasty
    Lily & Edward


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  4. Oh these treats are so yummy! Glad you liked them as much as Honey and I!

  5. They look interesting, I've never seen anything like that before. I bet Cricket would love those.
    Lynne x

  6. Yummo as Rachel would say ;) I think Mama needs to place an order!!

    Matt (& Matilda)

  7. OMD, those sound FABulous!!!!! Yeah, Ma would say they have too many calories for me, butts I would say NO!
    Anyhu, Ma says you can cut up tough treaties by using and old pair of pruning shears (wash and sterilize them first ☺). That's what she uses to cut up my dehydrated beef lung!
    Ruby ♥


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